Rogers/Fido Make Tethering Permanent


A couple of months ago, Rogers/Fido extended their tethering “promotion” to expire on May 3, 2010. As long as users had a 1GB or higher data plan, they were able to use tethering as part of their 1GB data bucket.

As expected, effective today, Rogers/Fido have dumped the May 3 expiration and made tethering a permanent feature as long as users have at least a 1GB or higher data plan. Why did Rogers/Fido change this? Because Telus and Bell include tethering permanently at no extra charge.

For those wondering what “Tethering” is, tethering gives users the ability to use their device as a modem and connect to the internet using data from your 1GB or higher package.

From Rogers:

Effective immediately (March 24), tethering will continue to be included at no additional charge for Rogers and Fido customers who subscribe to a data plans of 1GB and above, with a few exceptions. This new policy replaces the current tethering promotion, originally set to expire on May 3.

Those “few exceptions” simply state that the tethering policy excludes Family Share Data & Voice Plans, Smartphone and Rocket stick shared data plans, and One Rate Data Plans for Canada and the U.S.


  • roadcarver

    That is sweet! Its about time they thought logically. Since we are paying for the data plan anyway, we can use it anyway we want.

    Thanks Robbers er I mean Rogers!

  • So just to clarify so I've got everything right…. If you have an iPhone 6 GB plan then tethering will continue to be included?

  • You got it!

    Included as part of the 6GB

  • Solud Snake

    This is great new!

    The idea of charging us more for data we already paid for was ridiculous!

  • Yup. Also holding out to the end makes Rogers look like they are the heroes.
    Either way, I'm happy.

  • bubby786

    Quick question from someone who has never tethered.
    How do you do it with an iphone 3G?

  • Settings > General > Network > Internet Tethering

  • bubby786

    sorry but i just tried that and when i go to Network, the options given are Enable 3G, Data Roaming, VPN and Wi-Fi
    how do i connect it to a laptop to tether the internet?
    thank you so much for your time and info

  • Are you on 3.0 or later firmware?

    At the very least, there should be a “set up internet tethering” button

  • Joey

    I am not really happy with these “few exceptions”. I have just switched my data plan last week for the new 1GB One Rate Data. I save money if I use data in US but I pay my tethering with this plan.

  • I was pretty confident that this was going to happen but I'm glad it's official now. It's amazing what a little competition does to the market.

  • Just Upgraded to 1GB, This finally gave me a reason

  • Great news to hear. I've had to user tethering a couple of times when another Rogers service I have (internet) has gone out. Very handy to have.

  • KnightFire

    Wife and I have the couple/family plan, I have an JB'ed iPhone 3G at v3.0, she a BB, only I have a data plan, the 6GB original – we don't share data, but you could say we share voice… am I an exception that'll have to pay for tethering?

    Also, can one “tether” via WiFi? I only have BT, and USB options 🙁

  • You are not in the exception cause you're not sharing the data.

    Tethering is only done via USB or BT

  • Half_Pint

    Sure it looks like competition, but what does it cost them? In fact, there's now a greater chance people will go over their data limit, earning Rogers *more* money.

  • Half_Pint

    Actually it makes them look like holdouts, begrudgingly giving people a feature they hoped the competition would resume charging for.

  • Greg

    YAYAYAY! Competition only took 15 years, but finally the consumer benefits.

  • rorypiper

    Wait…what? Rogers listened to their customers?!

  • djepsilon

    Now… if only we could tether our iphones to our ipads!

  • johnkneematrix

    I use MyWi app (10 day trial) to tether my 3G connection to broadcast WiFi. The app allows you to configure the SSID name, channel, and the WEP key. I only connected one device wirelessly but one user posted that he was connecting three devices at once.

  • jbnvkjsdfjhsjgh

    yes you can, jailbreak and buy MyWi and set a wifi hotspot, simple.

  • Thanks, Mr.

  • bubby786

    thank you for your help. I had to upgrade me firmware. so you just plug your iphone into your laptop via USB and you're ready to go?

  • Step 1: ensure you have 1GB or higher data plan

    Step 2: Turn on tethering in iPhone and choose USB or BT

    Step 3: USB plug into comp (or use BT)


  • Andre

    Great for Rogers customers. If they hadn't waffled on the decision, I might still be a customer. I switched to Bell 2 months ago. Bell's network is faster, their voice network seems much clearer, and their coverage area is larger.

    Rogers thought their $300 ECF was a deterrent, but I sold my Rogers iPhone for $550, so covered the ECF and the cost of the new Bell iPhone. Plus Bell gave me 3 months of unlimited local calling.

    I wonder how many other customers Rogers lost because of their inability to make a quick decision on this.

  • ryanskii

    i have a family plan and subscribed to 1 gig plan..when i go to network and clicked setup internet tethering…it says contact rogers..pls help

  • Call them and they will enable it immediately

  • ryanskii

    i have a family plan and subscribed to 1 gig plan..when i go to network and clicked setup internet tethering…it says contact rogers..pls help

  • Ex

    Call them and they will enable it immediately

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  • Annette Armstrong

    I am trying to find out if I can return to Rogers – I am at present a Fido customer – but I used to be on Family Plan and I guess it was a mistake to change!