SaskTel to Offer iPhone Unlocking in Q1 2013 says Report


For SaskTel customers, it appears you will soon be able to unlock your cellphone for $50 at any point in your contract as long as your account is in good standing, according to documents obtained by MobileSyrup.

The unlock policy applies to all devices, but the document states an iPhone unlock won’t come until Q1 2013.

The price of $50 per unlock is in line with what Rogers and Fido charges its customers. TELUS charges $35 to unlock your device (as long as you’ve been a postpaid customer for three months) and Bell recently introduced unlocking for $75.

SaskTel told us in an email they “have not yet finalized anything on the unlocking” so anything can change from now until we hear an official announcement.

The company offers the iPhone 5 and is set to launch its 4G LTE network in February of next year.


  • Tim

    I find it insulting and ridiculous that the carriers charge an unlocking fee for unsubsidized phones. I bought my iphone 5 at the apple store before unlocked versions were available. I paid full price, but it is somehow still locked to fido, how dare they pinch me for $50 to use it elsewhere. What if I bought a laptop at full price? Nobody would ever expect it to be locked to a particular ISP. I own my damn phone. Screw off Rogers/fido. It’s not yours!

  • Dan

    You did know that you could purchase factory unlocked iPhone 5s online right from the pre-order stage, right? The catch at that time was they were online order only. Apple stores now sell factory unlocked phones.

  • John

    I have an iPhone 4 and I would like to unlock it from the SaskTel network can someone please show me or tell me how i can do this i have been looking all over!
    Thanks – John