Shaw Launches WiFi Trials in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton


Shaw Cable has launched the trial of its WiFi network today, a project announced back in September. Starting today, existing Shaw customers will be able to test out the new service at various locations, such as malls, restaurants and exercise facilities in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton to start. The debut of the service is Spring of 2012 and hundreds more access points are soon to come to areas such as parks and public transportation areas. The company previously had planned to implement its own wireless cell service by 2014, but those plans were ditched.

“Canadians’ use of smart phones and tablet devices has grown exponentially over the years and more than ever, consumers are relying on data to explore the Internet, connect with loved ones and enjoy entertainment,” said Peter Bissonnette, President, Shaw Communications Inc. “With Shaw WiFi, customers will have access to their exceptional Broadband Internet service beyond the home.”

Up to eight devices can be authenticated under one Shaw account and password. Once you authenticate your device with Shaw once, the next time you enter that WiFi zone you’ll be automatically connected. For Shaw customers with iPhones and limited data plans, this new WiFi service will extend your usage. Data used will not be taken from your account’s monthly data bucket.

Here’s how to access a Shaw WiFi access point:

1. Select “ShawOpen” or “ShawSecure” (for a secure connection)Enter the passphrase ‘shawwifi’.

2. Open your web browser. You will be redirected to the Shaw WiFi Trial sign in page.

3. Sign in using your email address and password.

Locations of where trial access points can be seen by visiting Who’s interested in using this free service from Shaw?

[via MarketWatch]


  • Matthew

    Web browser based authentication. Sorry. Don’t have the time. Pass.

  • Jonathan Brumin

    i logged in with my iphone, took 2 seconds and BAM

  • Anonymous

    Huh. Not bad. Speeds definitely beat what I get from Rogers these days in Calgary. I wonder if I will have to log in via web browser every time it finds a zone?

    Now to the real question… WHEN WILL I BE ABLE TO CONTROL MY PVR FROM MY iPHONE SHAW!?!?!

  • Michael McTavish

    From the Shaw website:
    Will I have to enter in my log-in credentials every time I want to connect to the Shaw WiFi Trial?No, you simply register your device with us once and it will be linked to your account. Every time you enter into a Shaw WiFi zone, you will be automatically connected without any need to authenticate.

  • Impatient


  • Anonymous

    Should’ve stuck to wireless shaw!

  • Clarified.

  • We left Shaw and are pretty happy with Telus. Their PVR is light years ahead. Setting PVR recordings when you’re on the throne is the best. Err…wut?

  • J.B

    Tried it, logged in – works great! And the speeds are wicked on the IPhone4.

    PVR control from iphone? … it’s nice, but really, how lazy are we and how many times do you need to setup your series recordings? besides, there’s re-runs all the time. btw the shaw pvr is the same if not better than telus’, 6 tuner with capability to later do WiFi and multisystem connectivity between your pc/laptop and other wifi devices … given, it’ll take time but it beats having Facebook on my tv – i get enough of that on my phone/laptop.