The ‘Best’ iPhone Giveaway Ever: Win a TELUS BlackBerry Z10 [Update]


Okay, maybe not the best iPhone giveaway but today marks the official retail launch of the latest BlackBerry Z10 and you’re going to get a chance to win one from, thanks to our friends @TELUS. We think the iPhone of course blows the BlackBerry Z10 out of the water (we’ve been testing one since this morning), but we’re going to let you have the final say.

The Best iPhone Giveaway Ever: a TELUS BlackBerry Z10

The following prize pack is up for grabs from TELUS:

  • 1 x BlackBerry Z10 smartphone (retail price $650)
  • 3 x TELUS plush animals

Bb10 prizepack

How to Enter the ‘Best’ iPhone Giveaway Ever

  1. Give us one good reason in the comments below why the iPhone 5 is better than the BlackBerry Z10 OR give us one good reason why you think the BlackBerry Z10 will make a dent in the smartphone market (make sure we can contact you).
  2. Share this post on Twitter or Facebook using the share buttons located at the bottom of this post (don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on FacebookΒ to find out if you won)

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  • Contest ends February 12th, 2013 at 11:59PM PST. Winner must have a Canadian mailing address.

If you want to get the most of your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, consider visiting one of over 200Β TELUS Learning Centres aimed to help you with one-on-one assistance for anything related to your devices.

What do you think about the BlackBerry Z10? Tell us in the comments below!

Update: The winner of the BlackBerry Z10 is…Facebook user David Demamp (check your email)! Congrats!

Thanks to everyone who entered. We will have some more exciting contests coming up so stay tuned.


  • On behalf of all subscribers

    You’re kidding me right? You guys have turned into such sell-outs. Im done here.

  • Cindy P

    Cause the Blackberry 10 is New & Cool and has a great camera with time shift

  • BB Z10 will be a hit among existing BlackBerry fans and win over some from Apple and Samsung. Will it make a dent in the Smart Phone market? I think it depends on the Apps!

  • Aslam Nathoo

    I’m curious, how does one fulfill contest entry rule #1? You say we have to “give us one good reason” but how do we “give” you our reason? Do we post it in a comment? Do you we e-mail you?

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  • MrDisco3

    The iPhone 5 is better than the Z10 due to its established dev support. You can have greater certainty knowing a hot new app will come out for iOS then you can with BB10. (and guys please don’t flame me – this is all in the interest of having fun with this contest)

  • Cindy Procter

    The Blackberry is way newer and Cool. Great camera with time shift mode

  • The iPhone 5 is going to have better accessory support, for one.

  • Robin Edwards

    As a loyal iPhone user since the initial launch day, I would have to be able to fully try a BB Z10 out to be able to make that claim. That said, it would take a LOT to impress me.

  • Blackberry was the top-dog before. They’ll regain ground on the strength of their technology.

  • cameron .

    The Z10 will make a dent because people get bored and this is new. Be Bold haha.

  • Aslam Nathoo

    Ah, ok…. well then I will say that while I love my iPhone 5, I do really like the idea of the Balance feature on the new BlackBerry’s. The ability to clearly switch from a work context to a personal context is something I think I would find useful. Also I like the idea of the time-shift feature in the photo app. A bit gimmicky at first glance, but I actually think it would be useful.

    Having said that, I think the iOS’s collection of apps and the Home button on the iPhones are key reasons that I think makes the iPhone a more useable product.

    OK so I gave you 4 reasons, does that give me 4 entries into the contest?? πŸ™‚

  • I want the Z10 as it looks cool… wanna try the time shift feature.

  • kennynorton

    Alicia Keys!! Just kidding.. I think the intuitive typing experience is really cool, as well as the screen sharing when chatting.

  • sifooanas

    iPhone 5 more apps than BB Z10

  • canadadrygreen

    BlackBerry Z10 will make a dent in the smartphone market with it’s new OS & keyboard.

  • The Blackberry Z10 is CANADIAN! It has a loyal and group of users and with new features and apps I think this will definitely make a dent in the smartphone market. Great screen size, keyboard, camera, Hubb, etc. NOT being nickled and dimed (no more pennies) by i-money grab and controlled by dictator Apple will be refreshing. I personally like the look of the Z10 and would happily and proudly use this phone, because like the BB10 “I AM CANADIAN!”
    Cathy Notnac aka Cathy Canton
    Follow on twitter @CantonCathy and FB Cathy Notnac
    Good Luck Everyone and thanks for the contest and to Telus!!!

  • Dwayne

    The z10 is better then the iPhone 5 because it can separate work and personal life plus has true multitasking aka no silly home button.

  • I do believe they will make a dent in the market but more in the business market then any.. Also in England since we all know they love there Blackberrys there!q

  • Blackberry Z10 will make a dent in the smartphone market. It still hasn’t lost its business functionality and has added features that bring it up to level with other smartphones.

  • The BB Z10 is Canadian, plus it separates personal & professional, perfect for the workplace, which is why is will make a dent in the market. The BB Z10 is the next generation of cell phones because it does so much, for one it will be my personal electronic wallet.

  • Tim Steinbach

    BB10 makes iOS look really bad with the Hub and its integration of apps, without stopping or pausing any currently running apps.

  • Dwayneg

    The z10 separates personal and work, and also runs with out having to close ups or using the home button.

  • Brenda Penton

    I think the iPhone is better than the BlackBerry Z10 because it has a lot more apps available.

  • J_numbers

    1. Isn’t it weird to run a contest to win a Z10 and yet you’re asking us to, among other things, state why the iPhone5 is better than the Z10? πŸ˜›

    2. I believe the BlackBerry will made a dent in the market – whether as a niche or in a general way – because this is a company on a do-or-die run. And nothing says I will carve a slice of the market to survive like a company that is gunning it.

  • prybar

    I find the concept of dividing work and home simply very intriguing! That and the text input seems pretty nifty too, depending on how well it learns! For the record, this could very well be the best iPiC giveaway to date!

  • Zibelion

    comment left

  • Russell

    The loads and loads of apps available for the iPhone is better than the BlackBerry Z10. But by BB making their phone able to work with normal voice/data plans (not needing BB data plans anymore) they will probably make a dent in Apple and Androids market shares.

  • BB10 is everything the Iphone 5 should have been and more. Move over Apple, Blackberry is back! #iphoneincanada #blackberry

  • Stucoutu

    The blackberry z10 is better then the iPhone 5 for Canadians, because it supports your local economy. I enjoy the keyboard experience on the phone and I think the 2 persona option will persuade people who already carry around 2 cellular devices to consider carrying one!


    I know the Z10 will make a dent in the market. ..IT HAS TO……this is it. Blackberry had to put out the best product to stay
    alive and they did.

  • Dezumondo

    I think the the BlackBerry Z10 will make a huge dent in the Indonesian smartphone market. They love BBM in SE Asia!

  • I for one am hoping that Blackberry does very well and forces the industry in producing even better products. I’m in for the plush toys lol but I wouldn’t mind trying out the BB

  • Hyder

    Frankly speaking, Blackberry will not do that great because the consumer is just on the verge of being exhausted with touch technology and the blackberry 10 is a good touch screen phone. The point being that its a good phone but its a few years late, had blackberry launched this 2 years ago they would have made a real impact and things would be different. Right now only those concerned with security or companies that have existing contracts with blackberry will adapt the new blackberry phones, the common user is divided between Samsung and Apple. Blackberry is going to have a tough time.

  • I prefer the new Blackberry Z10 because of the unique phone experience. I also truly think that having a phone with 2 personas will help persuade people who carry two devices to make the switch

  • imac56

    I prefer the iPhone 5 because of all the great apps available.

  • KennyRooney

    The z10 is finally catching up with the pack and all those loyal BB users will think they have something to brag about but the iphone5 is the best

  • RicePoint

    Hmm. After watching the BB unveiling I like the way you can navigate apps. Will it unseat Apple? No way.

  • vince

    Love how BB10 was released everywhere first before the US. Finally a change…

  • Michael

    iPhone will blow it out of the water, thanks in one part to iCloud…Offers the same services Blackberry charges a fortune for (or now, just doesn’t offer) for free. And Apps. And familiarity. And the assurance that the company won’t be bankrupt in 18 months, so support is guaranteed…Oh wait, it was one reason, so I’ll just stick with iCloud.

  • iPhone wins hands down. Other complementary Apple products PLUS all those apps, which also can be shared on all those other complementary products.

  • Arun Mehan

    I think the Z10 will keep the Blackberry users away from iPhone.

  • I believe the iPhone is currently a much better phone moreso because of the wide variety of apps available. Should blackberry get an influx of apps I think it will have a huge impact on the smartphone market as it is a solid phone with some cool features.

  • Mary Laplante

    I think the iPhone 5 because it has so many apps available

  • Why will the BBZ10 regain market share? The new BlackBerry Balance feature, that’s what. It’s what Apple should have thought of when it went after the corporate scene. It will let all those people who had to buy a new phone for personal use because the company-issued phone was too restricted to instead just stick with the company-issued phone and save some hard-earned cash in the process.

  • I think Blackberry will make a dent in the smartphone market because the Z10 is a very different blackberry. I know I want it as time shift, the hub and a new app store are worth checking out this phone.

  • I can honestly say I was a BIG #teamblackberry fan until I came across quite a few issues and since switching to iPhone 5 I’ve had nothing but a positive experience. I’ve not tried the new Blackberry Z10 so far but have checked out the specs and it’s pretty impressive!
    iPhone 5 is better overall for the vast amount of developers by their side and the amount of amazing apps they offer. HOWEVER, should Blackberry start developing as many great apps as the iPhone (already was blown away by Story Time and a couple others I’ve seen so far), then there is definitely some solid competition there!

  • Although I have never owned a device by RIM (pardon me — BlackBerry), my previous two cell phones were made by LG. BOTH of them, at some point, started to have a problem where I would be in the middle of using the device and it would spontaneously turn off and turn back on. Luckily, my eyes have been opened wide and I am in love with my iPhone 5. I love that there is a variety of Apps from which to choose, that I can finally rely on my phone, and I can wake up to a favourite song from my alarm. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with my choice, and I have had no doubts about switching. I have been trying to convince my mom to get a touchscreen phone, but she is hesitant — perhaps a free BlackBerry Z10 will pique her interest! I believe BlackBerry is getting back on its feet, slowly returning to its former glory. Winning this will make her day (figuratively, yes; I realize the results are released only next week)!

    I also want to finally thank the guys at iphoneincanada for the great work they are doing: I check this feed every day because it posts news about Apple and other technology giants all in one place, and I cannot seem to find the same sort of news anywhere else on the web.

  • iPhone has a better app library. BB10 just brings Blackberry up to parity with the competition.

  • Debbie Bashford

    I haven’t ever owned a cell phone yet, but I think being a Canadian I would say the BlackBerry Z10, because I want to support a Canadian Company.

  • Why I personally like to believe the iPhone 5 is better than the Z10 is because the iPhone has become the iconic status symbol. The iPhone is not just a phone, it’s “THE” phone to have. Ever since it has came out alongside it’s one of a kind marketing, it’s been unstoppable. Having an iPhone is having luxury in the palm of your hands, something Blackberry and the Z10 will never be able to out due.

    The iPhone by far one of the easiest smartphones to learn to use with the intuitive OS, multitude of applications and connectivity throughout Apple service it’s a phone that gets the job done.

    The Z10 looks like it just played catch up with the smartphone world; where as they premium design, feel and capabilities of the iPhone still outshine.

    The iPhone, it’s simple, sleek, efficient and reliable.

    @prabzsingh – contact

  • Mike

    I think the bb10 will Revolutionize the smartphone with all it’s cool new Features and the iphone is stuck staying in the past while blackberry yet a little late but is making a huge Advance in the Game!!! Great job BB

  • The gesture controls will make it so much easier to use when you are on the go (only one hand free) on the z10, than with the iphone. Would much rather be using the z10 with my on the go lifestyle.

  • The Blackberry Z10 will be RIM’s (oops… Blackberry) best shot at denting the market because it has a newer OS that’s much more optimized for touch use, and since it also runs Android apps, so any shortcomings in app supply will temporarily be solved, until more developers come on board.

  • Khan

    I am not sure if I could compare the two yet. However, I hope blackberry succeeds because 1) Its Canadian and 2) Competition is good for us consumers. So send me the phone so I could tell you how great it feels to hold Canadian innovation in my hands : )

  • Msobocan

    The largest downfall if the berry was the lack of updated hardware and software. For business use, the Blackberry has always been the better choice. For the everyday consumer, the stability of the iPhone and the available applications is what has helped pull the iPhone ahead. Step in the right direction for Blackberry but will take some time to win the IPhone user over.

  • dewinner

    I know the Apps are better and a great camera those alone are 2 improvements! Would love one, I have an older Blackberry right now so this would be the bomb. tweet @dewinner

  • Sergio

    You are giving away an bb phone but you want us to put it down, and tell you the iPhone is better? If the iPhone is better why would I want a bb? You guys must be really bored I am getting tired of this website.

  • dewinner


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  • I think the Blackberry Z10’s camera with time shift mode is really cool.

  • I like the iPhone 5 more because there are more apps than BB Z10 and I think a better phone..

  • Matt

    I think the BB Z10 could make a dent because its screen has the ideal aspect ratio and size. I wish the iPhone would adopt this ratio and size (4.2″ diagonal, 15×9 instead of 16×9 ratio on iPhone 5 and most Android phones).

    Contact on twitter @nwcoastmatt

  • HealthCastleIan

    BlackBerry Z10 (and Q10) will definitely make a dent in the smartphone market because consumers are looking for a new OS to play with. iOS 6.1 has not brought on any significant change. Win 8 phone has not garnered the results execs had hoped for. There is major anticipation for the new Android OS and the new BB OS along with all the new apps available now will help BB gain market share in the smartphone pie; no doubt about it.

  • Having the ability to seperate personal and work on the BB will be something special. Would love to see that on iPhone plus the ability for 2 SIMs to receive both work and personal calls on the same unit.

  • I’m looking forward to: Time-Shift Camera – the larger screen. BlackBerry Hub. Looks like a great phone..

  • nothing can stop apple.

  • I’ve used android and iPhone. Nothing still beats BBM. That plus new OS = dent

  • Time-Shift Camera – the larger screen. BlackBerry Hub

  • its an awesome phone

  • lakhijhajj

    iPhone 5 is better because it will get any app first than any other platform. BB10/Z10 will make a dent in the market because its got the Flow,the PEEK and not to forget the HUB!

  • iPhone has the panoramic view for the camera!

  • Ability to separate work and personal phone profiles…I would love that on the iPhone and screen share seems pretty cool too

  • karimseed

    Blackberry will defiantly make a dent in the market. This is because people want choice. The choice in the world for smartphones is very limited. You can either go with windows phone, the iphone or android. Blackberry would bolster the amount of choice available to the average person. Blackberry incorporates many features that can potentially take away customers from android such as security for business fluidly of the ecosystem and more. Blackberry also has a decent fan base which will make it rise back to the top. The Iphone on the other hand is also a great phone. The iphone is still better than the Z10 because of many reasons. Apple has established its roots into the market since 2007. Since then Apple has adapted to all the changes that has occurred since. It is like a tree growing. Apple has a great ecosystem with over 750 000 apps and its fluidly is yet to beat. The Iphone has great hardware with its 8mp camera and battery life is improving over each update. Ios 6 incorporates many features that users have been asking for over the last few years such as VIP mail and more. As a business person, Both companies have change the way we used our phones today and both phones have had their up and downs but only one will take the prize to be the king of all smartphones

  • The iPhone 5 has a much larger dedicated userbase, people who will not switch to BlackBerry since it came out so late.

  • Truman Proudfoot

    Tried one out in the store today… good looking screen… good looking fonts (I’m a sucker for a nice clean font) –but the touchscreen sensitivity still doesn’t sell it for me. I’m having flashbacks to the BB Storm… saaaaave me saaavvvve me

  • lakhijhajj

    I love the iPhone but its getting boring day by day. I am gonna give bb10 a try for sure. It’s a Canadian effort we should all support it.

  • Roadie

    The iPhone 5’s integration with iPad, Mac computer, and other iOS device make it superior to the Blackberry Z10 if the user live within the Apple ecosystem.

  • I believe that the iPhone 5 is still the best smart phone on the market, but being a Canadian company its nice to see BB come out with a new phone that can actually keep up with the best smartphones on the market. I believe they will be able to make a dent in the smartphone market, but I don’t see them ever controlling the market like they did before. I think the best thing about the new BB Z10 is the ability to separate personal and work, and I can see that being a big seller for them. I’d love to see one in person to really compare though.

    Shared on facebook/twitter @facebook-562745443:disqus

  • Heroism777

    Trying out new things is fun! I’m particularly interested with the new typing features. I would like to see how much faster it is.

  • Aaron D

    The BlackBerry Z10 will make a dent in the smartphone market because it looks sleek and eye catching.

  • Brad

    Worst contest ever.

  • The Blackberry 10 is 18% thicker and heavier than the iPhone 5. Ergo, iPhone 5 is better.

  • neilsviv

    The BlackBerry Z10 will make a dent in the smartphone market because it looks very stylish!!

  • monsterz786

    The bb 10 looks amazing.

  • ApexJcat

    The iPhone 5 has larger app support and weighs lighter than the Z10.

  • Jefferson Nhan

    iPhone is better because of the apps it has compared to the Blackberry but then the Blackberry might catch up depending on the developers.

  • The Blackberry Z10 offers excellent features that people want in their smartphone. It should make a dent for those looking for versatility and the reliability of blackberry.

  • I think the BB Z10 will make a dent in the market because it allows the separation into business and personal. You don’t need 2 phones anymore!

  • Blaine Badiuk

    BlackBerry 10 will make a dent because it is new, and the only phone that has a mobile computing platform behind it. At minimum BlackBerry 10 will make Windows Phone 8 non-existent.

  • Jen

    Right now I have to side on iPhone cause it’s the proven smartphone and I just have to many apps and stuff that I’m attached to with that OS. If I switched to BB it might not have all the apps I’m used to so that’s an issue with the BB model. Though I do like that personal/work mode feature I’m hoping the app market for BB will shine so I can migrate later on.
    golden_sprite at yahoo dot com

  • Although the iPhone may be a better phone (I haven’t tested the new BBZ10) I believe this is a positive step forward for Blackberry. They’ve got their foot in the door for the smartphone market and back in competition. I was surprised to read how many apps they will have at launch. Good luck everyone. This will be a fun giveaway!

  • JH

    I think Blackberry 10 will make a dent in the market because they have reimagined what a mobile OS should be with their gesture based OS. Also, I only tested it briefly but their keyboard felt very natural to type on and was extremely accurate for how fast I was typing on it. It will definitely win over Enterprises with its work/life separation built into the OS.

  • I think the iPhone 5 is a such a universal device in that you can get a similar experience on an iPod and messaging on a Mac and iTunes everywhere. It definitely has a leg up on the new BlackBerry 10 platform but I really hope both of them can co-exist and compete well so us customers can enjoy both without compromising quality and just fit our preferences.

  • The Blackberry Hub, Flow & Balance features will bring a lot of the corp. customers back from iPhone and other platforms.

  • I think BB will make a slight dent in the smartphone world but their app store doesn’t compare (at least not yet) with what is available for the iPhone

  • BB is getting some good buzz right now but I do hope it continues when Apple comes out with a new product. I will always support BB since its Canadian and am excited to see what the BB Z10 can do. The timeshift camera looks pretty cool and having the touch screen will help too.
    tweeted as dub_tee

  • Ade Eyongherok

    personally Apple to me means reliability every one bad mouths apple bad mouth blackberry bad mouths android and windows every device has something to offer in their own different way I don’t think that the Z10 will make a dent however it will make those Blackberry users more happy blackberry has always been the underdog with all those restrictions with their different rate plans but now without BIS it will make it easier for users to use their blackberry however Apple has the hardware android has the software and blackberry is simply Canadian

  • The Z10 will grab hold of the BB market currently still holding on to their old “dumb” BB as they venture into the smart phone territory while still having BB familiarity.

  • The multi-tasking will help Blackberry make some moves in the right direction, but it is also the same thing which will show up on the next iPhone too…

  • i like blackberry than apple

  • Tuan

    I think that the blackberry will make a decent dent in the smartphone market because it is a great phone for handling all your business related work and personal work with the hub!

  • Babz

    Many reasons why iPhone 5 is better – 1. 100s of 1000s of Apps. 2. Seamless moving from voice call to FaceTime video calls. 3. Great and smooth interface.

  • I think the BB has a good chance of making a dent with all the improvements that have been made to the phone and OS.

  • jons


  • Many reasons why iPhone 5 is better – 1. 100s of 1000s of Apps. 2. Seamless moving from voice call to FaceTime video calls. 3. Great and smooth interface.

  • Tina L.

    I think BB will make a slight dent in the smartphone world because of the ability to separate business and personal. They do however need to have more apps.

  • Braiden

    Think that since BB10 is new people will go for it but the iPhone still has the lead with all the apps in the App Store

  • The Blackberry Z10 looks to be a really great phone, pretty good hardware specs, nice design, and a decent UI (albeit with a bit of learning curve). That being said, the iPhone 5 is still a much better phone for a big reason, the App Store. The apps are really a huge part of a phone and Blackberry just can’t compete in that (or even guarantee they’ll be around in 2 years to keep competing). Thanks for the great posts and the fun the contest!

    Shared on Twitter and Liked on Facebook @rickmex

  • EDKEdwin

    I believe the iPhone 5 is still the best smartphone on the market at the moment. However, consumers are slowly starting to shift away from the iPhone as people want to be different once again. Apple has recently fallen short in their promises and their innovations department. The Blackberry Z10 will definitely have a chance to hit a dent in the smartphone market.

    shared on twitter @edwink

  • iPhone 5 is better because of the apps, retina display and beautiful design. But the new BB has much potential!

  • chingonas0

    It’ll make a dent in the market because frankly, it’s pretty saturated at the moment. With the few Blackberry loyal users left, they will want an upgrade, and a lot of people I know are sick of the same thing.

    And since everyone else is doing it , I believe the Blackberry z10 is better then the iPhone is because its a well made device made for do-ers. With its Blackberry Flow(multigestures, nope iOS doesn’t/won’t have it anytime soon πŸ˜› ), you’ll never get caught between waiting and being limited to just having one app open. Believe it or not, iOS DOES NOT have native multitasking, yet they have a solution to create the “multitasking” experience (unless you jailbreak and get backgrounder, nope.). Blackberry Hub lets you have all your messages put in one place so that you keep your notifications and emails organized, without needing to switch from app to app(filters are available as well). Also, Blackberry z10 has a smart keyboard which allows itself to adjust to the way YOU type; the more you use it, the better it is to type (apple auto correct sites gone to shame!). Last but not least, it has the most secure platform out there: QNX. With its FIPS approved security, its no match for iOS.

    inb4 bbfanboy gtfo

    Apps won’t be a problem for BB10, it isn’t. ANDROID SIDELOADING WUT WUT.

    iOS is a great OS though, it has 5 years management so its pretty stable compared to Android and Blackberry 10.

  • Tintin

    I have never used a Blackberry before so I can’t comment on its function, but the iPhone has many great apps available. I’m very much used to using those apps that I don’t ever want to switch phones!

  • Obviously iPhone 5 is better. For many reasons. 1. 1000s of Apps. 2. Smooth interface. 3. Seamless transfer from voice call to FaceTime video chats. 4. 100s of accessories.

  • The Z10 will make a dent in the smartphone market because people still know that blackberry is business phone and people want have a gadget that they can depend on at the office to keep them productive.

  • Hartia

    The Z10 is newer tech, most likely a OS that is built to improve the faults of others, in this case the iOS. Apple made a great impact to the smartphone generation, but have recently lagged innovation, and everything they’ve come out with has been the same thing. But to be honest, my first thoughts during the unveiling of the BB10 looked a lot like the iOS, so hopefully BlackBerry has put effort to make it its own. I have an iPhone right now, but it’s time to move on, find something that does a little more than being just an iPhone.

  • Blackberry can sideload android apps

  • DJ

    The new blackberry will make a dent in the smartphone market because it is the best hardware currently available and there are thousands of loyal blackberry fans waiting to come back to the brand.

  • travelluna

    The BB Z10 has a better touch keyboard and faster, and this will be important for many people. Not enough apps at the moment to make a buzz,

  • I like the interface of the Iphone but like the new look of this phone

  • I love my iPhone. It does what I want it to do. Smooth and not buggy. I doubt any other phone can run all my multiple IMs (wechat, whatsapp, viber, tango, Skype etc.) along with Facebook so perfectly!

  • Michael Wong

    iPhone 5 is better than the Z10 because there’s a much larger App selection in Apple’s app store, the seamless ecosystem with iCloud, and the extraordinary built quality with glass and aluminum enclosure compare with the cheap plastic back on the Z10. Therefore without a doubt iPhone 5 comes on top of the Z10. However I’d love to try the Z10 myself, and I’ll give you my perspective on it once I win! πŸ™‚ I’m a true tech guy, so pick me! Thanks.

  • Lily

    The BlackBerry Z10 will make a dent simply because it’s new. People love having the newest things. Also, interesting features like Balance can appeal to specific audiences.

  • With flawless e-mail integration, BB is back!

  • DaMan05

    The iPhone 5 is better than the Z10 because my boy Gary says it is.
    I’m @itsBasir

  • It’s hard to argue against the iPhone 5, probably the most elegant piece of smartphone hardware we’ve ever seen. Throw in the App Store ecosystem and the volume of apps, and quality and calibre of apps and games available… Hands down.

    And still, I’m dying to get my hands on a z10 to give it a thorough test. BB10 with its hub and flow, and predicted-word keyboard idea, seem like a refreshing take on the mobile os, and could very well make a dent. The BlackBerry faithful will appreciate, and there could be growth from feature phone users, or those in the windows space. I don’t know that it’s enough to pry away Apple and Android fans, but they’ll certainly have a place to make a dent in the market.

  • I am looking forward to this phone. Iphone and BB stand behind their products. I never had a problem upgrading my 2+ year old iphone or Blackberry without issues. Can’t say the same for most Android/MS phones.

  • less

    I think the new blackberry will be awesome for business users. It’s great to have one device that has separate interfaces for personal and business use. If I win one, I can finally have a 2 in 1 device for when I graduate. I can’t afford to replace my super old blackberry right now that I dropped a gazillion times πŸ™

  • blackberry z10 will recruit back all the clients they had just because of the bbm and they finally accepted they need to step up with the touch screen design to go up against theyre rivals such as iPhone and android devices

  • I think the iPhone 5 is still better than the Z10 because the Z10 lacks certain basic things such as a status bar, and push e-mail (with non-Exchange accounts). Those are just two things but they are two very significant things. Every device has push e-mail, and most devices a status bar in which you can check basic phone stats.

  • The iPhone5 is way better. For one, it came out first, so the Z10 copied the looks of the iPhone5, second; has a wider selection of apps, third; much lighter than the Z10, fourth; it’s smaller. If I wanted to get a bigger screen I’d buy a tablet.

  • I believe the iPhone 5 is better than the Blackberry 10 because it’s heavier and therefore makes a better paperweight.

  • Tracey

    I think Blackberry Balance feature will help BlackBerry Z10 make a dent in the smartphone market.

  • Milan P

    The iPhone 5, and the Apple ecosystem in general are just lightyears ahead of the competition. I love how everything just actually works. I’ve never had anything like this pre iphone times. But being as I’m Canadian, I am rooting for them. It would be sad seeing them go bankrupt. And the more competition in the smartphone market, the better for us the consumer.

  • Jack

    Iphone 5 with App Store, iCloud, Siri is a winner.

  • I believe this phone actually does have the potential to make a dent in the smartphone market for three main reasons. The first simply being that it is a “Blackberry” smartphone carrying with it the prestige and brand loyalty that Blackberry does have. Second they have to get this one right especially after the other releases the new OS seems much more reliable than previous models. Third BBM never underestimate BBM although on iPhones we have iMessage BBM is unique!

  • Henry C.

    I think the Blackberry Balance will lure the corporate types back to BB.

  • Jerry

    I was at the BB Experience and I was impressed with a bunch of things on this phone that I could see having an impact. The Balance aspect is pretty cool and a lot of corporate customers have been waiting to see what BB would come out with before deciding on what to do.

  • Thuy

    All the built in app that the Z10 has will definitely make a difference.

  • I think that the iphone5 is still the best phone. But for business people, it’s great to have a blackberry, and it’s more functional for that purpose.

  • all the wicked games and cool apps will never reach the blackberry

  • @chanjames

    iPhone is well established, with an app store and connected to iPads and iPhones with seamless iCloud integration! BB Z10 will be great for current BB users out there but I don’t think it will be a major player like it used it or that it’s targeting

    shared on twitter @chanjames

  • @chanjames

    “like it used to”

  • smirnoff04

    It’s the privacy superior of the Blackberry that will draw serious business users back to the phone.

  • I think the iPhone has better apps,. but as a phone in whole I really love the Blackberry company and name. I am torn between the two,. but I am pretty sure that I really want to try out the BB10 !!! It looks very very stunning πŸ˜€

  • The iPhone is better is because it has iOS the best OS and smoothest fastest OS in the market, the app store with the most apps, and the best looking phone overall

  • I have use the Blackberry for few years, never interesting to try the Iphone, glad the blackberry has new phone on the market

  • Iphone is a better phone because it has more than twice as many apps and is more user friendly.

  • ef4ervescent

    i believe that the gesture centric navigation is intuitive and people will like it immediately. plus the best keyboard will always be a Blackberry.

  • my blackberry Bold is no longer working well, but I still have contract with Telus, do need a new phone, Z10

  • The Plush animal looks cute. Don’t have IPHONE, so have no ideal about it. Used Blackberry Bold for past

  • Owned You

    Do you study the keynotes? lol .. “Apple told me these things are good so therefore they are …. Oh and I haven’t tried it yet to really judge. But I’m a real tech guy with all sorts of credibility so please pick me to win….?” – michael wRong πŸ˜‰

  • Obviously the iPhone5 is better experience, but as echoed in
    most of the comments here, we all know the corporate community loves their

    As for why I should get the Z10 giveaway. My other phone (my
    work cell) is a more than 4 year old Blackberry Curve and it drives my boss
    nuts when I have better tech then he does.

  • Libby0305

    iPhones have more apps and seems to me that everyone has one…but u never know things always change

  • Donna

    Although I would love to win this phone, I think the iPhone is better because Apple has an AMAZING return/exchange program. I broke my iPhone about 6 months after getting it but was able to get a replacement for $50!

  • iphone 5 may not have all the hardware specs of bb z10 but IOS is more refined and gets updated on a more frequent basis for patches and fixes than the mainstream bb/android/windows phone os’ but time will tell how good the phones from bb are and how they work as promised unlike the playbook os promises that are still in the ether or clouds should i say πŸ™‚

  • The iPhone 5 is better as it is a proven product. The Z10 is an infant.

  • Let’s see. The iPhone has the edge over the Blackberry because of the iOS app ecosytem and its more robust developer API. I wish them the best of luck in the future however.

  • iphone is better because it has more apps ~775,000 compared to around ~70,000 for the blackberry

  • Essy

    The millions of apps on the iphone πŸ˜€

  • Bryan

    The iPhone has a much larger selection of apps!

  • iPhone is better! Why? One word #evasi0n

  • artikas

    Pro iphone:
    The Z10 is lacking the app Eco system that apple has.

    Pro bb: perfect harmony between business and personal eliminating the use of two phones.

  • K3

    You’re clearly on the wrong website… gtfo

  • BlackBerry owners are like iPhone owners, they are committed and rather budge when they truly believe in the brand. That’s why BlackBerry will take back some market share.

  • The Z10 has so much potential and even though its a very young platform, it’s already showing a lot of promise. The smartphone industry needs some innovation, the unified inbox and the gesture based OS might be what the market needs

  • the iPhone 5 has a great camera with decent low light performance. Read Gizmodo’s quick test of Z10’s low light performance… the iPhone 5 is definitely a better choice for people who loves to take photos.

  • David Demamp

    Blackberry hub seems amazing, i’m a true Canadian supporter and i want to evangelize to my fellow Canucks. I would be able to test it against my iPhone 5 and truly tell if Blackberry is going to be successful.

    iPhone app store is way better but it will be interesting to see if Blackberry can make a dent.

  • Fresh_Start

    Z10 will be available on all carrier’s frequencies, iPhone’s not on Wind Mobile yet.


    the iPhone 5 is better than the BlackBerry Z10 because of its design, quality and ios.
    The iPhone 5’s design is beautiful and it has no logo in the front like the one on the BB Z10, which makes the BB Z10 look less sophisticated. It’s also larger than the iPhone 5 which possibly would make it hard to use it with only one hand. Also the quality of the iPhone 5 is incomparable. Apple has been producing full touch screen phones for years and the BlackBerry Z10 is the first full touch screen phone produced by BB so obviously they are not that experienced on the full touch screen phone market which makes me feel skeptical about buying it because i’d feel like if I were testing their new invention. Finally, iPhone 5’s iOS is the best one out there. It’s attractive, easy to use and it’s smart. I’ve tried to switch to BB, Symbian (ew) and Android in the past and can say for sure that none of them can be compared to the iPhone 5’s iOS. Therefore Gary the iPhone 5 the iPhone 5 is better than the BB Z10 because of its design, quality and iOS.
    :(I’d be happy if I win it though just to try it out) πŸ™‚

  • docashhosale

    The iphone is better because of the Apple ecosystem that has taken years to develop.

  • Blackberry has had a lot of corporate customer support in the past. Success would be getting those customers back. Good integration into the corporate environment is key and Blackberry has the expertise! New features like HUB will help.

  • I have never use either so hard to say why one is better than the other. Frankly I would be really happy to have either. My teenagers who seem to know ALL the phones say androids are better. I am really hoping the blackberry makes a comback it is a canadian product and I hope it finds it’s place again. Oh and you can get the playbook so cheap now if they can sync up that would be really great too

  • Owned You

    I actually like Apple products, am using an iPhone 5 right now, but it’s not from blind fanboy tendencies. My comment at Mr. Wrong was simply pointing out that he’s favouring the blackberry from a completely uneducated standpoint.

    If that was too many words .. How about gtfo yourself .. πŸ˜‰

  • iPhone is better than BB Z10 because of its fully integrated experience across multiple platforms and hardwares that is the apple universe. Plus iPhone simplicity in usage and awesome apps.

  • Derrick Hazel

    The BlackBerry will make a dent. In the smartphone market particularly against Samsung as like Apple, Blackberry has built an ecosystem around their product that Samsung and others have not. BBM, particularly with video, will be a hit with non-corporate users and the BlackBerry Balance feature along with BES 10 will reestablish the Blackberry as the standard corporate device.

  • I would welcome the chance to try the new BB , but the app selection will be hard to overcome.

  • the blackberry the is a cutting edge smartphone better than iphone 5

  • Jl

    The iPhone is definitely better the z10 is just blackberrys attempt at competing with the iPhone but the way of Doing that isn’t trying to replicate it….that being said, I’d still like to own one to give it a spin for myself just out of curiosity and my mom really wants it so If I won I’d give it to her πŸ™‚

  • Herman Auluck

    In my opinion, both phones have their ups and downs. BlackBerry z10 with its higher RAM capacity making the phone run faster when multitasking. Although the app selection might be low compared to iphone but the fact that the phone has html5,one of the fastest browsers for mobile devices and that it is open source which can allow the consumer to essentially download anything they want from the browser, email, or blue tooth. Having expandable memory and changeable battery is also a plus compared to apples high maintenance costs to replacement a battery. BlackBerry z10 software (the hub, time shift , adapting keyboard) makes the phone stand out from all the other phones. In my opinion, the only thing iphone has over this blackberry, or any device is the app selection. Otherwise apple is really restrictive on a lot of the features of the device.

  • The Z10 will have a hard time, I am afraid it is a little too late, they’ve hemorrhaged too much. The iPhone is proven and established with 100’s of thousands apps etc …

  • vman1964

    I think the iPhone 5 is a much better phone as because of its ease of use and its vast library of apps available. The BBZ10 looks promising but BB might be too late to the show.

  • iPhone 5 is the best option because it has the most mature and widespread platform and ecosystem.

  • As much as I love my iPhone 5, the Z10 looks like a fresh take on the smartphone. One that isn’t bloated with a billion apps I’ll never use. I think it’s going to make Apple snap-to a little bit and maybe come out with some good features for iOS 7/8 (as 7 may be too late to add features…)

  • Rich

    You will like it more than you like coming from using an iPhone 4 πŸ™‚

  • Rich

    Don’t worry the Google Play store is catching up and the BB Z10 you can sideload those apps onto so it doesn’t matter how many apps there are for BB10 you can get more from Android.

  • Jabroni

    I feel the bb z10 is 2 years too late to the game. It may be a good solid phone but its too far behind. The iPhone is superior in quality and the build and the long tenure it has has in the market as well.

  • I think the iPhone is a better overall device because of the rich app ecosystem for iOS. BlackBerry will have a hard time with business adoption (their key market) because the Z10 will not work on previous versions of BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and older BlackBerrys will not work on the new version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This will force businesses to run twice the infrastructure just get the Z10. Not to mention the fact that there will be a charge to move Client Access Licenses (CALs) over to the new server!

    Considering that businesses can just run Mobile Fusion on their -current- infrastructure in order to allow iPhones and Android devices -alongside- legacy BlackBerry devices, it seems like a no-brainer for any business deciding weather or not to adopt the Z10 (or Q10 when it finally ships).

  • Tweeted the contest, hope I win. Why you ask?
    Though I love my iPhone, and my relationship with Siri is perhaps a little NSFW, I still miss and love the way Blackberry managed to unify all of my STUFF into the inbox.

    What do I mean? I mean … all my DM tweets, my FB messages, my SMS texts and all of my INBOX mail messages all live under the unified “Message” icon on a Blackberry. Love it!


  • wizco

    Myself I prefer the iPhone 5 because it suits my needs better with all the apps that are available.

  • iPhone is just easier to use out of the box. Don’t need instructions or guides.

  • hlna55

    The consumers tell the story of which is a better phone, not the tech guys. The iphone is better as evidenced by the demand for it.. plain and simple. With demand, comes the infrastructure, app development and resources to improve the brand from year to year!

  • The one feature I do like of BB10 is the hub, having all messages in 1 stream is a good idea, and it’s the one feature I still miss from my old Bold. But I don’t think this feature alone will put much of a dent in iPhone sales πŸ™‚


  • Complaining about free giveaways, way to go champ.

  • Paul

    Blackberries are known to be designed with security in mind. Perhaps security is the priority in some Enterprises. People don’t generally associate security with iPhones.

  • They actually made changes from their previous version of phones.

  • One reason I’ll still choose the iPhone 5 over the BB10 is the home integration. Using such products as a Denon Receiver, I can use my iPhone and AirPlay to stream/control music at the touch of a button anywhere at home.

    I’m also a fan of the wide variety of apps available on iPhone as opposed to BB… blows it out of the water!

  • I think the app switcher and always-open communication hub are pretty cool, but we shall see if it approaches iphone levels in terms of ease of use. Like the Canadian-ness.

  • The best things in life are free right? Anyway I believe that even though the BB Z10 is a huge upgrade to anyone that currently has a BB, it really does not bring enough innovation to the table. There is nothing that really stands out and makes someone (especially and iPhone user) say “Hey I really want that new BB phone”. For this reason I would say the iPhone is still superior, just not as superior as it was before they released BB 10.

  • There are way more apps on the iphone and better apps!!

  • The iPhone 5 is much better than the BlackBerry in my opinion, mainly because of the OS that it uses. Much simpler, more graphically advanced, and lets you do anything you want with fewer steps. iOS is really a big advantage Apple has over all other smartphone manufacturer.

  • Sam khan

    I believe the Z10 was released by blackberry not to innovate or an attempt to take over the smartphone market, but rather as their saving grace. It is nothing we haven’t seen before. While it will keep loyal bb customers from switching i don’t believe it will be enough to attract new customers or prompt any new converts. With that being said the iPhone will always be superior due to the fact it brings something new and innovative with each release. Just my two cents!! Wait….should i round up or down to the nearest nickel!!

  • Mitchell Weisberg

    The iphone 5 is superior as it has a mature, integrated application store, a proven hardware and software environment and a classic design.

  • Siddique

    I have used an iPhone (3GS & 5) for 2 and a half years and I liked it for the most part because of the wide selection of apps and intuative UI. Althought, I didn’t like the lack of simple customization ( hiding stock apps for example) or lack of some basic features, in some of their stock apps for example the camera app which doesn’t have a countdown feature or the notes app which has stayed virtually the same since it was introduce. I know these problems can be address by what I said earlier about wide selection of apps but I believe these problems are more than that.Apple) don’t feel they have to consistently update these apps because of the massive amounts of apps available for download but what I’m worried about is this mentality bleeds into other parts of the phone too. So I HOPE Blackberry makes a dent if for nothing else than to be able to give the consumer another option in smartphones to push Apple and Samsung to try that much harder. Which is better iPhone 5 or Blackberry Z10? Well, I have firsthand experience with iPhone 5 only, so it wouldn’t be fair to judge but you guys could change that :).

  • Randall Wong

    I could use an upgrade to my existing blackberry

  • BlackBerry Z10? Is it an iphone? lol

    Iphone 5 is better because mobile devices are nothing without apps. Here there’s no contest. The iOS App Store beats BlackBerry World

  • p3h2o

    BB Z10 with business and personal on the one phone but separate.

  • Isaac C

    iPhone 5 as it has more useful apps in iPhone 5 (at least for now)

  • Iphone is in the market for a while already, and even knowing that BB comes strong, still we need to make sure that the device in fact will be effective, apple gives that, peace of mind, having expensive phones the less you want is problems, in my personal opinion I believe Iphone is better, no doubt thta BB has a very interesting things.

  • I would say the iPhone 5 is better because of the large built in app ecosystem. BB showed they were worried about the large app difference when they began courting developers.

  • Neil

    As I’ve never owned a blackberry but I am in the market for a new phone (iPhone4) currently. Let me have the chance to change brands by showing me what the new blackberry can do.

  • The iPhone 5 is slimmer, lighter and has unmatched build quality. But the new Z10 phone looks like a great first effort for BlackBerry 10. As a Canadian, I wish them all the luck in the world. As an App Developer, I look forward to having more viable platforms to build apps for.

  • Still think Blackberry is playing catch-up, but I love to see a Canadian company being competitive, and I’m a firm believer that competition fosters innovation… I’d love to try one out!

  • growthguided

    What is the catch? This seems too good to be true !!!! Amazing !!!

  • MBW

    The Z10 is going to take a market share because it is a Canadian cell phone, the only one, and if the Z10 does not make it, a lot of jobs will be on the line.

  • ashley

    I think this phone will make a huge dent in the market because before, people using black berry were unable to use iPhone because of business, and now that blackberry has reinvented the model, its the best of both worlds !

  • The only reason i can tell iphone 5 is better than the Z10 in paper is app store. The specs RIM show of the new OS and the new smarthphone is unbeatable in the actual market.

  • austin toll

    The BB10 hones will make a dent in the smartphone market because of it’s versatility. It can be used for personal and for work, it can be used for pure pleasure or for more serious users who need an all around good phone.

  • I’m just happy they are trying to play catch-up at least. i was afraid they would take this lying down. I don’t know which is better but having been on an iPhone for the last 3 years I’m a little stand-offish about changing. That being said, i can see this BB becoming a solid force in the BUSINESS side of the smartphone market,because after all the iPhone (which i love) is nothing more than a cool toy.

  • The blackberry has always rocked the business world. Because of it’s versatility for business apps it will the new phone everyone is wanting

  • Blackberry hub, video BBM, and true multitaking!

  • The iPhone 5 better simply because there are fewer Blackberrys out there to BBM with! Long live iMessage!

  • The iPhone 5 is better than the BlackBerry Z10 because the iPhone 5 “just works, seamlessly”.

  • I think the ability to split your phone into two profiles personal and work will have a dent. How many of us are overwhelmed and want to just turn off work on occasion – I think that will become a big sell point for BlackBerry – and it is unique!

  • thea

    people who are biast against apple brand will want blackberty.

  • I think the BB Z10 will make a dent in the market. There are still a lot of people who won’t give up their BB and corporate customers will love the Hub.

  • brittany

    I have a blackberry and and i dont not like it, maybe they did make it better but i dont care i have been let down by this company and there phones to many times. I think the iphone is a way better choice more reliable from what i have heard and i would much rather have the iphone.

  • Z10 has a better feel while holding it up against ear…

  • Rebby Roberts

    I think people have been waiting for Blackberry to get there stuff together. The Z10 will be the hot new device for corporations!

  • The iphone 5 is better right off the bat because of how sleek it looks compared to the BB Z10. First impressions are important. The only thing keeping BB alive is the business market. The fact that you can have a work section and a personal section on your phone is awesome. Would love to “win” one for work purposes πŸ™‚

  • Kris

    The iPhone has more apps to pick from…but blackberry is Canadian!

  • Steve W

    I think the keyboard is better on the Z10 than in the iPhone’s plus the predictive text seems to me like it will be more accurate.

  • It’s Canadian

  • While it has gotten smaller, there are loyal BB followers & many will go back to BB just for this phone. I’m pretty sure with the cool features of the BB10, the Market will notice the impact of this phone.

  • iPhone 5 is way better that blackberry z10 because the app on blackberry platform is inferior to the app store, which offers the world’s best and most versatile apps.

  • Lily

    The iPhone 5 is better in terms of app selection.

  • Karolina G

    Iphone’s touch screen, fast internet connection and easy of use in general kill any blackberry.

  • Alex

    The Z10 will grab all the loyal bb users using old models and become their new flagship

  • Dave

    The iPhone just reeks of sexiness…while the Z10 does not!

  • accordtr

    It’s a blackberry….. do I really need to say anymore more…..

  • The best thing about the iphone is itunes, which can also be foudn on the ipod, so why buy the phone? The BlackBerry z10 has everything I need for business – Balance, Hub and all the security encryption features. This phone is gorgeous and I need to upgrade!

  • iPhone 5 provides the best smartphone user experience for beginners. Blackberry Z10 will offer corporate customers an iPhone like experience, especially for those organizations that will not let their employees upgrade to iPhone or Android, not let employees bring their own iOS devices for work.

  • keeping corporate and personal separate on the phone will bring alot of folks back into the BB fold

  • G J

    The z10 will make a dent in the market because ithas a great reputation for usiness users. Also its got BBM

  • pairofdox

    I believe that the BBZ10 will make a dent in the market in part because of its Balance feature.

  • dipen parekh

    I think the BB Z10 will make a dent in the market. Specially with the HUB and time-shift feature!!

  • While the Z10 is a decent device, it doesn’t offer anything that will pull an EXISTING iOS/Android user away. In other words… too little, too late.
    Twitter: @twitter-24598977:disqus

  • Farids

    Shared, posted followed and liked. Twitter: @fshafai.
    As to why iPhone 5 is better: most people compare specs and the features of the 2 smartphones head to head. If memory serves, long ago, a car called Triumph TR7 had the most impressive specs, but its owners would tell you, they had it longer in repair shops than out. This is not to say BB Z10 is a bad device, but in terms of physical design, workmanship and quality of materials (and not just specs) most people agree, nothing including BB Z10 comes close to iPhones 4, 4S and 5. The experience Apple has in pioneering and leading the new smartphones design, makes it physically superior. Even if in specs some features do look better than iPhone 5(ie. display resolution), Apple has 6 years more experience in picking the more reliable parts. In terms of software, BB OS has fallen behind the new generation of smartphones, lead again, by apple at least 5 years of the past 7. It will be a while before they can polish up their OS to really compete. In terms of if and how long BB10 and Z10 will make a dent, Blackberry has the partners, resources and the customers. Naturally with all those present, BB will start and be the subject of a lot of support. However, considering the fact they have been taking the wrong directions and making the wrong decisions the past 7-8 years they may fall back on the wrong track. For BB to be a major player, they’ll have to consistently keep making right decisions. I, as a Canadian, wish them and hope for the best, but considering BB’s past track record, with some reservation.

  • i think the blackberry 10 will make a dent bc it looks like it has a touchscreen instead of little buttons and i think people prefer touchscreens

  • Will

    BB is a Canadian company and we want them to succeed but the iPhone is better cause it is Apple. ‘Nuff said lol.

  • Myra

    Berry Nice !!

  • Eddie

    loyal blackberry fan here, i’m looking forward to the new and improved BB10

  • Dawn

    The hub and that you can switch from a work phone to a personal phone πŸ™‚

  • rhodz_99

    iPhone is better because BB has no airplay, no itunes, apple has more choices in app store, iphone has retina display, iphone 5 has just the right size, not too big, not too small and most of all, iphone is user friendly and lots of accessories, so you won’t get bored with iphone.

  • Cody Montgomery

    Complete one hand usability and time shift camera mode are enough to convince me of the z10

  • Paul Pitsikalis

    The iPhone is a great phone and what it does it does extremely well. It is still missing some features that people want, but apple is slowly adding these features in with every update, the user interface can get boring at times but that can easily be fixed, now the z10 I don’t think is an iPhone killer at least not an overnight killer but it symbolizes that blackberry is not out of the picture just yet, back berry had a lot of catching up to do and still has a lot to do, but considering this is a new Oscar from the ground up, it performs extremely well, I messed with one today and the os feels better than some android phones, now if they get their App Store full of some useful apps they do have potential to make a comeback. I love my iPhone but go Canada go!

  • I think the BB is mostly hype right now. Time and maybe a few more iterations will prove which system is better.

  • It seems like something that would be very usefull for me

  • Having tried out both phones side by side, the Blackberry Z10’s OS is better than that on the iPhone 5’s (of coarse IMO!) based on features. The only thing holding it back is a lower app count. Should developers embrace it and people give it a chance, they should start gaining back market share. Blackberry will have to do one thing that Apple has not done over the last few years in order to keep the momentum going, keep innovating and listen to their customers. Otherwise this will be all for nothing. Maybe this will wake up the folks at Apple, but I have a feeling that without Mr. Jobs, they may have seen their best days.

  • The BlackBerry Z10’s multitasking platform with the BlackBerry Balance feature will compel corporate customers who have adapted the “bring your own device to work” trend back to BlackBerry. Also because I’m in High School this platform will also serve well for students because it’s quick and easy in a nice attractive package. The BlackBerry Z10 has already been selling out all over the U.K. and stores here in Kitchener-Waterloo were selling out as well with line ups and malls packed with people who wanted the phone because they can see it’s the complete package and its one anyone can have an amazing experience with. The pre-orders for the phone in Canada revealed that 50% of the people in Canada that pre-ordered were not BlackBerry users so plenty of people are already switching over.This is a good indicator that the U.S. sales and pre-orders will be similar, just on a larger scale because the U.S. is more populated. When compared to the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, and Nokia Lumia 920 this phone handles the tests very well and has seemed to come out on top in various competitions such as browser speeds and its ability to run apps. This phone also has a very great keyboard that is definitely the best keyboard out there which is a huge thing for people, corporate for working and teens and adults in their 20’s because of how huge a priority social networking is to us. Lastly, BlackBerry users have been waiting for this phone forever and its finally here and if they haven’t switched there’s a good chance they’re getting this. BlackBerry’s subscriber base and the buzz around this phone should be another tell tale sign this phone can really make a difference for BlackBerry and to the smartphone market. This phone will be BlackBerry’s come back weapon and it will be a key player and if not the leader of this market for these reasons and more which is why I’d really like to be apart of it.

  • there’s more apps for the iphone

  • blessedta

    iPhone 5 is smaller

  • One of the best features of the Blackberry is there BBM. You know when someone has looked at the message you sent, you don’t need to install an app or pay extra for it. It’s a wonderful feature for parents of teenagers who want a smartphone. I don’t really know a lot about the iphone but that it costs a lot and is great for games. From what I hear from people who have the iphone or android have a VERY short battery life where as the Blackberry’s battery can last over a day without needing to charger.
    I went from the Blackberry Torch to the Samsung Galaxy S II. I would rather have my Blackberry back.

  • If it’s as good, just being Canadian will be a plus and help sales.

  • Mike P

    I love the screen sharing with BBM video calling – great addition!!

  • Andrew

    I’m all in support for Apple products. Awesome design and functions and great apps. Their popularity will last forever, whereas think popularity for Blackberry will die off pretty soon.

  • bluevektor

    iPhone 5 is the best for iOS and iMessage. All of my friends are using iphones and iMessage is absolutely vital to keeping me in the loop.

  • HH

    Ya seeing a read texts is called an iMessage on iPhone no dif from

  • TJCanuck

    Why are you talking about and promoting the Z10 here? The name of this site is iPhoneinCanada, not BBinCanada! You’re not doing a comparison, just promoting it. If you can’t stick to iPhones, change the site name or shut it down. In the meantime, I’m removing this site from my bookmarks.

  • TJCanuck

    This site should be called “anythingButiPhoneinCanada”

  • The Z10 has novelty and some slick-looking hardware β€” both of these will help it make an impression on the market.

  • phho

    The iphone 5 is much better because of all the apps.

  • Blackberry will make a dent in the market because of the slick new features – like the move back in time feature on the camera and the email functionality. And really you can’t forget about BBM – the best feature of Blackberry!

  • BB is much better and being able to surf faster is the feature I like most

  • iphone 5 is better cause it has angry birds

  • Adnan Baha

    iPhone 5. That is all. =D

  • Lisa Marie Anctil

    Blackberry’s don’t have the app selection of the iPhone. Although this new Blackberry does look pretty sawweeeeeet!! πŸ˜€

  • iPhone is better because of the apple ecosystem

  • jynxed

    If you guys prefer the 5, why do you want a Z10? I think it’d make a dent because there are still many RIM loyalists, and it’s at least a competent phone. I don’t think it’d make a significant dent unless they can truly attract an ecosystem– Microsoft has failed on that count.

  • RKIM

    Love the BB feature of being able to switch between a business or personal profile.

  • BB10 will allow you to “seamlessly”mirror(share) with another BB10 user your screen, and whatever is displayed on it. This will prove popular with large international companies (…well, also non-bussiness users), winning back Blackberry’s(RIM’s) main target market. BB10 should be enough to keep them in the game at least for another year for their next iteration/attempt.


  • z1fuller

    Having dedicated personal or business section on the device.

  • The ability to predict what you are going to type with it virtual keyboard. Also two feature you will never ever get in an iPhone replaceable battery and micro SD card. More apps are overrated, how many apps can you actually use, it is the quality of the apps that matter. Finally the ability to separate work from play in a truly secure manner on one devices is vital. It a bitch to carry two phones. Still I love my iPhone 5 and not would give it up for now. If I could financially justify a second plan I be would interested in a Blackberry Z10, especially over Andriod and Windows phones.

  • Johnny

    Blackberry, cuz everyone dosent have one

  • tayjoho

    Once you’ve crossed over to IOS and invested in apps and media, you are not going back to BB to start over.

  • Steve p

    The blackberry z10 is way better than iPhone 5. Phone is bigger, new operating system better with better features. Only lacks the apps. 3 years they have been working on this and they finally got it right.

  • Unfortunately Blackberry has fallen behind. It will take time before they can catch back up, this includes a fan base, developers and product hardware support. The iPhone is becoming not only one of the top personal phones, but also one of the top commercially used phones. Regularly updated software, security fixes and all around UI improvements help keep it on top. Blackberry had it’s days back when they had their physical keyboard, and it was reputed as one of the best business phones. However the iPhone quickly took over that spot, and with it’s ease of use in terms of setup, security and overall usage, even if Blackberry rebuilds it’s empire, I believe it was always end up “second best!”

  • The great thing about the iPhone is that it works, it just simply works. That being said I think there’s a market for the blackberry, whether it be from customers nostalgia or maybe undeserved hype. On top of that the app store is a huge benefit that Apple has over every one of its competitors including Android. Thx.

  • iPhone was the first real smartphone. They took the BB market share since 2007. Now, it’s time for one of our flagship Canadian tech industry to get back some market shares. I do hope they will succeed. I’m a iPhone 5 user, and tried lots of different Android devices, but a new big Player will be good. I want to try out the BB Hub, thee Flow and lots BB features, so please, give me a Z10 πŸ™‚

  • fly_girl

    I think BB is making a strong comeback and the reason they may prove themselves to be a leader in the mobile market once again is the applications that this new phone offers. It allows for division of work and your outside life, something everyone is striving for these days. It allows you to load apps while still using the phone for whatever you are using it for. I think BB is making it’s comeback – let’s hope πŸ™‚

  • Dave Pohl

    I loved my iPhone 4S until I lost it one day while out running. I got a Samsung S3 as a replacement because it was less expensive and I enjoy using it – especially the screen. I would like to have the Blackberry because I could use it for business without my grandchildren bugging me to play on it πŸ™‚

  • The BB is not a threat because of the number of apps available for the Iphone. Also huge price gap between BB App and Iphone apps, I can buy 10 Iphone app for the price of one BB app

  • Horace Luk

    The new Z10 might be able to get some clients back from the enterprise market, but as long as the blackberry still requires a BES to get exchange feature, is still a down point not every single company that uses Blackberry will be able to afford a BES or rent a BES from a hosted Exchange Vendor.
    Iphone still have yet the best touchscreen response I’ve use, comparing BB app world and apple app store. I think for a lot of people out there apple app store still have a huge market compare to BB.

  • RuinerX

    I think the advanced onscreen virtual keyboard will give the Blackberry a significant advantage over the competitors

  • The Blackberry Z10 is plain and simple a 10 out of 10….the problem is the iPhone 5 is a 15 out of 10…sorry BlackBerry….I think this deserves the win Gary ! πŸ™‚

  • louise gilbert

    I really believe that the iPhone 5 is still the best smart phone on the market and plus it was first real smartphone.

  • There is tremendous pent up demand for “something different” in the marketplace, especially among current and former Blackberry users, especially in the enterprise. This is going to do very well in the marketplace, and will certain challenge Windows Phone for the number 3 spot.

    Hopefully they learned their lesson, release their product ON TIME, and throw a BB10 update to PlayBook owners, if only to reward their patience and loyalty.

  • Josh

    I believe that the new blackberry will give iphone 5 a run for it’s money. The 5 was very rushed and was not ready for distribution in my eyes! Just look at all the recent problems. I feel that RIM put the time and money before producing there next big hitter. Now that they have a very attractive phone with a really good base system they should take a bite out of the market. ..

  • The iPhone5 will still hold the market for quite some time. Between having the largest, quality app store, sexiest hardware, and top notch customer service – it’s tough to go with anything else unless you just really dislike iOS6.

    Blackberry Hub sounds pretty fantastic. Also, I have to give it to this Canadian company, they managed to pull off one hell of a come around. We’ll see how well they do in the long run, though! The Z10 and Q10 look like great devices to those previously familiar with BB’s.

  • Andrew

    iPhone has all the software support

  • The iPhone 5 is better than the Z10 because it has a rear mounted microphone which makes for better audio in your videos! The 2 are pretty comparable on all other specs.

  • J Peters

    The iPhone is better in the sense that it has more apps which provides for greater flexibility.
    The blackberry though will have a great impact because of BB hub and balance.

  • The Blackberry was always the work horse and when people talked about having their work phone in their front pocket and their fun phone in their back pocket , this phone negates the need for that. I think they will sway some of the people back with this unit but even more with future iterations of phones ….. I can’t deny that they are late to the party but this brings them on par hardware wise now they need to get the software out there. It is a Canadian company I’m proud of and even though I have an iphone I’m not that beholden to the name of the device I want the phone that allows me to do what I want to do !!

  • Waikeat

    Do not have the answer yet unless u pick me as the winner of the Z10 then only I can compare it with my i5. ^_^v

  • Cynthia

    I hope Blackberry can a dent in the smartphone market. They’re a Canadian company, so I would like to see them do well again, (more Canadian jobs), but it’s a huge uphill battle, (thanks to their mgmt). I think being able to have one’s personal data and work on one phone, (separated) is a huge benefit to corporate users. Also, if it is as intuitive as I’ve heard, ease of use will help gain back market share.

  • Johann


  • Suzie

    I think the Blackberry 10 might make a dent in the market because of its security features, same reason people loved it in the first place–at least this is what the business people tell me

  • Marlene V.

    I think that Blackberry’s will make a dent in the market because there are many loyal Black Berry users and it seems like many businesses offer Blackberry’s for their workers.

  • Diane S

    My daughter says BBM is better than anything iPhone has.

  • Al

    The Blackberry Hub, Flow & Balance features set it apart from the iPhone

  • Caroline M

    I don’t have anything good to say about the iPhone and Apple products in general. Well, that’s not true. Maybe a couple of things, like the camera. Otherwise, it’s just not a company I want to support. I would love to replace my old Nokia with a new BB.

  • Blackberry finally has something worth considering as a competitor to the current smarthphone leaders. However, the history behind the iPhone and its success makes the iPhone 5 a safe choice for any customer. Oh and, jailbreak is here… How fun is that!? πŸ˜€

  • iPhone 5 has more apps and much better games

  • Alex

    where else can you get BOTH Blackberry and Android apps?

  • I think BlackBerry 10 will definitely make a dent in the (corporate) smartphone market because of its security and “Balance” provisions (which makes IT managers’ lives easier!) Having said that, I think the iPhone 5 is definitely a better-suited device for the consumer market first and foremost because of its app availability and secondly because of all the compatible hardware out there that are tailored for iProducts.

  • xxxJDxxx

    It’s a great phone but still not as integrated and seamless as my iPhone!!

  • Vikram662

    Blackberry Z10 is better than the iPhone 5 because it’s just one number off from going to up to 11…


  • I love my iPhone and nothing will move me from it, but I do think that for some corporate users the Personal zone is very interesting and I wonder if Apple will look at something like that for when kids want to use there parents phone?

  • i can type so much quicker on my blackberry compared to my iphone

  • Collin D’souza

    i think the blackberry is to slow to the market, the iphone is still better.

  • Rio

    I just want the plush animals xD

  • Blackberry Z10 has the traditional BBM, but it now has Instagram. This makes it that much more appealing….I want one

  • mike s

    The iphone is the best. Great UI, speed and comfort. Most of all, the Apps.

  • SJP

    dropped my iPhone 3G in the doggy water dish. Yes, I’m still using a 3G. and Yes, it didn’t like the bath at all.

  • Rick Smith

    I think BB will slow come back as apps are available. Right now to many main apps are unavailable and people would miss them.

  • Iphone 5 has less buttons compared to Blackberry Z10 which makes it easier to use. It also has SIRI which blackberry z10 does not have.

  • I think the blackberry 10 will make dent in the smartphone market because its new and different.

  • Kevin Low

    I think the Z10 will do well in the market because it’s been promoted so much by Canadian media + the SuperBowl commercial means awareness is at an all time high + many Canadians like buying Canadian + those looking for something different + lots of loyalists = . . . umm, I think the Z10 will do well in the market. Hey, almost a palindrome! Wait I just looked up the definition of palindrome and not really. πŸ˜› Ok, here’s one: Stack cats!

  • Skinnyp19

    I think specs are just a sale point . UI is the most important thing this is why the iPhone smokes the z10 in anyway . Fluidness and speed over bbm

  • Josh Arbess

    The Blackberry Z10 will make a dent in the smartphone market, because it’s from a brand people know and trust. People will be much more willing to buy a Blackberry Z10 than some Huawei/Kyocera/ZTE/other unknown Android manufacturer. As well, the Blackberry name has a great reputation in the business community.

  • Michael Bennett

    I think that the Q10 has a much better chance of making an impact. Some people still love their physical keyboards and Blackberry makes the best of them. They will probably slow the migration to other platforms with these new devices, but I don’t know how many they can win back.
    I would love to get my hands on one and test it out though! It would work nicely with my playbook too.

  • While the iphone 5 has a more extensive app selection, the majority of apps available right now will also be made available on the BB market for the 10. You can’t beat BB for security and users love the BBM for business use. All in all it’s a great phone for people who are BB fans.

  • Dave

    blackberry messenger is the best, and the screen size of the new bb is amazing

  • Gerald

    The Blackberry Z10 is better than the iPhone 5 because you will never see an iPhone contest on a Blackberry website.

  • Wynncy Manalad

    The Iphone 5 still stands out among all the smartphones out there. Be it Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Nokia or Htc. Not one of these phones can beat the Iphone 5. Why? There are 775,000 applications in the Apps Store and for this reason, I think that it is more than enough for the Iphone 5 to be labeled the best Smartphone today.

  • Karen Larsen

    I have to carry both Blackberry and Iphone for personal and work use. The Iphone has better sound…. unchallenged.

  • Ravi

    Blackberry’s enterprise, Hub, and Flow features will bring a lot of the corporate customers back from competitors. Nobody does enterprise like Blackberry

  • Jonathan W.

    In terms of brand name, app selection, general ease of use, and user support, the iPhone 5 wins hands down. However, there are a few areas that the Z10 excels in: slightly larger higher-res screen, NFC support, and their brand’s presence in businesses. The gesture-based OS seems more like a double-edged sword: some gesture functions aren’t immediately obvious to a new user, which is expected for a new platform. There will be people who are familiar with the Playbook OS and WebOS that may feel right at home, though.

    For the sake of a Canadian company (and having more competition), I really hope the BB Z10 and the future Q10 will do well.

  • Although the BB10 meets, but does not excel some of the high end smartphones in the market today, I believe the BB10 will make a dent in the smartphone market because like us Canadians, Blackberry is Canadian and is as tough as nails. (hence it will make a “dent” in the market!) Being small in numbers, we might appear to be the underdog at times, but our persistence, passion and strive for success is in our blood, as it is in the core of the Blackberry. As a resident of Waterloo, I am proud to say that Blackberry Inc has made our city the way it is today, and I firmly stand behind the BB10.

    My local Tim Hortons has a sign saying Congrats BB10 from your friends at Tim Hortons. Like Timmy’s, Blackberry is also a part of our national identity. What more can I say? The Blackberry is like the Timbit and Double-Double we enjoy while watching Hockey Night in Canada.

    Besides being Canadian, its features are unique and provides a smooth and seamless navigation and “flow” when using the OS!

    Best wishes to Blackberry 10 on its continued success!

  • it looks promising, a good size screen, all the features, looks good

  • The new blackberry looks like its going to make a major dent in the iphone market share. The keyboard looks great, super camera, and people can easily use it for work

  • kevin L

    I believe the blackberry z10 will make a dent in the smart phone industry because it has few things that other phones do not, for example the time shift camera, hub that has everything u need and the special one peak slide option. Definitely has a faster processor and bbm that included audio and video calling, all in one package, i am in need of a new phone and this will be a blackberry dream come true. This will make my year. Thank you.

  • iPHONE I guess because of its unique qualities (honestly, I have no cell phone so have no idea)

  • so much easier to communicate through the blackberry

  • The new Blackberry will be the turning point for the company and give it a new lease on life.

  • I think that the new BB will make a dent in the market because of the many die-hard RIM fans out there.

  • Carlo

    I think the bbz10 will have a postive mark on the mobile industry, more competition the bettter and its something new and fresh. I currently have an iphone 5 but i would love to win an bb 10 to try out and see all the new features it has to offer, i still think blackberry has a long way to go but i think the future is bright and marketing the product is huge. The more hype it gets the more sales and also developers right now are taking a wait to see approach and the
    More popular the new os gets the more apps it will attract and build upon its current list of apps. I wish them well and hopefully i can gets my hangs on this device and be better to compare the two

  • Curtis has the same thought as me, I think the Blackberry Hub feature alone will make a dent in the smartphone market (enticing former bbm users back) I also tweeted the giveaway

  • The iPhone is better because of the tons of apps but there is always room for something better who knows maybe the Z10 is it

  • Shawn Harvey

    BlackBerry will be a strong #3 in the smartphone market.

  • Z10 is meant for work while the Iphone 5 is mostly used for play

  • Kenny

    2 Different OS’s 2 Different Demographics, Iphone will continue to be successful, Z10 will take over some of the Market share, at the end of the day, I would like to see Blackberry succeed as I have many friends who work for the company & wouldnt want to see them lose out on a career they love! #CanadianProducts for Life!

  • ish!t

    Baaaaaa I’m an I sheep. Baaaaaaaa

  • julia g

    Being Canadian puts it ahead in my book.

  • Clifford St-Remy

    Just play with a Z10 yesterday iPhone screen was way brighter and the camera on the Z10 can’t even do focus on different thing as soon as you press the screen to take a picture it take the front thing no way to take clear picture of thing in the background! Iphone 5 still winner

  • Mary Laplante

    I would like to try one to see what it is all about

  • LGK

    I have always had blackberrys and I really love the feature of the touch screen that rocks

  • The iPhone 5 is better mainly because of the huge amount of available apps.

  • The z10 will make a dent by providing a secure business solution to the byo phone workplace: by offering IT departments the ability to split the os into a work/play…thing. Yeah.

  • Vu

    iPhone is better because, well “if you don’t have an iPhone, then you don’t have an iPhone -Apple” . I just like the overall design and functions of the iPhone and I can do everything with 1 hand.

  • I don’t have an iphone but have Blackberry and really like that so i have to say i stick with Blackberry and really like the touch screen

  • BBZ10 – because of security and business compatibility

  • Chuks Ezeokafor

    The iPhone 5 has airplay

  • cjm

    Blackberry dropped the ball years ago by focusing only on business users.. they did have the most secure system, which was their only selling point.. Everyone else now matches that, and couples it with better tech.. The Iphone works all the time, with every app… I had 4 blackberries and not one of them was a dependable… The Iphone will win over the BB because the system works as promised, the BB hasn’t

  • Z10 with the time shift. That feature looks super cool!

  • I think that the blackberry z10 will make an impact in the business sector because of its secure features.The ability to have so many things open at once and a simple swipe to access them all makes it very user friendly. Iphone5 definitly has the new blackberry beat in terms of accessories available. I own the iphone5 and had my choice of about a hundred different cases and screen protectors that were available with it at launch. In looking at accessories for the bb z10 there was a total of zero screen protectors for it and 2 cases to choose from at launch and that was after looking at 3 different big box stores and a telus dealer in Halifax. I am thinking that a strictly canadian launch had something to do with this and that more items will become available in march after it launches in the u.s.a Thank you for the great contest.

  • Ross Moore

    I am sorry the blackberry z10 is still not going to cut it . You have to figure in alot that more and more times enough blackberry always seems to have a mysterious outage and really pisses off it’s customers more and more.. The new phone may help abit but they are going to have to make sure they support their service so people do not go without. I think the iphone 5 is still the better phone more reliable and very much more proven

  • Wendy

    Iphone 5 is thinner and lighter

  • George

    Different phones for different users, I had both and still prefer the BB. The Z10 will offer what iPhone users had (screen) and better user interface with a great keyboard. Iphone’s keyboard is horrible!

  • diego vega

    the bb z10 has the best camera feature. the time shift is amazing on it

  • Denis Adigamov

    I believe that there are still many who WANT blackberry to succeed. The blackberry hub is the best of its kind, with few apps that can really rival it. The keyboard is beyond good. You can tell that blackberry really put everything on its plate with this phone, the one thing though that iPhone has flat out beat the z10, the camera. iPhone always had unreal camera and screen quality. Oh and not to mention that apples appstore is massive compared to blackberry.

  • Laurmull

    Most people loved their BB at one time but they didn’t add new technology quick enough and people don’t like to wait for new tech. Maybe this time they will have actually created a competitor for the iPhone. ( or maybe not!)

  • The BBz10 is business-friendly.

  • GoLeafsGo

    I feel that the iPhone 5 is better than the Blackberry Z10 is because of the ecosystem that Apple has created. Unlike the Z10, you can purchase a song, movie, or application right from iTunes and easily download it in any of your devices (automatic downloads too). In addition, the way Apple has built iCloud to work is so smart, yet simple that it allows me to sync all my documents simultaneously, use Photo Stream to share my photos with family members easily, and the ability to send and receive iMessages on my iPad and iPhone, using the same phone number and email address. These are just 2 of the (many!) ways that I feel the iPhone 5 is better than the Blackberry Z10.

  • Guest

    Z10 = True Multitasking

  • Guest

    Z10 offers true multitasking

  • I think Iphone will kill the BB… but I still support Canadian products, go BB!

  • The Blackberry Z10 offers both business and personal profiles on the same device using Blackberry Balance.

  • iphone 5 is more user friendly

  • Jon Park

    The z10 should final give those companies a reason to stay with blackberry instead of switching over. I know few companies that were on the fence and was about to switch over to iphone, but after hearing about the z10, all the users wanted the z10 instead of the iphone. Hopefully blackberry wasnt too late.

  • claudia

    Interesting contest. this way sells both Iphones and blackberries.

    Canadian will support the new blackberry that’s what we do.

  • Stephan Duval

    I think BB10 will make a dent because BlackBerry is still relevant. I still know lots of people still using BlackBerry devices, whether it’s still their primary and only device or the secondary device for many reasons.

    I know quite a few who love it because their friends & family have BlackBerry devices in other countries and its easy to have them BBM than to have them download apps like Whatsapp.

    You have some awesome features. Being able to completely separate work from personal use is one of the biggest features (IMHO).

  • The iPhone 5 app store has far more applications which simply means the iPhone 5 can do more.

  • Csubi

    For years I have fought a desperate and losing battle with
    my peers about how good BB is and what it can be. In that time, I have endured
    ridicule and humiliation on all fronts. Browser speeds, apps, and maps where large contributing factors to my heavy losses in battle. Not even the likes of BES, email, BBM, and the keyboard could keep me afloat. However, now BB has made a super phone. QNX is used in Space Shuttles and Safety Systems in Nuclear Power Plants because it is powerful, fast and reliable. BB has listened to what App Developers want. They have opened up BES to all platforms. (Even the iPhone) The browser is not only faster now, it even plays FLASH. Did I mention the
    porting of Android Apps yet? Dual core processor, 2 Gigs of RAM, removable
    storage card, micro USB to HDMI, time shift camera, and Video BBM just to
    mention a few specs. I’m proud to
    support Canadian Companies, and I can’t wait to show off this phone to my
    peers! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I need and deserve a new IPHONE

  • Hannah

    iPhone 5 is better that Blackberry because there are better iPhone apps and more of them.

  • One vote for Blackberry since it’s Canadian.

  • Betty S

    The Iphone has an easier upgrading system than the blackberry, but the Blackberry is also going to be an awesome phone. It will help me in my business needs.

  • bsuge04

    The iPhone is better because of the operating system. Valiant effort by Blackberry and kudos to them for not giving up but I still think the Apple operating system is superior.

  • DaveO

    I think the iPhone is now entrenched with the average consumer so don’t think BB can upset that now even if they have a better phone, I’d like to try one out to see if BB can match the apps that iPhone has.

  • Katie O

    i think i will like it

  • iphone by far.. better apps, games and social media tools

  • Aidan

    I think the Blackberry Z10 will make a dent in the smartphone market, at least in Canada, because there is a whole slew of Canadians who will adopt this product to support Canadian business.

  • i think the blackberry security features are much tighter

  • Helder H

    I think BB will make a dent with Blackberry Balance for corp users.

  • yoyoman

    I think the iPhone 5 is better because of the wide selection of apps.

  • Tony

    The iPhone is by far the best smartphone there is and it’s unbeatable with its many app selections and cool features. Plus, Apple products sync with iTunes (which is the source of most of my music). With an Apple store close by, I can always pop in to purchase new products or ask for assistance whenever I need it.

  • Blackberry had the big time show start before any phone, they were the higher class, apple blew them out of water, then on came the wars between the iphone, android, windows and bb. In that order became its popularity and i believe after all the years bb has been losing theyve taken all the notes and caught every wrong and built something that will restore their former glory, it wont come down to competing on style, itll compete on originality and perfection of a device they have long witheld.

  • Narinder

    iPhone can’t share

  • Iphone is still the best smart phone. Way more apps available.

  • I believe BB z10 is a big hit. BB users are loyal to the BB phones and also Canadians like to support a Canadian company like me. Thanks

  • Chris Collins

    Z10 looks new and fresh iPhone is starting to show its age.

  • I think the BB 10 will make a dent because it is still catered to the business people, but now with a more personal, up to date side as well. This may lure people who had two phones, 1 business, 1 personal to the BB10 because they now need only bring one phone around with them.

  • Anon

    An iPhone Blog giving away a Blackberry. How ironic. I wouldn’t want it even if it was given to me for free.

  • Farzam Azizi

    BB Z10 it’s better cuz it’s Canadian

  • Iphone is far greater than BB will ever be but it would be nice to see a canadian company make a dent in the smartphone market

  • Blackberry was the first leader and will resume a leading role with this release, people,trust it.

  • Sydney D

    I think the iPhone 5 is better than the blackberry 10, just because it’s so great. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but the iPhone was just planned out so well, the first touchscreen phone, apple just started it! Blackberry will never compare to the simplicity of the iPhone to me. And also, the app world sucks. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • The distinction between personal and office usage on a single device will bring back the consumer. No doubt

  • Because if you don’t have an iphone you don’t have an iphone… but i really need a new phone don’t have 600 for one and i would be more than happy to take a new blackberry… plus i think bb are easyer to use, so please give me a new telus phone. thanks.

  • The luv affar with Iphone is slowly dying . . .Samsung has seen to that. I for one, believe BB Z10 will make an impact simply because of it’s still numero uno security. I would like to see the Balance and Screen Share capabilities, looks cool. I still see a lot of Blackberries out there, especially amongst the crooks. Great phone if you are a Wall Street Snake, keeps those inside trading secrets secure baby!!!!

  • I really like how much more seamless the blackberry moves from task to task. It is much smoother than Android and iPhone at current with the gesture based focus. If they can combine this with a good app infrastructure and quality hardware I think they have a really good chance at taking some market share back.

  • This is quite funny seeing the Z10 being given away Gary on iPIC. It makes good business I know. Still funny. Thankful that Telus is giving one away though! Ha! They should have tried to give an iPhone 5 away at least!

  • Sylvia F

    There are much better apps for iphone and there are a lot more also. Being so dominant in the phone market, app makers will always be focused on making incredible apps for the iphone and companies will also prioritize making apps first for the iphone for their customers!

  • Ringo

    Only one good reason.. well, for starters, there are way more apps available to iPhone users, because apple does make the best phones in the world, therefore, developers flock to it.

  • iPhone 5 is better than the Blackberry Z10 because the iPhone is a product made by Apple. It was also the last device to be worked on by the great Steve Jobs. Just the fact that Jobs last worked on the iPhone 5 makes this product great!

  • Chris

    The iPhone 5 is still the more supreme smartphone option for many reasons, but the main one for me is the App Store. Gotta love it!

  • BBY has always had the best security, it gives business confidence in the tool.

  • Jason Parkinson

    The Blackberry will rise and regain it’s former glory as the original smart phone for professionals. With the security, flexiblity and awesome bbm messaging service Blackberry is sure to win back a significant portion of the market. After all Apple can only re invent a chrome and glass screen phone with the same apps and slightly faster OS so many times… Let’s also remember that Blackberry is a Canadian company that employs thousands of Canadians, this company deserves our support.

  • Danielle L

    The iPhone has a larger selection of apps that are not total crap. It would be nice to have something to link my playbook (which I also won) up with to make it more useful.

  • Rob

    The Blackberry Hub is a killer feature to keep up with what’s going on.

  • still think the iphone is better cause it is much eaiser to navigate then the blackberry

  • I’m throwing my support behind the BlackBerry Z10 because of its innovative features, including BlackBerry Balance for managing work and personal life on one device and a time-shifting camera! Plus, it’s Canadian!

  • Kevin

    The iPhone 5 is better because i’ll still pay for one. The BlackBerry Z10 on the hand has to be given away for free.

  • Love the Hub and BBM. Blackberry is Canadian and will make a comeback. I have always found it easier to use blackberry πŸ™‚

  • I believe that BlackBerry will make a substantial dent in the smartphone market because of the company’s work to attract developers back to their brand. The OS has some very easy to use tools to create apps and developers like it when it is easy. Apple’s ecosystem will keep iOS king for quite some time, but I believe that BlackBerry is back in the conversation with the z10.

  • The Blackberry Hub, Flow & Balance features will bring a lot for the customers who want everything to check just in seconds.

  • Chi

    I don’t think either phone is inherently better than the other – they’re both excellent phones, with a somewhat different focus. The best thing I can say is that they force each other to continually innovate, which will only benefit the consumer in the long run.

  • design is great

  • The AppStore for iPhone is better…

  • karbar

    I still like the iPhone 5 over the BB Z10, mainly because there are so many more apps available for the iPhone

  • It seems to me that best thing BB Z10 has going for it over the iPhone 5 is it’s BB Hub. However, my initial impression is that iOS/iPhone 5 is still better than Z10/BB10 given its more refined UI and larger app selection.

  • the New Blackberry is more compact and has a nicer look altogether to name the least

  • vicrose33

    BB will hold its own. it won’t top the iphone but I like the phone and its homegrown.

  • Guru

    The iPhone5 has access to hundreds of thousands of apps and has a beautiful display. The Z10 is good, but too little too late.

  • zahra p

    BB has its own marketshare and their new phone has a whole bunch of upgrades that will satisfy BB users so I think it will make its own dent in the market

  • I do not have much comments about either of the phones since many have had enough discussion about it. The real battle between BB Z10 and the iPhone 5 is found in their respective users. iPhone was able to generate great sales because you and I are all using it, which make our friends want to use it because doing so will enable us all to share similar experience in a eco-system carefully build by Apple (iTunes, iCloud, Facetime, etc). If BB wants to survive in the race, it has to pay attention to attracting as many users as possible at the beginning of its launch in order to create a BB community for more users to be attracted. Up until now, I did not see any effective actions taken by this Canadian firm to address this issue. I am sure it will realize the underlying value of creating user community. Hope it will happen sooner than later.

  • bruce

    RIM and Blackberry get me vote for canadian content, and I’m saying other Canadians will too

  • The BBy is still the most secure phone available, it wins for business use.

  • doobgear

    The Blackberry Z10 is the long awaited saviour for the Blackberry fans. Everyone loves change and this is a nice refresh to their line of phones with GREAT reviews so far. Alot of people will jump onto Blackberry now that they are really entering the smartphone market with. This new phone has some great new features and will at lease give Apple a fight for some market share.

  • ?

    It looks like a decent phone but I think the iPhone 5 is better. iPhone has more apps and it syncs perfectly with my iPad and Mac.

  • A dent? No, not even a scratch. Nowadays, more and more ppl using cellphone’s camera to replace point to shoot camera, by looking at some sample picture taken from Z10, meh, picture quality is far inferior than iphone 5. Therefore, iPhone 5 still the best on the market.

  • I think BlackBerry Z10 will attract lots of fans because of its nice design

  • Rose

    I personally think the Blackberry is the better phone. Not only is it Canadian, but it is innovative, and the price is better!

  • billytexcal

    The iPhone 5 would be my choice between the two phones. I think there are more apps to choose from.

  • ward09

    The best thing about the Z10 is that it can be used on Wind’s network. Come on Apple, please make the 5s compatible with Wind.

  • Blackberry is the underdog right now, the underdog always wins.

  • Dana

    The iPhone 5 has a far greater selection of applications and is typically always the first device to receive a new/updated application. That alone makes it better.

  • Kevin

    I think Blackberry will make a dent because I think they know how to streamline communications better than the iPhone. Plus their predictive text seems to only enhance this.

  • Bons

    Having tried the iPhone, I must admit that I have no complaints. It’s user friendly and has great apps! It’s convenient capturing my favourite moments with its camera. I don’t know what to do without the iPhone and can’t imagine the Blackberry Z10 ever taking over its place!

  • stuart

    I could give you 10 solid reasons why the Z10 will make a noticeable dent in the smartphone market, however since that would be unfair I’ll stick to the rules and restrict myself to one reason; the only reason…. it helps get stuff done.

    The flow, hub, docs to go and integrated tools for work. Balance for play. Whoops there I go headed to ten.

  • The iPhone 5 is better because it’s lighter. But the new BB Z10 will definitely give Apple a run for its money, as it’s clearly the BB bouncing back.

  • I believe both phones are feature-rich but I have to say the iPhone 5 is the better phone. When I saw the launch of the iPhone 5, I couldn’t believe how beautiful and sleek it looks!
    Great contest! Thanks Gary and Telus! Good luck everyone! πŸ™‚

  • TheShay

    The iPhone is still the best phone with the best physical design and most apps. The Z10 will make a dent as its the first phone since the iPhone that has an interesting UI with a solid secure OS supporting it all in an attractive body

  • To my knowledge iPhone 5 still has superior hardware and is equipped with a much more operating system. This has allowed apple to work many productive features into not only iOS 6 but the 5th generation handset itself. Everything down to the bevel is machined with the utmost accuracy and precision. The iPhone 5 also comes in both white and black, which I might add they both look stellar with the stainless battery cover. Even the vibrate motor is as smooth as can be and doesn’t rattle other parts inside the device unlike others.

  • Jay Tolentino

    There are way more apps to choose from in iPhone 5 than the Z10. Blackberry services can easily be replaced with apps in the Apple App Store. i.e. BBM can be easily replaced with top-notch apps such as kik, whatsapp or even iMessage. Whereas in the Z10, you can barely make up for the loss of instagram, skype or find your friends app.

  • stevethomp

    I have tons of friends (university students) who want to see BB10 succeed, because they’ve always been into the BB. I think there’s a place for competition, and while I love using my iPhone I can understand that some people prefer different types of devices. I’d love to see BB10 become viable, it would be unfortunate for us to only be in an iOS or Android market.

  • Well, I like to think of myself as an equal opportunity employer: I would like to employ both iPhone and BB in my arsenal of gadgets. BB will be utilized for my corporate life, while the iPhone will be my personal organizer for the real world. After all, don’t we all strive to keep those two worlds separate?

  • Tara Kousinioris

    Blackbery looks better

  • John Kousinioris

    Iphone has no expandable memory or removable battery.

  • Jeff Pacitto

    I love my iPhone 5 for the apps, but I must say if the Z10 is anything like my old Blackberrys were, then the only space they can beat Apple (and all other handset makers for that matter) is email. I still have people in my organization that we can’t get email to work properly with, but with our old Blackberrys it was enter email address, enter password and boom you’re getting your mail! No server setup or port changes or any of that crap.

  • Tony

    Iphone 5 is better than the blackberry z10 simply just the hardware alone , not even saying the unproven os and lack of app choice from bb

  • Woah! I need one… Please!!!!

  • Believe me when I say that this is simply the best article I have ever had the privilege to read on this topic.