Koodo Mobile’s New Rate Plans Include Call Display & Voicemail With Increase Of $5/Month


Koodo Mobile has just revised their Canada-wide calling packages to include Voicemail and Call Display facilities with an increment of $5/month for each price plan (via Mobilesyrup). The change has already gone live starting from February 3rd, 2012 and seems to be a pretty reasonable move by the company since Call Display and Voicemail would otherwise cost you $7/month each.

In addition, all plans still include Canada-wide calling, but have shifted towards per-minute billing, not per-second, and overage increases by 5 cents to 45 cents/minute. You can read more details here.


  • Does this include visual voicemail if you have an iPhone?

  • Ex

    Didn’t the $20+ plans once include unlimited text messaging? You can’t do much with 50.

  • Anonymous

    No they didn’t. You still had to add it for $5. They did however have an addon that was Call Display, Voicemail and Unlimited messaging for $10. I’m on the older $25 canada-wide plan, with this addon, and Data Saver, I pay the exact same amount as I would if I moved up to the new $30 canada-wide plan (which has the same features) except on the new plan, I’d be losing 50 anytime minutes (100 vs 150) and I’d be losing per-second billing. Therefore, I will be stricking with what I have 🙂

  • Junkmailinu

    These plans are all bull shit designed to gouge the consumer.. It’s like saying you have the option of a super extra small coffee, extra small, small, or you can have a pale of coffee.. if you go over the limit on the other plans you pay tons of money.. I hate these bastard phone companies.

  • Carlos Cordeiro

    The City Koodo Unlimited plan has also added the Call Display and Voicemail.

    But, they removed Unlimited Texting.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    For the most part these plans and any revisions are almost always smoke & mirrors. They give with one hand (to include Voicemail and Call Display facilities with an increment of $5/month for each price plan) and yet take with the other (but have shifted towards per-minute billing, not per-second, and overage increases by 5 cents to 45 cents/minute.) Someone obviously crunched the numbers & figured they’d easily recoup the money that they’re “saving” you offering $5 add-on bundles but switching to per-minute billing. Once again the un-savvy Canadian will get the shaft!

  • Roger

    No, Koodo does not support VVM at all, though they say they are working on getting support.  But beware: there are many stories on the net (and one I can relate from personal experience) of the people working Koodo kiosks at malls saying, “Yes, we do support VVM,” when what they’re thinking of is voicemail-to-text (something entirely different).

  • even some Virgin Mobile CSR do not know what VVM is… 
    the first time I called to get it added, they added the voicemail-to-text option… 
    I finally spoke with someone that understood what I wanted and added the correction option… 

  • Roger

    I couldn’t find any mention of VVM of Virgin’s website.  Do I mind if I ask how much they charged you for it?  Also, did you add it to a talk-and-text plan, or do you have one of their smartphone-specific plans?

  • I think that the smartphone plans have the VVM by default…

    I added the VVM to a talk-and-text plan (city unlimited)… 
    they charge 12$ for the VVM.

  • Poop

    I can’t understand what your trying to say really. To me, when I look at these plans I find them very good.
    Take me for instance. I work in Fermont and the only three companies that have reception there are Bell, Telus and Koodo. On top of it, when I make phone calls, they are received by a cell phone tower in Labrador(making all my phone calls in Quebec CANADA long distance). I wasn’t aware of Koodo in the beginning so I went with Bell.
    After hours spent talking with various un-qualified Bell representants who don’t know what they’re plans are, here’s the best I managed to get:  500 minutes(with the 40$ option to turn those minutes into Canada unlimited minutes), unlimited text message, voicemail, caller ID, and 6GB of data. All that, for the little sum of 144$ tax included per month, when I don’t bust my 500 minutes, which only happenned once in the last 4 months.

    Now take a look at Koodo… 40$ canawide unlimited minutes, 5$ unlimited text, and 30$ for 3GB flex data…(I usually spend less then 2GB per month, so it’s going to be less then 30$). Add that up and that’s 75$. Almost HALF of what I’m paying with Bell. I once got a bill of 230$ with Bell two months ago.


  • Bucks

    Koodo has confirmed on their forums they will not be implementing visual voicemail. If you need that feature almost every other carrier has it.