Telus 2011 Q3 Profits Jump 30% Led by Smartphone Growth


Telus 2011 third quarter results were posted yesterday and the company announced revenue of $2.6 billion, a 6.5% increase compared to the year ago quarter. Wireless revenue grew 9%, led by an increase in 133,000 postpaid subscribers that caused a 53% spike in wireless data revenue.

Telus ARPU (average revenue per user) has grown for four consecutive quarters and now leads all wireless providers at $60.52 thanks to a 3% increase (whereas Rogers had a 4% net decline). Out of the 334,000 new wireless customers signed by the ‘Big 3’ last quarter, Telus nabbed 40% of these customers.

Telus appears to be doing something right–investors are probably thinking the ‘future is friendly’.

2011 Q3 Wireless Subscribers Comparison

Rogers: 74,000 postpaid added; 87,000 pre-paid added
Bell: 126,854 postpaid added; 41,105 pre-paid lost
Telus: 133,000 postpaid added; 19,000 pre-paid lost

[via Telus]


  • I’ve been with Telus for a long time now, they’ve always ‘made good’ so I plan on continuing to send them my money.

  • Sdfsdf

    Good. They have to support all their unionized wireline workers in the “Boot” on Kingsway in Burnaby.

  • mobile user

    Sorry hate them. They fired all the people who went on strike and don’t offer anything unlimited when it comes to talk time. Well, I guess they gave Koodo.

  • Anonymous

    Screw telus i hate those bastards!

  • Anonymous

    Pretty much no alternative in rural Alberta. Rogers reception is horrible, and Bell only has stores in major centers.

  • Disgruntled

    Me too – they’re all rip-off artists.  I especialy hate Bell.  Their service support is run by a bunch of lying, arrogant, cheats.

  • Anonymous

    I rather have no phone than go with telus or bell, Rogers is ok, I got a great retention deal though so that’s why I like them.

  • Anonymous

    I was with Rogers before TELUS came out with the 3GS. They treated me quite good actually. Just got tired of having to go outside my workplace to make the “No Service” disappear from my screen. I get stellar reception with TELUS. And Bell… I tried them out about 6 years ago… Horrible customer service. I actually bought out the contract because they kept trying to rob me. Literally would have to call every month to straighten something out. All in all, happy with Telus… But if Rogers reception had not sucked so bad i likely would have stayed with them.

  • Anonymous

    While I agree with your reasoning, have you ever thought of testing out rogers with prepaid to see if coverage improved? When I was with telus, they ripped me off sent me $500 ld charges. When I asked to see who I called they refused,because it wasn’t on the call history and it was a error by billing. I said I can’t afford it,I was only 16 the next day I was cancelled and sent a $400 ecf. I would never go with those crooks again. 

  • Anonymous

    Lol. Are you implying I’ll get better tower coverage if I was prepaid vs. contract???

  • Anonymous

    No pick up a prepaid phone to see if coverage improved or got better. Not that it got better just to see if coverage got better or same.

  • Guest

    If Telus put in fair monthly data limits and fair roaming rates, their profits this last quarter would probably drop by 5% …. so …. Canada will continue to pay painfully high rates.  Unlikely CRTC will help.

    Be very very very careful when roaming during holiday season. There are a number of indiviual costs that can all add up quickly, at least 6 different costs to consider for voice, text, and data. For a family of 4 with phones, this can jump high quickly.  I expect to hear many horror stories tweeted in the New year after holiday travel vacations!

    Q4 will probably be up 10% due to Smartphones!!