Telus Confirms iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot


Yesterday Rogers confirmed that they would support the Personal Hotspot feature coming in iOS 4.3. Today, Telus has done the same via twitter via a conversation with user @nickfruhling:

@TELUSsupport Good morning, wondering if Telus will support iOS 4.3 Personal Hotspot feature when it comes to iPhones next Friday. Thanks!

@TELUSsupport replied:

@nickfruhling Hi, Anthony here. Yes, as long as your data plan includes tethering

So there you have it. Telus is on board with Personal Hotspot.

Thanks to @nickfruhling for the heads up!


  • I had the same conversation with Anthony @TELUSsupport, too. Glad to see this will be covered under our existing plans.

  • SP

    god damn it….and while rogers is going to hose us…..

    sigh….damn robbers!!!

  • Olivier Côté

    I already have the 55 students plan…. Do you know if I will have the Personal Hotspot on iOS 4.3?

  • Coog

    What is hhis personal hotspot?

  • I have the Student 55 plan too, and tethering via USB definitely works, so I see no reason Personal Hotspot would not work.

  • Olivier Côté

    Thanks! Cellphone compagnies steal cash of his customers… call display is 8$!! 8$!! it cost nothing to Telus. They can do that with Personal Hotspot. I hope it will be free!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet deal!

  • Anonymous

    I love how that conversation in the image above took place on a Rogers iPhone.

  • Beatleluc

    I have the same plan and tethering is included. So personal hotspot will be too…

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  • Jold

    Anybody get this working on their Telus iPhone 4? iPhone 50 plan here.

  • Langis

    I have an iPad 3G will the iOS Personal Hotspot be available to use with my iPod Touch?

  • Lala

    does not work for me…

  • Pengellyb

    Yes personal hot spot works with the iPad on wifi!!!!!

  • S-trouwborst

    Using ur personal hotspot on telus plan. Does it cost money?