Telus iPhone Has Arrived In Canada!


It is November 5, 2009 and the day that Telus customers have been waiting for has arrived. The Telus iPhone has officially launched in Canada! Head down to your local Telus or Apple Store for all the launch day awesomeness.

If you want to ensure you get an iPhone 3GS, book an appointment online at for a guaranteed iPhone at your local Apple Store. For step by step reservation instructions, see here.

Below are links for information regarding the Telus HSPA+ network and the iPhone plans, which were reported first exclusively by See the links below:

HSPA+ Network announcement

Telus to launch the iPhone in Canada announcement

Telus Network developments for Saskatchewan

Telus Coverage maps

Telus iPhone Price Plans

Telus Confirms November 5 iPhone launch date

Are you an existing Telus customer that has upgraded to the iPhone, or are you switching over from one of the other carriers?


Update (11/05/09-09:50am PST):

Front of the Telus Store. Store opens at 10AM. No iPhone signage. Nada. By comparison, Rogers stores opened last year 1-2 hours early.



  • hugo

    Wow, the plan look much better than Bell. At least I get long distance for 65$ with included voice mail

  • Lee

    I wonder if it's visual voicemail it doesn't say, half the links say page not found. Def a lot better than Bell's plans though by a long shot.

  • I just got mine!! FINALLY!

    although it's lame how they don't give you any discounts or free stuff for renewing.. even though I've waited for so long and been with telus for so long..

    oh well.. I'm finally like the rest of you!

  • Dusty

    GO GO GO! Telus user's!!!!!!!

  • Mitchell

    Just waited out for one. Telus offers current customers no ability to upgrade without paying full device price. It's cheaper for me to buy out of my contract and switch to Bell or Rogers, and the girl actually told me to do that. Talk about great customer service.

  • Jackie

    I'm just under 2 years called Telus since myself and my 2nd line are and they gave me the $65 with free call display and unlimited txt, so $65 total yay! I love telus!

  • Now that all the plans are out, has anyone done a proper comparison of Bell, Vs. Telus, Vs. Rogers' iPhone plans? From what I read here, Telus is generally better than Bell, but I'm curious how Rogers fits in. I am just about at the point where I can upgrade my blackberry, and I am trying to decide between an iPhone or Bold with Rogers, or paying the cancelation and getting either an iPhone or a Hero with either of the other two companies.

  • goomba66

    You have 2 years left? did you pay full price for the phone?

  • Dan

    I went into telus today at 930 and was told that their “activation system for iphone only” was down SYSTEMWIDE, so i was unable to get the phone. they took my number and said they'd call me when its up, what i do not understand is how the person that posted above got one…..not impressed.

  • So.. I called telus after I got the iphone.. and complained that they didn't give me anything for renewing.. and they said they'd give me 50% my first 3 months.. so that's pretty good..

    iphone 4 LYFE!

  • Congrats! Welcome to the world of iPhone!

  • damn network! I can only get text messages from telus phones.. or facebook… 🙁

  • jasonswan

    the plans are too poor – I was going to be upgrading but I will not be now. I will wait for Wind/Dave to bring some price competition to Canada.

  • Alex

    Both Bell and Telus have the same crappy plans as Fido/Rogers. It would cost me at least $100 a month to approach a plan I pay $62 for with now. Sadly, no iphone for me. Not sure why people get them at those prices.

  • DeDubb

    How much data do most people use? I would think more than 2 GB a month so that would make their plans even more expensive. Is wind really coming to Canada and I would not expect any better plans than the bad ones we have.

  • valueofaloonie

    I'd be curious to know also…sounds like the Telus plan is pretty good, but is it enough for me to pay Rogers stupid ETF?

  • shnukms

    Dan the issue is with Rogers, ongoing issue since 11/3 that they can't send text back to Telus. Rogers knows of the issue and doesn't have an ETR.

  • rorypiper

    Does anyone know if Telus has “Pay as You Go” type of plan, on their GSM network? I was thinking of just buying a SIM and trying out the network. I asked a Bell rep about this, and they said I had to purchase a device, to go on their Pay as You Go plan.

  • shnukms

    Yes there will be a prepaid option for the Telus HSPA network. No pricing yet and you will need an unlocked HSPA-ready phone. There might be phone bundles coming out but no news yet. That's actually what I'm going to do as I'm a Fido client that works for Telus.

  • shnukms

    Has anybody tested their speed on the new network yet? (speedtest app via the app store)
    Very interested in finding how HSPA data is like across Canada.

  • Michael

    Considering the lowest iPhone plan is $50 and at the bottom, it says you can add unlimited texting and Caller ID for $15, I wouldn't say you got those two features for free @ $65.

  • Lee

    You need to have called in, I got so much stuff, if I wanted to renew it was $200 discount but chose not to, and I also got the $15 fun bundle for free so just $65 plus evenings at 6 for free as well. You have to call loyalty and ask.

  • I just ran the speed test.. Download: 2169 Kbps Upload: 279 Kpbs

  • scott987

    This issue has been resolved as of this

    I'm still seeing reports come in, but they seem to be residual.

  • dannewhouse

    Just got mine at 9:30 this morning! :oD So it's weird for Dan that they told ya their ENTIRE system was down…I'm in ottawa and I got in the store at 9:30 and came out with my iPhone at 10:10!

    So far so good! I have to agree that the Loyalty people are the way to go! I re-signed for 3 years ( I had 1 year left on my contract) and they renewed my entire features (except for unlimited data) for less than I was paying before! :o)

    So definitely call the loyalty program if you want something good!

    Oh and btw… The iPhone rocks! ;o) hehe

  • intervention33

    Getting mine later today after classes, hopefully they will have some left. Grats to those who got theirs and hope you enjoy it!

  • Lee

    Is visual voicemail not added on by default? On their site under smartphones (but not iPhone) it says visual voicemail $7.50 which seems really high for it. I don't have any voicemail waiting I don't think but when I click voicemail it just said calling voicemail…. I don't really care about visual voicemail but not sure if I'm missing something here.

  • Jackie

    I didn't say I have 2 years left I said I'm AT 2 years on my contract, say what you want my plan is the $65 one (The one with 1gb of data) for myself and my partners phone both on my account and they gave me the $15 fun bundle free and evenings from 6 free.

  • Lee

    On WiFi just got 4428 kbps using Cisco Speed test, and on 3G only 662 which is odd. In safari websites on 3G or Wifi load at the same speed, soooo fast.

  • Lee

    Just tethered to my thinkpad and used got 700kbps this time.

  • Martin

    Got it this morning.

    Still had 10 months left on current contract, so initially they only wanted to give me $150 off (they said for 6 mons remaining or less they honour the special 199/299 pricing).

    After a fair amount of talking to customer service and loyalty reps while in the store I managed to get $200 off + they gave me 5pm evenings and caller ID (which I needed anyway and adds up to more than the value of the remaining $300 difference with the promotion price for the phone).

  • Spiffy

    I waited for an hour for a telus rep to tell me that their system was down. (12:15) They did say that they would have it all set up by 5:00 pm…

    And what's with the $25 fee for a new handset renewal? Anyone pay this?

  • jtmtetat

    I'm still waiting for my phone – supposed to be done by the end of the day. I talked with Telus Sales regarding Visual Voicemail and all the guy could tell me about was Telus' “Voicemail to text” which they call visual voicemail. I'm not sure if on the iPhone the voicemail key functions the same as it does on Rogers. Anyone know?

  • Mitchell

    How many months were left on your contract?

  • eason

    i think telus and bell's commercial style match iPhone more (white background, simple) ^^

  • Mitchell

    So with a year left on your contract you got it for $300? Or did you get a discount off full device price?

  • james

    has anyone jailbroken their telus iphone yet?
    would like to know if telus put up any annoying safeguards on the iphone

  • cyruskafaiwu

    Toronto Eaton Centre's Telus store ended up really busy at like 11pm for the iPhone 3gs today. Didn't buy one though cause I'm on fido. =(

  • Xaroc

    Lol i totally called it . so many of my friends had high hopes for Telus. I told them not to hold their breathe. No deals will be comming out of Telus. They will follow suite with all the other carriers, or charge MORE due to the new network, and label it as “Premium” lol i have heard a lot of complaints on many forums so far lol

    just wait for the network hiccups too. They just got HSPA days – weeks ago , probably still working it out. that was the 2nd part of my prediction.

    Btw Congrats to all those who managed to score a good Telus plan, hopfully you didnt have to put to much to get your iphone, But congrats non the less

  • John

    Question…will a unlocked iphone work on the telus network?

  • scott987


  • alex67

    Visual Voicemail is currently NOT supported with Telus. Just regular old Voicemail, that's why it calls voicemail instead of showing the interface. There is NO option to add Visual Voicemail for any price at this time, although the rep said it was coming “sometime”…

  • Tammy

    Texting services have been down since I signed up and still aren't fixed. When I call customer service for technical support I'm told that nobody is available and get disconnected.

  • hdca19

    me too! Exact same issue . I cannot receive Texts or Phonecallshdca19

  • dannewhouse

    For me the issue is that I can't receive text messages from Rogers phones. Somebody said earlier that the issue was resolved yesterday, but I am still experiencing the same problem. I have received texts from telus numbers, but I can confirm that the rogers text dont come through.

    Anyone know anything about that?


  • dannewhouse

    I got the 16GB so I paid 199$ but yes with just over a year left (one year and one month) :o)

  • Spiffy

    Quick update- when I did pick up my phone yesterday they had it all ready to go for me. The nice girl there even let me keep my free caller ID that I had gotten with my retention plan. So I got the $50 plan and no charge for the caller ID. I wasn't expecting any discounts because the plan was completely different, so that was a nice suprise.

    Even though it wasn't ready for me right away, I was very satisifed with the service from the location.

  • Nice! Sounds like Telus definitely has some good employees that actually try
    to make customers happy. It's quite the rarity nowadays!

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  • Veritable

    Ya, I work for Telus at an independent dealer. We had a dealer rally on the 4th, and we got talking about the release, and I actually said “I give the system until 10:30am before it dies”. So fast forward to the 5th, and it's 10:30am. The system is starting to get slow, some pages are half-loading or it just times out. And by 11:00am I couldn't even log into our partners site. I couldn't even tell the people who walked in the door, what discounts they could get on a new phone.

    The 6th was almost as bad, around 10:30 the site basically told me to go take an early lunch, and by around 1:30 people's accounts were accessible, and the activations were only taking around 20min. But the ones I did in the morning all had errors on their system side. Not just activations mind you. Anything having to do with switching customers phones to new hardware. Some services just error'd out and didn't work.

    All I have to say, is make sure you get your day planned to hang around the store, or be prepared to not have a phone for a day. Overall though, the launch was good. Lots of people got new phones, iphones and such. It took me 4 hours to get my own phone running.

  • nhmmom

    I went and picked up my iphone on Friday…..STILL waiting for it to be activated!! *sigh* As of today, it is finally showing on my account page, but still is not working. I am getting frustrated!

  • Yeesh

    My friend's IPhone has not been activated after over 1 week. It's hard to believe. I have never heard of a problem like this. She has talked to Telus many times promises were made, but nothing has happened. Talk about frustrating.

  • brothaz

    it says as of now from telus website: HSPA Prepaid clients will not have access to data services such as MMS, web browsing, email or downloads such as ringtones, games and images at this time. If data is enabled on an HSPA device, usage is subject to pay-per-use rates.

    It does say as of now….this is gonna change right? So we can have Telus prepaid options like Windows Live Messenger ….Ulmtd Browsing etc..right?

  • shnukms

    yeah it's going to change in time. from what i know they are focusing first on postpaid. prepaid feature pricing for hspa hasn't been released yet. they trained us on how to swap a device regardless of pre or post paid… but haven't released any pricing yet. i assume it's because of billing, it's foing to be tricky in prepaid.

  • Veritable

    Calgary, AB Area – Download 5.8Mbps Upload of 0.3Mbps

  • Veritable

    first of all, I don't think you can put an HSPA device onto P&T. You can't put a blackberry on it right now, so why should you be able to put an HSPA (Data device) onto it. There are no HSPA devices as of today, that are NOT considered Data Devices by Telus. Hero, New Chocolate, iPhone, all are data devices.

    The problem is that, the pay and talk is billed through the WAP browser, and their billing system cannot handle debiting a users account via web browser at the moment. Of course, the real consideration is that they do not want you to, not that it won't.

    There is no money in Pay and Talk systems, that is why people charge for services usually when you need something done. And why you have to have a $25 account balance to do a swap in a store, but it is free on the web. Web is considered self-service, which is exactly what Pay and Talk is. Self Service.

    They make more money off of people who know they're going to use the devices for what they're intended, and are willing to sign contracts, pay $50/mo + for services rather than $30/mo. They need the overages, and they need the long distance. A lot of people pick Pay and Talk so that they can keep their budget in balance. (No $400 bill suprises for going over, long distance, etc.)

    What they need, is to allow spending cap on regular phones by request. Currently, only if you have a deposit inquiry, can you use the spending cap, and even then, only on PCS not Mike. $200 spending cap would do people wonders for Data Devices, that way they don't have to worry about going over budget as much, but will have more flexibility to do things rather than pick something that limits their ability to take advantage of the current network and are stuck with basically a phoning/texting machine that can do WAP browsing. No GPS. No Maps. No Web Browsing with a real browser.

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  • (11/15/2008) Apple doesnt allow them to put any sign about iphone ..especially near BB.

  • (11/15/2008) Apple doesnt allow them to put any sign about iphone ..especially near BB.

  • Kerri_love69

    Can I put my telus iPhone 3GS on a pay and talk plan?