Telus Launches 6GB Data Plan and New $70 Promo Plan


One of our ‘Big 3’ carriers has launched the 6GB/$30 data plan, and this time it is coming from Telus first. They’ve also introduced a new voice and data plan for iPhone 4S and other smartphone customers. Both promos start today and will run until December 31st.

The 6GB data plan is valid for Consumer rate plans only (i.e. not Business Share) and is $30 a month, for either new or existing clients. Tethering is included, overages are charged at $0.05/MB, and U.S. roaming is $3/MB.

Then, there is a new Promo Voice and Data 70 plan:

– 200 daytime minutes
– 6PM unlimited weekends and evenings
– Unlimited SMS and MMS
– Unlimited nationwide MY10
– Voicemail, call waiting, conference calling
– 6GB data
– Free local calls on your birthday

This promotional voice and data plan is a decent deal for new sign ups, but retentions might be able to offer you an even sweeter deal.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Anonymous

    More like re-advertising the 6gb/$30 data plan…. This has been available for many weeks now. Well more like always available, just have to ask nicely for it

    The combo plan looks decent tho

  • Anonymous

    Crap plan.

  • Why is caller ID still not a standard feature in all plans?

  • Anonymous

    Because the decades old technology costs $10/mo…!!

  • Jeremy Rochefort

    I got the confirmation by rogers for this offer and an upgrade contract

  • good ol’ customer satisfaction department.

  • Don

    I get all that for $5 cheaper, I’m getting everything listed above for $65/month. I took advantage of Bell’s Student 65 plan released sometime during summer. It’s a damn good plan and I’m happy I was able to get it, its the best plan I was able to get next to a retentions plan:D

  • Outerheaven26

    Im in the same plan by Bell, so very happy with it…I kill that data!

  • Sparky

    Is it possible to get a detentions plan without signing another contract?

  • Anonymous

    No it’s a quid pro quo.

  • Anonymous

    Telus had an identical plan called student 65 as well, I’m on it and it’s the best thing since sliced bread, if only they would lower the iphone prices on renewal and make that friggin’caller id a standard feature…

  • Sparky

    Ok. Thanks for the info.

  • BurleyShells

    I got my iPhone 4 in December with fido and will actually be pretty pissed if they don’t offer the 6gb plan this year like the other carriers do. Was gonna go with tells too..

  • Zilly

    I have to say. I FRICKEN LOVE TELUS!!! Ive been with rogers, and sasktel, and they dont compare. I just upgraded my plan to the Promo 55 plan. Ive got 5 GB data, 500 airtime minutes (!), unlimited free calling to ANY 10 numbers in canada (!!!) and the usual unlimited txt, voice and pic mssging. Oh, and 5pm early weeknights. For 55 bucks a month!  ANNND he waived the 10 fee for changing your plan more then twice a year, because i said “awww, really?” WOOHOO LOL

  • Leland

    How/where did you get such a good deal?

  • Zilly

    go to:  TELUS>PLANS>PROMOTIONAL PLANS> Promo Voice and Data 55+

  • steve

    i should have jumped ship to telus. fido retentions gave me such a crappy deal. $65 with them gets you a measly 500mb and 150 daytime minutes. but hey i saved $5 off their canadian long distance add-on… which wouldn’t even be necessary in the first place if they had a my10 or even my5 style offering. but i had to be suckered in by their fido bucks hardware discount.