Telus Offering $100 Credit on Unlocked Device Activations Until Oct. 1st


For those looking to activate their iPhones (or any other phone), TELUS is offering a $100 credit to new subscribers until October 1st. Currently, the activation credit ongoing as part of an iPhone promotion:

Alternately, if you’re looking to purchase the new iPhone and hand down your previously used device to a friend or a relative, for a limited time, TELUS is offering a $50 credit for new activations on unlocked phones or previously enjoyed SIM-card capable TELUS devices, on any TELUS promotional plan with no term commitment.

TELUS confirmed with us these credits apply to any new unlocked device activation, not necessarily the iPhone. You just need to bring in any unlocked device to activate on TELUS.

Expect Rogers and Bell to match this offer onces it goes live. Anyone going to jump on this?

Update: the $100 credit is UNTIL October 1st. Also, Rogers has a similar program that offers $120 off the first year.


  • gtasscarlo

    Telus can give me a free iPhone5 no contract,and I still wouldn’t join them.

  • turnoffyourmind1234

    So if I bring my unlocked iPhone 4S to Telus, I get $100 credit?

  • gerry

    Bell has a similar deal where if you bring your unlocked phone, like myself (iPhone 5), you get a 10% discount on your monthly plan each month. So basically with mine, originally it’s $67 but turns out to be $61 before taxes.

  • gerry

    I’m on a month to month, no contract.

  • gtasscarlo


  • itsme33

    why not?

  • Colin

    Ordered a Telus iphone 5 on Sept. 15 at the time it was to arrive around Sept 28. Now Telus is offering a $100 credit to postpone shipping until Oct. 12. It might be later than that if Foxxcon remains shutdown due to their Chinese riots.

  • gtasscarlo

    Because, after the last time I was with telus and they made a billing error and refused to fix it and charged me $300 plus $620 cancellation fee. I would never ever join those crooks ever.

  • I find the worst carrier is the one you just left. I hear ya… going though the same thing with Rogers.

  • Dustin Cook

    So even if I’m already in a contract, I bring in my new unlocked iPhone 5 to get a nano SIM and ill get a $100 credit?

  • If that new unlocked iPhone 5 starts its own account on month to month.

  • l4cky

    does this work for corporate plans?

  • Matchsprint

    Small claims action, they do not fight and you get all your money back. It is cheaper for them to pay you than to pay a lawyer and you.