Telus Prepaid ‘Data Plus Messaging 20’ Plan Decreasing to 100MB on July 18th


It appears Telus prepaid users are set to experience some changes to their data plans. Customers have been receiving text messages from Telus notifying them of the following changes forthcoming to the Data plus messaging 20 plan, as noted by MobileSyrup:

– Data will reduce from 100MB from 250MB. The price will remain at $20 for 30 days.
– Exceeding your data limit will reduce from $3/MB to $1/MB.
– Changes coming July 18th

So in summary, prices will stay the same but data amounts will drop by 60%. Overage prices on data will decrease though. The plan includes unlimited outgoing and incoming text messages and $0.20/minute anytime local rates. Telus prepaid net subscribers decreased by 41,000 as noted in their 2012 Q1 earnings.

If you’re on a pay as you go Telus plan on your iPhone, let us know how you feel about these changes.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Acer

    You wanna know why you’re losing customers Telus?

    Cause your plans suck and your prices are absolutely outrageous.

    But the same goes for all the Big 3’s…

  • K3

    See here’s what Telus is thinking … with iPhone 5 almost here the concern is that better hardware means faster access to any data– faster access to data means data is consumed at a higher rate. By minimizing plans; subconsciously the customer becomes aware of there own activity and naturally adjusts to

  • Disgusted

    Lower levels of service for the same bloated price. Good Business Model. If only Wind or Mobilicity supported the iPhone

  • Jonathan McMullen

    No, by lowering the limit, consumers pay more through overage fees. The same 250mb now costs 170$ instead of 20$. Dumb people used to going over by more than 50mb (why would they have this plan is also dumb) will see this as a price drop while in reality it is a massive price hike!

  • ScottM

    Mad as hell. This was the reason i choose Telus (because i use my phone for texting and email, I hardly ever make a call). Now i think i’m switching to Virgin….

  • Kevin

    less service/features for the same great price! /end-sarcasm

  • K3

    wow..sorry hadn’t adjusted for my subconscious WTF carrier tactic…. cut off… data up and down…. maybe Telus rushed to be the first carrier to offer this new… cut off… nooooooooo!

  • Gman

    This feature was the reason I went with Telus over the other carriers, now like ScottM, I am thinking of switching to Virgin. The Iphone should work on their non-smartphone Pay as you go plans, right?

  • RichardL

    I picked telus prepaid, because it is the only service I found that doesn’t start at min 50$ a month. Since my iphone is for emergency, and getting text messages (pages). Most off my internet is done on wifi at home or work. At 20$ a month, is fine. Any other carrier that offers the same. The reduction from 250MB to 100MB probably won’t affect me since I average 2MB per day, but I’m still mad about the reduction. I will have to watch my use now. AAARRRGGG!!!

  • RichardL

    I asked about it via direct messaging on twitter to @TELUSsupport. Their answer is:
    Hi! The changes will affect new customers. If you already have that
    feature and maintain it on auto-renew, you will keep the current rate

    And their second answer is:
    If you let your feature expire or forget to renew, than you will go under the new 100MB limit

    Look like Telus have grandfather clause for services?!?

  • LindaV

    I’m really upset by this as there is no way to turn off 2g/3g when apps want to do their updating… for the first time this month I went over 100MB – and I remembered the message from Telus but not the date – argh… ok this month, but what about next month?

  • tm

    Today I called customer service about this.
    Surprisingly, this customer service lady says “This is a wrong information…….”
    It seems like she needs more customer service training.. x->
    What kind of customer service is that???

  • tm

    I also direct message at twitter, and I got this message back from them.
    The 250MB version will stay active on your account as long as you have it on auto-renew.
    I am glad to know, but I they should send message to ALL of the users.
    This is very confusing, and I was also thinking to leave TELUS because of this consing message.

  • Zoey

    after many years being with telus….. I’m starting to get a bit pissy…… telus seems to be f@#king up way to much for my liking! THE MORE YOU DO THIS TELUS THE MORE COSTUMERS YOU WILL LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    So their response to losing prepaid customers is to increase their prices (in terms of dollars/MB)? Brilliant!

    I just got another text from them telling me that their discontinuing free birthday calling.

    I’m thinking of changing providers just to spite them, but where can you go? This whole country is run by a huge hulking voice/data/television cartel. You can’t get away!

  • Great, I find out about this a week after topping up $100. The whole reason I chose Telus (prepaid) was because of this Data Plus Message 20 plan. I’m not happy about this at all.

  • felipe

    Hint : get a prepaid data plan for tablet(nobody needs to know you will use it on a phone) and use voip for voice

  • Thanks for the heads up. This is absolute garbage, as 250 barely covers a onth of day to day tasks. I was wondering why my data coubter told me I wasn’t even at the halfway mark, and it kept saying my data was used up. I just got my answer from you over 3 months after this was put into effect. Would have been nice if Telus could have been bothered to send a ****ing message or letter to people using this service. Thanks Asshats (Telus).

  • Geoff

    Telus has become money hungry. Soon as my account runs our I plant to switch to anouther provider.