TELUS ‘Refreshed’ 16GB iPhone 4S Contract Free Units Available for $349


This deal was available in late September, but it’s still kicking around as a ‘hot deal’. TELUS has ‘refreshed’ 16GB iPhone 4S units available for $349 in either black or white–contract free.

telus refreshed iphone 4s

telus refresh iphone 4s

What makes this deal slightly warm is these RFD’ers point out numerous iPhone unlocks on eBay will do the job for roughly $60 (or cheaper), as opposed to paying the recently reduced TELUS unlocking price of $35 (which first requires month to month service for at least 90 days).

Furthermore, some RFD members point out some of these ‘refreshed’ units appear to still have AppleCare attached to their serial numbers (you can check here on Apple’s website with the refreshed unit), so you could very well luck out. 

So for just over $349 + the $60 (ish) eBay unlock, you could have yourself an unlocked iPhone 4S versus buying a new unlocked unit from Apple for $599. RFD members who have purchased the ‘refreshed’ units noted they were in very good shape and pleased with them.

Let me know if you are going to jump on this!


  • I have a Telus locked iPhone 4S (not under contract) that I would like to have unlocked. Telus, as per your article above, wants me to put this on their network for 90 days (3 months). I would like to know if the current “unlocks” on eBay will unlock this phone to make it equivalent to a factory unlocked iPhone (i.e. same as buying unlocked iPhone 4S from Apple)? Has anybody done this, and is there any eBay vendors that people have had success with?


  • Farids

    You can ask Telus for the unlock honors. Last I knew, they charged $50 unlock fee for fully paid iPhones. That is to factory unlock the phone.

  • kmlmzhr

    Hi Kostas. Yes the unlock from eBay works the same as the unlock offered by Telus making your iPhone permanently unlocked. I purchased it a month ago and has been using my iPhone with Fido ever since. Now that I updated the phone to iOS 6 and it remains unlocked. I guess I can’t provide the link to the seller here on this page. You could send me a private message and I’ll get back to you real quick

  • kmlmzhr:

    I’d appreciate your letting me know the vendor that allowed your iPhone to be unlocked. Farids obviously didn’t read my comment completely, or I wasn’t clear enough. I thank you for taking the time to let me know of your experience with this.


  • Farids:

    I, and the original article, must have been unclear. Telus will NOT unlock the phone unless it is put back on a plan for at least 3 months. I would need to pay at least $53/month (minimum iPhone plan on Telus, I believe) for 3 months (=$159) before Telus will even consider unlocking the phone, and then $50 for the actual unlock. Total price for this is $209. If the third party unlock solutions are actually factory unlock equivalent, then the $60 or so is a far better option than having Telus unlock the phone. Using the $349 phone above, with the Telus official unlock method, total phone cost ends up at $558, with the third party solution it is $409. My original question was about how close the third party solution would have been to the official factory unlock, and what experience people have had with regards to third party unlocks.


  • kmlmzhr

    Now how do I send you a private message? Tried to do so by clicking on your profile. All I found was a link to your facebook but I could not send you a message. Probably because of your security settings

  • jfmartel

    I bought one of these phone. They come with all the original accessories. Mine looked pristine and warranty was good until April 26 2013. Some were lucky enough to have AppleCare+ until December 2013.

  • Thanks for letting us know!


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  • kmlmzhr