Telus Releases Statement on FaceTime over 3G


With iOS 6 to introduce FaceTime over 3G as a standard feature for the first time, many wireless users in Canada are under the assumption the feature will be allowed, just like tethering via the Personal Hotspot feature. However, with stories of AT&T possibly charging customers for the use of cellular data for FaceTime, what about Canada’s wireless carriers?

We already heard from Rogers and they confirmed FaceTime over 3G will be available. After reaching out to Telus to share their policy toward FaceTime over cellular networks, they sent us the following statement:

I wanted to let you know we will have better clarity closer to launch, but at TELUS we are always looking to bring more value and convenience to our customers by teaming up with best in class brands our customers already know and like. This being said we are looking forward to working with Apple.

So essentially TELUS can’t tell us anything at this point in time, other than they will be working with Apple. Most likely if Rogers will support FaceTime over 3G, than Bell and Telus will do the same. We’ve seen similar competitive juices at work when it comes to 6GB data plans and iPhone hardware pricing.


  • “similar competitive juices at work” -> Is that what they are calling collusion now a days?

  • Matthew Couto

    Data is data. I don’t understand why 100MB of Facetime data is somehow more expensive than 100MB of emails or web use. Another cash grab from the big three.

  • This statement sounds scarily-vague for Telus subscribers.

  • Phil

    statements like this is the exact reason why I cancelled 3 smartphone contracts with TELUS and went with the competition.

  • JoseR

    Probably because you can use Facetime to call you friends, instead of using your 200 anytime minutes, so it cuts into their profits.

  • Wilson Yuen

    So whats the difference between that and apps that can call over data such as dell voice?

  • NorthQuill

    I’m a Telus subscriber with 6GB plan and have been using Tango app to place video calls over 3G, what’s the difference with FaceTime?

  • ikwyl6

    Does anyone have an update on this? Any idea on Bell if they allow it? I haven’t updated to iOS6 yet