TELUS to Launch New Unlimited Plans Nov. 8th from $70-$100 [Update]


Well, I guess you can say this rounds out the synchronized moves of our ‘Big 3’ carriers. After learning about the Rogers unlimited plans that launched today and also about Bell’s similar offerings, MobileSyrup has details on new unlimited plans coming from TELUS.

All these Local Talk & Text plans include the following and will go live on November 8th:

  • unlimited local anytime minutes
  • unlimited SMS/MMS
  • unlimited Canada-wide family calling
  • caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, conference calling
  • shareable data, LTE ready

Here’s where the plans differ:

  • $70/month: 1GB of data
  • $80/month: 3GB of data
  • $100/month: 5GB of data, unlimited long distance

What do you think of these plans?

PS – Earlier, we repeated a $57 Fido plan the company announced a couple weeks ago, which looks better than these ‘new’ plans.

Update: here’s the official TELUS press release on these plans.

telus unlimited plan


  • CJ

    Keep in mind the Fido plan does not accommodate the iPhone. I called to inquire. The new plans from Rogers/Telus likely include the iPhone.

    The iPhone plan on Fido is $80

  • CanadianCrux

    Unlimited Plans, include “unlimited data” and then they would really be Unlimited plans.

  • It’s the wrong kind of unlimited. Unlimited data or GTFO.

  • JB

    No included long distance either. Hmmm…

  • lukas

    Included in $100, it is iphonenincanada mistake

  • JB

    That doesn’t come as a surprise to me considering the big 3 are all totally lock and step in line with one another

  • K3

    Garry, left an message in the Rogers simplified rates thread- after seeing this kind of left wondering if there even is any competition between companies. Things just feel like they did when Rogers was the only provider of iPhone.

  • wuju

    I have the apple contract free iPhone 5 and the 57 plans works for me.

  • @Gary are those plans only for new customers or for new and existing customers?

  • wahgee

    Did you mean that you already had an unlocked iPhone? This way you can get the $57 plan?

  • bdhuson

    We pay $60 for the $100 plan here in Manitoba. 5GB unlimited everything else.

  • Johnnygoodface

    Yeap! I agree!

  • wuju

    Yes. I ordered the factory unlock phone from online through Apple.

  • jojo

    my wallet and i have agreed this isnt a very nice plan. and that we will be sticking to our koodo’s canada-wide plans with a few add-ons.

  • alb

    +1. People talk on the phone? What is that like?