Videotron’s $54.95 Plus Plan Updated with Canada/USA Long Distance, 3GB Data


Videotron users, if you happen to be on the company’s ‘promo’ $54.95/month Plus plan, be aware the company has updated this plan to make it a bit sweeter.

Today long distance calls now are available outside Quebec and include Canada and the USA. Also, the data amount has increased from 1GB to 3GB, as highlighted below:

Screenshot 2014 05 14 13 26 34

This promo makes this plan better than the $64.95 Premium plan since you have American long distance calling and 1GB of additional data for $10 less per month. You should call in and get your plan updated to take advantage of these bonuses. Let us know how this works out for you!


  • chawndro

    I am Montreal videotron customer and I advise to stay away for following reason: no service in many parts of USA, i dont know if there is any outside North America. moment you step out of your city, you will be charged roaming. In your network coverage, network will change to partner (roaming) when you enter a big warehouse like Costco, Walmart, many shopping malls, big stations like Radisson-Henri Bourassa; therefore you can make free call using roaming- however if you use data on roaming, even in your area, you will be charged (free roaming call -but log it because you will need it when billed). You may sign a 2 years contract but dont expect to pay same monthly amount. Because if that specific mobile plan price is increased, what price was agreed on contract dont matter. you can keep service, you can cancel but pay cancelation fees, degrade to lower price new plan (worse than old lower plan).

  • jfmartel

    Videotron’s partner for USA are AT&T and T-Mobile. I know T-Mobile isnt that great but AT&T has pretty much everything covered.

  • Jaaake

    I guess this plan just looks great on paper.

  • SkAshe

    I am with Videotron since 1 year and I have none of your problems. And no, data on the partner network is NOT charged. Please don’t say anything if you are wrong.

    And secondly, I find that their network has a better reception almost everywhere I go.

    And by going outside of city, you mean at 100 km since their network, although it doesn’t cover everywhere, is pretty big.

    In USA you can roam on AT&T so I don’t understand how you don’t get coverage everywhere since the AT&T’s network is really big.

    And wtf about the contract changing? My plan is the 6gb deal with USA unlimited calls and it was not a long time ago only available for $71 and I still got it for $55 on contract and they NEVER changed the price I had to pay for it.

  • chawndro

    SkAshe, YOU are entitled to your opinion based on the service and experience you had. But hold your thought for someone else opinion being wrong, because everyone may not have same service and experience as you do. In addition, spare me from judging you as someone working for Videotron As I said earlier, as confirmed by Videotron CSR, call* service in own area under partner network is free. But data used under partner network in your own area, requires Data Roaming Service enabled and charged if you use data, if not enabled you cant use data so not charged.
    I lost services on my way to NY, USA and in NY state as well.
    Yes unlimited long distance to Canada and USA, but you gotta be in your city to benefit it and it doesnt mean its roaming free.
    Every year, same time of the month, Videotron screw up with plan price like May 2012, June 2013 and May 2014. I got to spend hours to fix the bill which ends up to switching to higher priced plan and they promise this price is under contract, is good until I keep the service. No no! Am I supposed to show you my bill or what! Respect others opinions.

  • chawndro

    Well, things have slowly improved over past years at Videotron and still improving. Back in the days, many of us had to get rid of our iPhones and switch to Androird/Windows/BBM. Great to see iPhone is now compatible and available at Videotron.

  • SkAshe

    It’s not my opinion, it is FACTS. Saying that Videotron do not charge data on the partner network is not an opinion, but a fact. Saying that they roam on AT&T is not an opinion, it’s a fact. Saying they won’t change your contract is not an opinion, it’s a fact.