Virgin Mobile Launches New $50 iPhone/Smartphone Plan Until June 30


This week, Virgin Mobile Canada introduced a new iPhone/Smartphone plan for a limited time. Compared to most smartphone plans from the Canadian carriers, this $50 option is actually fairly decent as it includes features such as unlimited incoming calls and voicemail/caller display for free.

The included features are:


  • 150 Anytime Minutes
  • Unlimited Incoming Calls
  • Unlimited Evenings from 5PM & Weekends
  • 100MB Data
  • Unlimited Text/Picture Messages From Canada To Canada, US, and International
  • Voicemail 10 & Caller Display

The only downside to this plan is the 100MB of data. While Virgin Mobile states that it costs $10 per additional 100MB, there may be flexibility in adding a separate data plan (like 500MB) for a slightly higher fee. However if 100MB is what you need, then this plan is very good especially with the unlimited incoming calls and included voicemail/caller display.

The plan is available on 3-year terms with full sudsidy pricing for iPhones. The plan will expire on June 30, 2012.


  • Ih8reno

    wow 100mb smartphone data, how generous

  • MleB1

    100 MB? Clearly, you don’t want to be using your Data Plan to install / update all your favourite apps, or do an OTA iOS update. Or many other things that you buy a smartphone for….

  • crosseyed_mofo

    they couldnt pay me $50 for such a ghetto plan

  • Paul

    Really?!?!! You call this decent? With 5GB I would call this decent …

  • Flaxx

    I feel sorry for the poor bastard that gets one of these stupid “100mb” plans with an iPhone. An iPhone just sitting on a desk for a month without interaction will likely blow through that with ease. What a blatant, deceitful cash grab.

  • MrXax

    This is a terrible deal. 100MB + iPhone = overages up the wazoo… good luck.