Share: October iPhone 4 Accessory Giveaway!


It’s that time again!

For those that may just be joining us, here is the run down about these giveaways.

It is a segment that will:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Only happen a couple of times a month (maybe less or maybe more)
  • Be extremely easy to win
  • Be posted at random

What’s up for grabs today?

Today, I have SIX hard shell iPhone 4 cases from Griffin to give away to readers! We have the following cases available:

  • Griffin Outfit Ice (Red) x 2
  • Griffin Outfit Ice (Blue) x 2
  • Griffin Reveal Etch (Graphite) x 2

Overall, the cases feel good in the hand with a soft-touch grip and overall outside protection. The iPhone 4 easily slides into the case and the case provides full access to all buttons and ports.

How to Win

To win, simply comment on the following:

1.) Which case/color do you prefer and why choose that one over the other?

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends October 10, 2010 at 1:30AM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the email entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.


  • Leibrandt

    the Red one. because typing that out reminds me of the pro camera of the same name. and i’m canadian. =D

  • Onne2slick

    The Graphite one! I think it looks the best compared to the other two choices. I like the look of the graphite over the plain, solid colors. 😀

  • Philipauer

    I would to win the Red Griffin hard shell case. I would choose the Red one over the other two because the Red case would make my iphone stick out, and the colour looks sick. My email is my twitter is

  • Mike Oltean

    The blue one please. I always buy black. It would be nice to introduce a case with color to my collection. Thx.

  • Sam

    The Graphite one is sexy.

  • Justin Copp

    I’m liking the Graphite, even if only because both the case I have already are bright colours.

  • Johnnydoubles

    Black, baby, black. It goes with anything!

  • The Outfit Ice blue is the best since it offers a great protection and this blue is not too flashy. 🙂

  • Inv

    The black one, because it has a design and the others are solid colours.

  • Year Of The Dog

    Oufit Ice Red for me!

  • Holierravage

    Etch please!! Thanks!!

  • Martinmo1970

    Graphite because it’s cool

  • ArthaOne

    I would take the blue one, it is my favorite color.

  • Rene Wong

    Graphite – the etching makes it look unique.

  • Marcelle Quao

    Graphite, the colour of midnight.

  • Markojug

    I would pick blue because it is the colour of my favourite hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  • Barrettneil

    I would have to pick the graphite. I’m in the renovation business and the coloured ones would get dirty real fast.

  • Sophie

    I would love the Griffin Reveal Etch (Graphite). It’s look and colour fit better with the sexy look of the iPhone.

  • Zoran

    The etch ’cause I’m curious. It’s the only one that looks like it has volume/power buttons protection (the blue/red have openings) on the picture, but my wife wants the red one, it looks great!!! ; )

  • Anonymous

    Graphite because it look more businessional … Does businessional is a word that exist? I just create a word Youhouuuu

  • ACP

    I would take the Graphite one, a change from my usual black case. Thanks!

  • Frank

    Graphite. Blue and red don’t fit with my eyes… 😉

  • Ed

    I would like the graphite case. Softer on the eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I’d go with the Griffin Reveal Etch so that it somewhat matches the phone’s color.

  • buddy

    I like the red one. It stands out.

  • Eraserx

    I like graphite the best because it matches my iPhone 4 best.

  • Dave

    Graphite for me. It matches my car!

  • Ali

    I like the black onr

  • Anonymous

    Blue to match my car

  • Spence

    Blue it is. I have a bit of a spider-man issue so blue it is. It could be red but I detest the habs so much I have to go with blue.

  • Timpersaud

    Graphite! It sounds nicer than red or blue!

  • Andre Pasche

    Graphite. Matches my girlfriends sexy acura.

  • IgorD

    *** RED***

  • Weebsurfer

    Gotta say Red. Just cause it actually looks bloody cool and I was up late watching Dexter. 😉

  • Weebsurfer

    Gotta say Red. Just cause it actually looks bloody cool and I was up late watching Dexter. 😉

  • Yin

    I would like a graphite one to contrast my white bumper.

  • Yin

    I would like a graphite one to contrast my white bumper.

  • kJoseph

    Graphite definitely has a sleeker, more formal appeal to it. I could really use a case! Thanks!

  • gerwen

    I’d like the graphite, it’s a nice understated case.

  • DanyO

    I love the look of the Griffin Reveal Etch (Graphite) case, as it’s not too flashy, yet, still stylish.

  • Samcen2003

    I would live the griffin oufit blue to be unique no one has a blue iPhone 4 case yet where I live.

  • Gignac

    I would like the red ice case to give my iPhone a change of colour once and a while. I love red!

  • Niker23

    Red please! Great colour to match with the black iPhone 4.

  • Cyclingsteveb

    Blue – easier to spot when I lose it!

  • Talhakirmani

    Griffin output Ice looks so nice then it was blue which makes my phone look so new when I think about it what would I do if I did not get you. Black and red will make my phone look dead but blue will make it brand new

  • Anonymous

    Griffin Reveal Etch (Graphite) really has the best look in my taste. I really took a long hard look at it with the free case program and went for another one. I’m kind of dissapointed of my choice in the end 🙁
    Winning a free one would great 🙂
    Keep up the good work !

  • Talhakirmani

    Srry ment outfit not output

  • Demosthenesx

    I like the Etch Graphite… black and red cases are a bit too bright for my taste. Yowsa!

  • G.W.B.

    I would like the red since Xmas is coming up i want to have the iPhone in Xmas spirit

  • Roger

    I’d love the Etch Graphite! Look so nice.

  • Joshua

    Graphite is my fave, been using graphite wallpaper for weeks!

  • Matt

    I would like the blue one because it stands out and blue is my favorite color!!

  • Tyleradams82

    Black because I work as an electrician and don’t want the dirt to show up

  • Gottagetthat

    Graphite, because Im colour blind, so it doesn’t matter!!!

  • Anson_90

    black bcuz it has the fake carbon fiber =D

  • Bk

    I prefer the blue because the probability is higher.

  • OMalley05

    I prefer the black because it won’s show dirt as much and it has a better look.

  • Steve Lam

    Griffin reveal etch! Definitely the classiest of the bunch.

  • Kinggrant104

    Graphite for sure the others ones are just to bright and will defiantly take away from the sleek look of my new iPhone 4

  • Blair

    I’ll go red for Christmas

  • KC

    Blue because it looks the nicest out of all of them.

  • Bruce

    I am all about the black one

  • Pirako

    Red one fo shizzaa

  • Jason

    I love the black one. I like to keep things sleek and simple.

  • Mikey

    Graphite, low pro bling.

  • jose

    I would like the graphite one because graphite matches everything so well and its not too flashy.

  • Toni Byrnes

    I like the outfit Ice in red. I like the hard case w soft shell.

  • Ari

    Wouldn’t mind the Red one.. jus cuz i like that one the best!

  • Dillon

    I’d like the case in red! I think the red would be an eye catcher!

  • Liz

    I like the graphite one the best.

  • Darko

    I would like the Graphite because it looks awesome!

  • Jroberts Drummer

    I would like the Outfit in blue, simply because blue us my favorite colour!

  • Anthony dc

    Griffin outfit red because it would help my phone from
    Breaking like my last

  • Singing4_life

    I would like the red one – I think it stands out and is the best looking one. Thx!

  • Eliott

    Blue please!

  • JW

    Griffin Reveal Etch (Graphite) is looking good! Thanks iPhoneCanada for all the iPhone news and giveaways!!

  • Blue6565

    Griffin graphite it’s better than red and blue!

  • Carol

    I would love the red one because it offers terrific protection and the colour just looks good!

  • Shamus

    I would love the Griffin Outfit Ice (Red), making it difficult to loses in
    My black backpack.

  • KG

    Red pls

  • Mackenzie 66

    I’d like the black one please because black I’s my favorite colour/shade.

  • Jenksjordan

    A blue case on a black iPhone is a must!!!! We don’t want to ever get our precious new iPhone 4 scratched.

  • David

    Black is the “in between colour” won’t get tired of it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind having any colour ! I want a Case to protect my beautiful iPhone 4 thats all! so i Prefer the red over the blue because its red hot, the blue over the red because its blue freezygizzy and the graphite over the others because it perfectly goes with the black iPhone !


  • Munky

    Blue because it’s different from the usual black or clear cases but not ridiculously flashy.

  • Linkjul

    I lie the graphite design, cause it’s graphite! It looks a lot cooler than the other colors.

  • Anonymous

    blue!! Clearly because it rocks the other two cases.

  • Graphite! Mainly because it would feel more natural than red or blue!

  • Lucas

    Graphite, I have always liked the graphite look.

  • JC

    The red one, because I’m fucking Canadian, eh?

    ..if I ever get the white one

  • Gregorykho

    I prefer the Reveal Etch (Graphite) due to its subtlety over the bright red and blue!

  • Nhan Hua

    I’d like the graphite case as it is my favourite colour!


    I like the graphite cuz it looks like the sky out here in Victoria BC. Go Nucks!

  • alexv

    I like red to match my red flashlight

  • Scalp22

    I like the graphite coz its great!

  • ldrover

    I ike the red. It is BOLD!

  • iLuvgeek

    Red. Because I hate to draw attention to myself.

  • Morse

    I like the red one as it looks more outstanding.

  • Simon

    Graphite because its classic and always in fashion!

  • pkennethv

    Red! We’re Canadian!

  • Michelle

    I need, want GOTTA have the Griffin Outfit Ice (Blue). Blue is my colour! I’ll be so fashionable!

  • Bijan

    I really like the red one because it stands out! and it reps Canada! 🙂

  • mike

    The red one, helps me find my iPhone!

  • Neil

    Love the graphite

  • Darrinathumber

    I like the red… Matches my fab hockey team

  • Valentin Morin

    The black one, the back is neat and chic.

  • Skeptical

    Graphite matches the phone best


    Graphite. LOOKS THE BEST

  • Ddrmanic

    The blue one as it matches my eyes!

  • Jhuynh2000

    Graphite cause it looks so sexy!

  • Mark Ciszek

    Well blue is my favorite colour, red is pretty nice too but the graphite looks way hotter especially on a black iPhone.

  • Kevin

    Graphite because it looks sharp.

  • cheekydc

    colours are nice, but the graphite is just sexy, goes with the sexiness of my iphone. reveal etch does it for me.

  • tykosh

    I would like the black case, because it matches my black phone, and because black isn’t too flashy.

  • tykosh

    i mean graphite… forgot to look at the actual names of the cases. fail!

  • Grantbwilson

    I like the black. I’m older than 15 so the colors dont do it for me 😉

  • Acecchetto

    I would like the Reveal Etch, because it is sleek and low key… the phone is damn sexy enough, it doesn’t need a bright coloured case!

  • Ronni

    I like the blue. It adds a nice colour to my black iphone!

  • revival

    graphite, because its subtle yet completely sexy and doesnt stick out like a sore thumb like the blue and reds!

  • antonym

    I like the Reveal Etch best — it’s classy and has an interesting texture to it.

  • Snookiel

    I like the black. If I had one, it would match my pants.

  • Snookiel

    I mean graphite

  • Kaitlyn

    I like the blue case the best, it looks great and it would replace the protective film that’s still on the back.

  • Scott Galbraith

    I’d like te graphite one because having a black iPhone and then a blackish case
    makes a sexy phone even sexier.

  • Teng-i

    I like » Griffin Reveal Etch (Graphite). Cuz black is classic, and you will never go wrong with black.

  • Apollo

    I like the Graphite one. It feels sturdy on hands, and the pattern is cool too!

  • Mjdb22

    Love that Graphite! Reminds me of the rainy sky here in Vancouver.

  • Randomninja

    I’d choose the blue Outfit Ice case. They’re all nice cases, but blue is my favorite colour!

  • livininvic

    Gotta be blue, because the Canucks season opener is tonight.

  • Chaosonfire

    I would have to take the Red case since it is for my Wife and she like the red the best.

  • Ilya

    Graphite because it looks clean and professional.

  • Adrian

    i want black because once you go black you never go back

  • Shierkahn3

    I would very much like the Red case. It’s super flash and would look wicked complimenting the black of my iPhone 4

  • Ayman Barsoum

    Graphite for sure, it is classy

  • Supermr2

    Blue cuz Oilers are blue. 🙂

  • Supermr2

    Blue cuz Oilers are blue. 🙂

  • Ilyapeskoff

    Black one because it is cool.

  • Ishan B

    Griffin Reveal Etch (Graphite)
    its black and I listen to rap music

    no racist

  • Melodeyl

    Blue is best cuz it matches my car, and it’s my favorite color!!!

  • Al sarraf

    Graphite colore because I like black colores I feel that I look speacial between people

  • Hst20202010

    I would like to win the Red Griffin Ice due to myself having A stroke and am always forgetting where I put my device and the colour Red would stand out and give my first iPhone protection.Thx

  • John E

    I like the red. O Canada baby! #1!!!!!!

  • John E

    I like the red. O Canada baby! #1!!!!!!

  • John E

    I like the red. O Canada baby! #1!!!!!!

  • As a frequent reader of, which is also installed as a news feed on my iPhone Reeder app, I would love to win the Griffin Outfit Ice, Red color, since I do love Red for many reasons: Canada’s flag main color, red trees in fall, love, blood, warm, excitement. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • I would like to win the blue one because it matches the decor in my bedroom. And because I never win anything in contests. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I like the Graphite case because it has more a of a pattern compared to the other two, and it matches the dark theme of the iPhone.

  • Dominic_dubreuil

    I really like the blue one … It matches my WRX STi ! 😀

  • Millar

    Griffin Reveal Etch (Graphite)

  • Popsicle31

    I like the Graphite, it matches with the phone overall.

  • Jayjay_James

    I would choose red over the black and blue to show my pride for my homeland Canda

  • Bro4ever

    I’ll take the graphite case so it can match my car!

  • BurnabyMoe

    I’d like the graphite. I don’t like my iphone to stand out too much. 😀

  • Jason

    They all look great, but the red one really pops out at you!

  • Anonymous

    I prefer the blue color because a nice deep blue case is hard to find. Most cases are black or some bright color that looks unprofessional.

  • Romansrampage

    The red one because I never see red cases, and this one looks sweet.

  • Aperezhi79

    I would love to win the black one to go with the awesome look of my iPhone 4

  • Sunny

    Hey I read this blog at least twice a day and never bothered to enter these monthly giveaways , I really should start! I like the black one because it looks like it’s ribbed to give my iPhone 4 a nice grippy feeling as I would hate to drop it!


  • Tam968

    hi there, i would like a red one for my wife… need to keep her happy…. you married guys know what i mean.. hahah

  • Davidburton34

    Black, as it looks professional!!!!

  • A. Paris

    I like the Graphite case. The reason why I choose that one over the others is because I’m usually wearing business suits and most of my suits are black, therefore, the graphite case beat matches what I wear.

  • Brock

    I like the Griffin Reveal Etch because the graphite/carbon look is damn sexy like me 😉

  • Anonymous

    Graphite, because unlike the commenter below me, i like Apple not RIM :P…(plus im not a very colourful type-o-guy)

  • Blackshot

    I would like the graphite Reveal Etch simply because I want to keep my iphone in the same color shades. The red and blue will be to flashy for the black iphone.

  • Brad C

    I’d like the blue one please, since it’s my favorite colour.


    BLACK for me all the way… why…?? I just like it more than other colors.

  • riffic

    Griffin Reveal Etch (Graphite) for me… but I would take any. Like black the best, but it’s all about protection.

  • Jhayz80

    I enjoy the black, just cause I do

  • the Red one, red is the best colour there ever was and ever will be.

  • J Warwani


    I’d love the one which less people want 😛 More chance of me winning 🙂
    Actually, I won’t be cheap. I like the RED one. Add some spice to my iPhone.

  • Loveiphones

    I like red it is the color of my first car

  • Loveiphones

    I like red it is the color of my first car

  • Walternate

    I prefer graphite. As much as red is the colour of passion and desire, the diagonal stripes on the graphite case really seem to blend well with the black of the phone itself. If the cases all offer the same protection you might as well choose one that complements the phone. I bet red would look great with the white iphone.

  • Yen Chung Ryan Liu

    I like the red…
    its my favorite colour……

  • el

    Red please!

  • Dirt_squirrel

    The red is eye-catching, but the blue offers a nice color contrast. My pick would be the blue for sure

  • Rjimm

    Totally the graphite for me. Because its totally the best. Its more hi-tech. Suits the iPhone best (IMO).

  • Scott

    Love the Reveal Etch in graphite – nice slim and low-key. I love the way it complements the phone without adding bulk.

  • Anonymous

    I like the red one cause it’s HAT. lol and you can get to me by PMing me on the fowums

  • I’d like the red one please because it stands out and plus I already have a the black bumper =)

  • Chulacobra2

    Blue looks sweet! and cause the iPhone took so long to find, no apple freebie for me 🙁

  • Ljrochon

    The blue one would be nice cause I don’t have a blue case but the red would also be nice cause it would match my zagg smartbuds.

  • Guy

    Graphite, because it’s the new black of course!

  • wellsj

    Graphite is understated sophistication.

  • thatsnazzyiphoneguy

    griffin etch man!

    features a beatiful carbon back that is alot nicer then a solid color and rubber sides for easy removal and installtion.

    definately a great case in both quality and craftsmenship compared to the plastic ones. (outifit)

  • Anna

    I like the black. Classy and understated.

  • brian weaver

    I like the graphite one reminds me of Carbon fiber

  • Darrol Finlay

    New iphone4 user and love it….graphite for me all the way!

  • Kam098

    Graphite for sure!

  • Axionomical

    Black is sleek, sexy, and the choice of Ninjas. I too would like the sleek sexy look of a Ninja!

  • Jeff

    I like blue, because my phone is black and it would look cool!

  • Don Healy

    Griffin Outfit in ice blue. I like the collie and the reason I like the outfit over the graphite is I just like the case smooth. Very well made as well.

  • Kstrong

    I would prefer the black case it simply looks amazing

  • jRF68

    Good day, Ex.

    The Griffin Reveal Etch (Graphite) is my choice, because chicks did a guy who’s got a graphite colored phone!

    And it just looks great. To have a graphite phone, and to have a chick.


  • SG

    I want the Griffin Outfit Ice Blue. It looks cool.

  • Meagan Ramlogan

    Graphite. Pretty slick case for a very slick phone!

  • Jtabula5

    Griffin Outfit Ice in RED!

    Why? Because I don’t own a red case yet =) I like to match what I wear with my case, and I can’t wear red yet because I don’t own a red case.

  • Roy Zhao

    I want the free case, any colour is fine…..

  • Brent Jim

    I prefer the Reveal Etch because I like the look!

  • John

    I have a Iphone 3g and I find that it gets dirty because there are no cases for these phone wich does not get distory easy

  • john

    I like Blue to e true

  • Daweam

    Red is gorgeous; Black is so sophiscated…. this is a tough one…. but I will pick red – that way I can always find it in my purse which has a black lining!

  • Ex


    Leibrandt (Red Case)
    J Warwani (Red Case)

    Markojug (Blue Case)
    Spence (Blue Case)

    JW (Graphite)
    Sunny (Graphite)

  • SupaKent


  • Blair

    Graphite. Pretty slick case for a very slick phone!