Buy a $99 National Post Subscription, Get a Free Google Home Speaker


The National Post has a promo right now which offers up a free Google Home speaker with purchase of an Unlimited Digital Access subscription to, which costs $99 CAD per year.

NationalPost Bundle v2

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Unlimited Digital Access to on your desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • One (1) Google Home voice-activated speaker, powered by the Google Assistant, with qualifying subscription while quantities last
  • Offer available January 4 & 5, 2018 or while supplies last and subject to availability.

Normally, a Google Home speaker costs $179 CAD, so you could see this as getting a Google Home at Black Friday/Boxing Day prices plus a free newspaper subscription, too.

Back in November, the National Post offered a similar limited time promo, but at the time that deal was $120, but in 2018, this promo is $20 cheaper at $99 CAD.

[via RFD]


  • Felonious Spunk

    I don’t think the savings on the Google Home is worth the agony of eye-roll sprain bound to result from reading their ridiculous opinion columns.

  • One could just buy the Google Home at $99 and never use the subscription of course

  • Scott Belbin

    this is a great deal, and like you said the google home, which has better sound then the mini, and that has gone back up to the full price of $179.99, is hard to refuse at this price!

  • Scott Belbin

    not now you can’t! they all went up to full price yesturday! everywhere!

  • I meant jump on this National Post/Google Home offer and just ignore the digital subscription.

    The sales prices will be back for Google Home etc…just wait till next generations are announced sometime this year!

  • Felonious Spunk

    True enough. But then I’d be branded a “National Post Subscriber” and some things just aren’t worth $100. 😉

  • Scott Belbin

    ohhhhh lol no problem! i did just that and ordered a sub for one year! not a bad paper! it states that they will send a code in 4-5 bus days that can be used on the google store! a great deal!

  • Nice, enjoy Scott!

  • haha, don’t worry we won’t judge you lol

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Just have to remember to cancel on time or it will become $200 subscription. Probably what they’re counting on.

  • SV650

    Cancelling National Post: A 2018 Christmas gift to yourself!

  • Peter

    I still haven’t received the redemption code from National Post. It’s been a week. Anyone else?