Find Out How Much Data Your FaceTime Calls Use [How To]


FaceTime callers looking to keep tabs on their data consumption rejoice, as CultofMac has shared a decent little tip to let you find out how much data your FaceTime calls consume. It seems that iOS 7 has a handy tool built right in to the FaceTime app to let you know about each call’s data usage.

Once you’ve hung up your FaceTime call, tap the Recents button in the lower center of the FaceTime screen and then tap on the little info icon (see below) next to that call you just made or received.

FaceTime Data 640x568

You’ll now be able to see all the details about your FaceTime call such as whether the call was incoming or outgoing, and how long it went etc. Here, you’ll also see how much data it consumed in MBs. Best of all, the data consumption is always shown whether you’re using LTE, 3G, or Wi-Fi.

Let us know if you find the tip useful in your everyday use!


  • Kevin

    The ratio I get from all my FaceTime video calls is 1min = 9-10mb

  • Good tip. It’s nice to see that iOS 7 is making this type of information available. I just discovered last month that you can now see how much cellular data each app is using (and block specific apps from using cellular data) by going to Settings > Cellular, and scrolling down. Very handy for trying to find out what apps are sucking up all of your data usage.

  • Sandy

    To go even further download the app, My Data Mgr and you can see very specific analytics and it will even show you and alert you if you go over you daily limit. My 3gb/31days etc. Even shows Wi-fi vs Roaming vs cell and how much you used at each location on a map.