Apple: How to Fix the iMessage Unicode Bug and Re-open Messages App


Earlier this week it was discovered a bug in iOS 8 can cause a friend’s iPhone to reboot or restring by sending them a string of Arabic characters.

If a friend decided to ‘prank’ you and send you the message, your Messages app may keep on crashing. Apple has posted a support doc detailing how to re-open the Messages app by using Siri. The steps are below:

  1. Ask Siri to “read unread messages.”
  2. Use Siri to reply to the malicious message. After you reply, you’ll be able to open Messages again.
  3. In Messages, swipe left to delete the entire thread. Or tap and hold the malicious message, tap More, and delete the message from the thread.

Apple has stated it will be working on a fix for this in the next iOS 8 update, so stay tuned. Let us know if this workaround was able to help you or not.


  • Andy

    “You’re receiving SMS the wrong way.”

  • nice

  • Obviously!

  • 8Rosie8

    Is there a way to just delete the language pack from the iPhone library? As in removing the language completely so that you can’t even select it as a keyboard? So if someone does send you this message it can be displayed as empty squares like when you’re viewing unknown word characters on Windows.

  • My phone only crashed once when a friend of mine decided to see if it really works while I was at work lol.
    For safe measure, it only made since to force close the app, then delete that contact thread.

    Quite a curious bug. I wonder if people will find a way to slip a jailbreak exploit in there while the iPhone crashes. For jailbreak via text code 😛

    Clearly not, but it’s fun to think of what could come of this if people chose to expand on it.