How to Fix iOS 10 iMessage Effects Not Working on iPhone


One of the biggest features of iOS 10 is the all-new Messages app, which allows users to send stickers, Digital Touch messages, sketches and even draw on top of videos and photos.

But for some users, the new ability to view iOS 10 effects received from messages aren’t working or showing. All they see is something like this:

Screenshot 2016 09 14 10 19 13

Also, the ability to send messages with effects won’t work either by long pressing (or using Force Touch on iPhone 6s or newer), meaning you don’t see this screen:

IMG 0010

So what’s the deal? To see these bubble effects on your iPhone, you need to have Reduce Motion disabled.

You may recall many people enabling Reduce Motion during the days of iOS 7 to get rid of animations to ‘speed’ up iOS (and to prevent motion sickness). Your iPhone or iPad saves this setting even after updating to iOS 10, so you need to turn it off. Here’s how:

Go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > turn OFF

IMG 0008 IMG 0009

Let us know if this works for you to fix missing bubble effects and more in iMessages in iOS 10, so your life can be complete.


  • Ian

    I would rather have a “speedy” motion, so I will be forgoing all the effect & emoticon baloney.

    Life is too short to double the iOS animation time.

  • jack

    iOS10 is more zippy

  • prybar

    This didn’t work with my wife’s. I had to turn imessage off and then back on. Solved it!

  • Nick Frühling

    Was already turned off, still doesn’t work for me. Getting (Sent with Invisible Ink) etc. even though I can send effects no problem.

  • markstudholme

    Thanks! That’s why I couldn’t see all the new cool features.

  • Angie

    Worked for me, thanks! Still missing the #image thing though..

  • Mr. Mac

    Thanks! There’s a lot of bad info out there on solving this problem such as claims that it will only work on 6S and newer. Glad to see that it works with the 6. How far back are Bubble and screen effects supported?

  • Jeff

    It did not work for me. Using an iPhone 5. Also tried what another user said turned iMessage off and back on.

  • SoAnnoyed

    Still doesn’t work for me with it turned off. I don’t have ANY of the options to text differently.

  • Heather Watson

    I finally pressed the send arrow firmly and held it. It popped right up.

  • Heather Watson

    I finally pressed the send arrow firmly and held it. Worked

  • Heather Watson

    I finally held the send arrow for about 15 seconds and it eventually popped up. The background fades and the menu pops. Make sure your MMS is turned off too.