How to Fix Wi-Fi Greyed Out on iPhone 4S in iOS 7 [VIDEO]


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Earlier this month we brought up a widespread issue regarding iPhone 4S users who updated to iOS 7, only to experience Wi-Fi being disabled (i.e. greyed out and inaccessible). The story was shared with us by frustrated iPhoneinCanada reader Trent, as his wife’s iPhone 4S no longer had Wi-Fi access.

WARNING: try this fix at your own risk. We are not responsible in any way if this method causes permanent damage to your iOS device. 

Now he has shared a popular working solution which has solved the iOS 7 Wi-Fi woes on his wife’s iPhone 4S. It involves using a hair dryer and heating up your iPhone 4S until you get a temperature warning pop up saying “iPhone needs to cool down before your can use it.”

Once this message appears, pop your iPhone into the fridge for 10 minutes to allow it to cool down. Once that’s done—Wi-Fi should work again. This worked for Trent’s wife’s iPhone 4S and also many others who have been stuck with this problem.

The video below explains the fix to the greyed out Wi-Fi problem on the iPhone 4S in more detail:

If your iPhone 4S has its Wi-Fi greyed out in iOS 7 (some users have had this issue prior to iOS 7 as well), let us know if this overheating trick works for you.


  • Zakh

    Is this a joke 😐

  • Seriously it’s not, read the Apple Support communities thread! it works for some people but of course try at your own risk

  • It’s Pete

    If you are heating the motherboard, that is hardware, and his is quite dangerous to perform with the board still in the phone. It may work but would be much safer to perform with the motherboard out. I’m really not sure what’s causing this either but I intend in looking into it further. I have a repair shop and have not had a single customer in. I’m on Canada, is this only happening on AT&T phones?

  • No it happened to Trent who is based in Canada.

  • TrentBaur

    This is an iPhone 4s on the Bell network.

    Funny how people get worked up over something like heating up a broken phone that is out of warranty. The phone doesn’t work, she’s faced with the prospect of buying a new phone and eating the subsidy/new contract penalties that come with it. How much worse can it get?

    In the end, the fact remains, the fix works. Both wifi and bluetooth have been working all day with no problem.

    As for this being a hardware issue: I find it hard to believe that heating the phone is fixing a broken wifi chip. We can’t be talking about a loose connection being melted together with a hair dryer, that makes no sense and I’m pretty sure the physics argues against it. I believe something about the overheating causes the OS to reset it’s evaluation of the hardware condition and no longer sees the wifi chip as broken.

  • Louise Boucher

    Trent – I officially love you! My iphone now works agan! Thank you!!!

  • Andy L

    Yo Trent, you’re my saviour. I’m in Scotland, iPhone 4S on O2 been lost for 2 wks with greyed out wifi & no Bluetooth, tried as suggested and dumbfounded it worked. I started to believe it was a hardware issue, but your tip cured it, so it has GOT to be software related. Thank you so much 🙂

  • Mike Harvey

    Just did this and it worked !!!! We have been on the phone with apple support, they wanted $25 to try things that I had already looked up online and tried such as resetting the phone, disconnecting the router then resetting, ect .. None of which worked. But I was afraid to use this method so I have wen without wifi for months . Well my husband used this method and finished 5 minutes ago and it WORKS!!!!! Thank you so much!

  • Mike Harvey

    This is no joke!!! Oh thank you so much!!

  • Mike Harvey

    I am sorry to keep posting but I just want to say thank one more time !!
    Morgan Harvey

  • Geo

    Thank You for this was very helpful

  • Simon

    Worked great, thanks a lot!!

  • Dee

    Just did this tonight. For the first time in 2 1/2 weeks, I am able to connect to our wifi network. Thank you! Hopefully this lasts.

  • Shawn somwaru

    it works !!!!!!

  • Blind Luck

    I tried this method and it did not work but while my iphone was connected to my laptop I restarted it (holding the sleep and home button simultaneously) , while in airplane mode and when it came back on my wifi was working. It still is, as of now*

  • erroneous

    No joke! I read about this because my 4s was doing the same and one day, by chance, I left my phone in the car; I live in Phoenix. When i got back to it i saw that my phone had that temp. warning so i let it cool down and wamo! it worked, but for only about 3 weeks. 🙁

  • Lars Beijar

    Wow! It worked for me! Been running for two days now without any wifi issues at all.
    Apple gave me the offer to exchange my phone for 200$, but I tested this first 🙂 Am I glad for that!

    Great article! Thanks!

  • jerezano66

    thank you so much for the fix. it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dos anyone know why this works?

  • Not sure, the heat might make some of the parts expand to make a better contact, or it could be just magic!

  • Arif

    It worked like Magic , it’s working Thanks

  • violet

    THANK YOU SO MUCH IT ACTUALLY WORKS! ive tried everything from turning it off to restoring it completely and nothing worked besides this!

  • Dave

    worked a treat. went to the apple store and they didnt give a sh1t. just wanted to sell us a new phone. Last apple product I will buy.

  • Diana M

    Well it works!!!!! But for how long I will have my precious wifi signal!?!

  • Jach hART

    hmmm, interesting ‘fix’. ‘reflowing’ the operating system.

  • Sam

    Hat’s Off !!!! to this trick who ever invented it!!..It’s really works!! I was using my IPhone 4S without WiFi since the 7.0 release came and even Apple cannot solve it !! But Thanks to you man I can use WiFi to my IPhone now 🙂 wuuuuuuf what a relief !!!! Apple customer Service Sucks and Cheers mate and Once again Thanks to Mike N Shelley Robins (You Tube) and IPhone in Canada….

  • dweeb

    Didn’t work

  • dweeb

    OOH crap.. it really works! So after the blow dry and temp reset wifi was still greyed out. However, I done a network reset just in case and wham. It work. I was not just the network reset as I had done that many times. Must have been a combination of the two. Thank you sir for taking the time and posting this wonderful information. You saved me a new phone!!!!!

  • Cheryl in France

    It worked for me for about half an hour, until (my theory) it reheated up again. (I have tried every other fix out there- update, restore, recovery, restore from backup, airplane mode, on/off, blah blah blah…)

    My theory is that the new iOS runs hot, the paste holding the wifi chip in place gets soft and slightly moves the chip out of position, the freezer makes it… well, freeze back in place and it works again. Then, it reheats and the cycle continues. So it’s a combo hardware/software issue (software runs hot, messes up hardware).

    When will Apple release a cooler-running iOS?

  • kali

    it worked! who would of thought!!! thank you 🙂

  • Peter, Atlanta, GA

    It worked. Just now. Thank you very much.

  • Trish

    Awwww I’m sooook happy it worked for me too thank you sooo much

  • Dave

    Just did this!! It actually works!! cannot believe it, thank you so much!! +++++++

  • marorun1982

    This is in part why Android OS is fragmented. They cant always use all hardware with new OS version and its the same with Iphone. This is why i have load of customer with iphone 4 who are complaining of crash , slowdown , overheat ect. Same with Iphone 4S user ( less often at least )

    The goal should not to always updates as much phone to new ios as possible its should be to not force ppl to upgrade and make it so they can still use most app like it is in android currently as long as you over 4.0 you fine. I have friend who refused to upgrade to IOS 7 and they have more and more apps they cant use because Apple force dev and user to go to ios 7..

  • marorun1982

    i guess more and more ppl will see the truth about iPhones..

  • marorun1982

    Nope its hardware issue just like with old Xbox and Xbox 360 when they overheated too much they would bug so the way to solve it was to make it overheat again then cool it down in the fridge…

    It is hardware!

  • marorun1982

    In fact its cheap wifi chipset thats cause this because its cannot handle the heat.
    Its also Apple fault for forcing ppl to go to ios7 on all phone… so many client calling me to complain of various problems on iphone 4 and 4S since ios 7… Its not always good to have latest OS there a reason why android dont always updates phone to newest OS ( like hardware compatibility)

  • marorun1982

    Thats random because when a chip overheat its never as good as before so you may experience strange bug or wifi slowdown or its may stop working again.

  • Serena

    Thank you so much, your my hero! I can’t believe this worked the store told me there was nothing they could do, so this will be the last iPhone I ever have! Thanks again I’m so happy!!!

  • nowifiJoe

    Tried the freezing cure, which worked for 1/2 hour. The heating trick worked for two weeks, but today I was trying to connect to the office wifi and couldn’t see the network on my iphone 4S, so I tried resetting the network settings, which resulted in a greyed out wifi switch again. Fortunately the heating thing worked again tonight. I am not worried about damaging the phone. I will be quite happy to destroy this phone in the nastiest way possible once my contract expires. My heating method was to place the phone on the hot lid of a sauce pan while I cooked some rice….no hair dryer handy.

  • nowifiJoe

    Made for some very tasty rice as well.

  • Creative!

  • Tzei

    Just did this and it really worked. Lost wifi is now working very well. Can someone explain me how this is possible?

  • Ridhwadi


  • Dana clesi

    thanks you much this worked for me.I have been having problems with my Wi-Fi and I now I know how to fix it thanks a million

  • MidniteOwl

    also worked for me although i didn’t get the temperature warning.

  • David Ireland

    Why does Apple get away with calling a refurbished phone “brand new” or “a new service part”? This is really outrageous. They are turning teenagers into lifelong Apple avoiders because they will not take responsibility for this Wi-fi scandal with the upgrade. I would like to know how many users with grey Wi-fi were just slightly out of warranty when Apple crashed their device. #wifigreyedoutApple demand a recall.

  • Alex

    It works the second time

  • jacqui

    can’t quite believe this but thank you thank you thank you i tried it and it worked first time x

  • ahmed

    works like charm!! thanks a lot man

  • Gabriel

    It just worked! it’s a shame apple denies its iOS updates triggered the hardware issue. i installed iOS 7.0.4 and the next day the wifi was dead.

  • Shqiptar

    Worked like a charm 😀 I used OS 6.1.3 and updated my OS to 7.0.4 and still wifi didn’t work. After heating it and than cooling it wifi turned on and now it is working like a charm. Thank YOU

  • andrewt3

    worked like a hot damn. Thanks for this crazy idea..bested all the tech info i received. Amazing!

  • massiel

    did it for 5 minutes and the message did not appear help..

  • Nathalie C., Gatineau QuebecCA

    I just tried this and it worked !!! Thank so much….I hope it is going to work for good , today’s date Dec. 19th noted ….can’t beleive it….I just postpone the purchase of the Ipad mini retina since my 4s Wi-FI is working again. Must say I was a bit afraid to make damage, and didn’t trusted other web sources that would suggest this. Read it before….but this time I felt like I had nothing to loose after many efforts to fix the problem (visit apple store guy, not counting the lost of time to search for a solution) . I used the phone mostly to surf the web anywhere in the house or where it’s free like Time Hortons . I am not even using the cellular function (I was given to phone as a gift and didn’t really need a cell.) Me too I was told at the Ottawa Apple store to exchange to phone for another one :op
    I put the hair dryer for 5 min then 5 min in the refrigerator.
    If you don’t see me again with another comment , it means the fix is still working.
    From an happy (and busy) girl who wouldn’t write it was not true. Good luck!

  • Nathalie C., Gatineau PQ Can

    I did not have the warning message on my 4s , put max heat with a pro hair dryer for 5 min (2 or 3 inch distance ) blowing the top portion of the phone until difficult to touch and after cool down in the fridge…my wifi is still working

  • Mary Mo

    thank you thank you, i was just about to spend $400 for a new phone, i can’t believe that this worked.

  • Angry at Apple

    Brilliant!! It worked! Thank you so much! Thank god for people like you!

  • Advisor613

    Actually I’ve been running iOS 7.0.4 since the day the update was released and my wifi was fine up until 2 days ago. If it’s the OS then why was it working fine for weeks prior? That’s like eating bad seafood and then getting a flu 5 weeks later and saying it’s from the food.

  • Jadkins

    This worked for me too. I had tried full restore with no luck. Also tried the hair dryer method from a different forum but it wasn’t specific enough and I did not follow up with fridge. These instructions did it for me. Oh I did not get the temp warning either but the screen kep going black after 5 minutes and it would not take my passcode. That’s how I knew it was hot enough.

  • KG Money

    It works, I seriously can not believe it but I am so happy! I called Rogers, Apple and took it to a tech geek store and no one could help me. Thank you so so much!!!

  • Matt

    Well, it worked for my girlfriends phone as well….after stressing about not having wifi on her trip abroad, we tried the hair dryer trick, as Apple wanted to charge her to upgrade to a new phone with only a month left on her contract.
    First attempt didn’t work….so we tried again heating the top half of the phone on both sides again, then placing it in the freezer….WORKED PERFECTLY ON THE SECOND ATTEMPT!!!!
    Thanks so much….

  • nabil

    its work as before , thanks a lot

  • Phuong Le

    Thanks a lot! It worked with my iPhone 🙂

  • Jen

    This is NO joke! Restored phone and still no WiFi. tried this and it worked right away!!!

  • Brad B

    I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to stuff like this, but I figured I’d try this out before going and having to pay $$ for a new one. And… IT WORKED!!! Thanks a ton!

  • Michele

    Worked on my sons phone – thanks for saving me the $150 replacement fee!

  • Zob13

    Yep it worked for me as advertised!

  • Zack

    Another success story…worked to perfection! Thank you!

  • Milja Laamanen

    It worked it worked it worked!
    Though I had to do a network reset after overheat and cooling down but still – it worked!

  • John

    I saw this many times I tried it now but doesn’t work for me.
    I jailbroke my 4S and installed an app ‘macx4’.It’s an app that allow you to change mac address(that’s the app that turned my wifi grey).
    I don’t know what to do nothing doesn’t work and it’s sure this isn’t hardware issue.
    I’d like to know if anyone here knows how to change ethernet address on iPhone iOS 7.0.4.

  • Andy Firkins

    Hi Gary, amazing I now have wifi back on my IPhone 4S, this is the 4th one I have had this year I have managed to get apple to exchange them but I did have to pay for the extended warranty 69€. They are obviously under pressure as the quality of service from them this month has be dire compared to February this year. They sent this phone out Friday it arrived Monday it lasted until updated to iSO7.0.4 the following day I am so fed up with there lack of customer care I have now also got a HTC One it is not an IPhone but it has had wifi all week.
    I would like to say that you do have to be very careful taking the IPhone over temperature I did mine on the closed top of the rayburn but stayed with it until the warning screen came up, then put it straight in the fridge took a shower then tried it still the wifi was not on powered off then back on and OMG it is working.
    Thank you again and I wish everyone a very merry Christmas but do not forget the reason we remember it watch the nativity story and see how difficult it was made for Mary and Joseph to secure the birth of Jesus almost as difficult as get a customer service from apple.

  • Cindy

    OMG!! This worked!!! We had to reset the network settings after we heated and cooled it but it worked. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

  • Thanks Andy 😉

  • ChicagoMike

    Ummmmm, yeah. I’ve been in IT for 14 years and when I saw this, I laughed. My wifi and Bluetooth have both been dead for a month. I was running 6.x and upgraded to 7.0.4 with no help. I tried network reset. I tried EVERYTHING. Out of desperation, I tried this overheating thing and holy crap, after taking out of the fridge and running a Network Reset, both Bluetooth and wifi are fully functional. And for the record, I can’t stand Apple and am looking to switch away ASAP. This fix WORKS. But as mentioned, try this at your own risk.

  • Mickegyver

    It really works… Thanks…
    Didn’t even need to reset anything.
    Just take out of the freeze and start it up..

  • Anne-Kathrin Walter

    I faced the same issue two days ago. After a whole day with trying to fix the wifi during restoring, switching off my modem etc. I ended up with this method. It worked perfectly fine! I heated it up until the temperature sign popped up, then I put it in the fridge for approximately 15 minutes and after taking it out I turned it off and turned it on again. Voila, wifi worked again! Thanks for this tip! 😀

  • Meatball sub

    Yea apples the only company who cares about selling new phones the other companies give them all away for free

  • scott james

    Thank you sooo much. this worked and am very happy. I cant tell you enough many thanks for posting this

  • scott james

    It worked for me, no joke

  • Shri

    This Works for reals..But Apple should fix this problem..Thank You Trent!!

  • Shri

    The process seems weird but It worked for me too..

  • LennyG

    Awesome, it worked! Thanks for the fix!

  • Jason L

    Yes so far it’s working (only 10 minutes have passed) but still going strong!

  • yannick

    not working for me :/

  • dyno


  • Reid

    HOLY FU–
    Can’t believe this friggin worked Trent. I was going to buy a new phone. Glad I attempted this first. To anybody reading this, it really works

  • Reda

    how long do i have to warm it up for? or whats the usual wait time

  • Moraia

    Thank you so much brother .
    I was looking every where to fix my iPhone 4s , and faunally I found it here ,
    thanks again and have nice Christmas :*

  • GFisher

    It worked!! Thanks so much for the help!

  • Andy Firkins

    Just to update my issue the phone work until the following morning when the wifi grey out again.
    So I put it back on the rayburn and stayed with it until the temperature warning came up it takes a little longer than Gary described with the hair dryer this is due to the temperature not being as fierce so once the warning screen came up I left the I Phone heating up a little longer, then put it in the fridge for 30 minutes or so then took it out and did a reboot, and once again the wifi was working and has work since then so almost a week. I am using the I Phone as a back up got a HTC one on the 16 December and have been using it, it is not an I Phone but is been good to expose me to the google system and although very different has shown me that Apple is not the only way and everything synchronise from my I Mac and I will certainly think twice about purchasing another apple device seeing as they are causing the issue and then not being able to resolve the problems. I was planing to buy an I Phone 5C I had a shopping cart loaded ready to buy, but after the issue decided not too.

  • Alysha

    I was really confused when it was greyed out, after reading everyone saying it worked. I thought I would try……… and it did. Im so happy, I thought I wasn’t about to have internet because im out of warranty. I love you trent for this. Seriously so amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so muchhh!

  • AngelaH

    Same problem as others here. Weeks in a decided to take the risk. Totally worked!!! Apple sucks. So sad to say that. Get your sh&t together Apple. What adisappointment.

  • AngieD

    I am another satisfied reader. I had not used internet in my phone for over a month. Took it to apple and they told me I had to pay $200 to get it fixed. Off course the warranty had expired two weeks before. I was afraid to try. I just did it (like 30 mins ago)… I didn’t think it had worked but I turned it off and on again……And it works!!! Thank you!!

  • Gazzer

    Well that is amazing. It worked first time after Apple gave me the runaround for months.

  • lovems

    this trick really DOES work!!! i was about to go into the apple store and pay $200 for a replacement, now i don’t have to. Thank you so much!

  • megan

    this definitely does work.. I did a network reset and nothing happened.. did the override reset and still didnt work. Just held my hair dryer to it for less than a min and the phone didn’t reheat at all just got a little warm and the wifi turned right back on. Damn apple

  • Matrix

    Love you sir…It worked for me…was without wireless since last 3 months….feeling great again with wireless on my iPhone

  • Matrix

    Try again…on ur own risk…worked for me 2nd time…

  • Ori

    Thank you sir! My daughter is officially in love…. it worked like a charm just now.
    Could not believe at first, but after using the blower very easily and heating it gradually, while deflecting the air left-to-right, then letting it return to room temprature by blowing cold air – and presto!

    Don’t know how long it will last – but it did the trick, so thanks again.

  • Suman Sharma

    It worked for me. After my iphone 4s battery died in Sept 2013. I went to “Genius (?s***id) Bar. They said this phone can not be fixed. replace with another for 199$. I did not and sent directly to Apple repair. After paying 99$ they actually sent me a replacement phone. I was up for upgrade. I was unhappy enough at that point that I did not get iphone rather Note 3. So, replacement phone was sitting unopened until last week when I turned It on. Lo and behold wifi grayed out. It was in iOS 6. something then. I thought updating will fix it. I did. Now this replacement phone is out of warranty. Crazy me! I went to “the bar” again. Again told pay 199 and get another phone. After trying to reset network, reset all setting, reset iphone through itune, factory reset (press home and power while connected to itune) I had no option but to try this. Wifi was still grayed when I took it out of freezer. I did “reset network settings”, then it worked. This is just today, so, I can not tell whether it will last. If this is really a software thing and company is not owning it then I hope truth will come out and they will pay for their Karma.

  • Rahul

    Thank you so much!! It worked. 🙂



  • telocagi

    Woohoo! I tried your fix using restart in airplane mode (w/o connecting to laptop) and my wifi is working!! THANKS! I’ll definitely try the heating method if needed but glad this fixed it first 🙂

  • JMK

    Outstanding! Both my daughters’ iPhone 4s’s stopped working on wifi in the past month after upgrading to IOS 7. I just used this on both of them and they both work! Thank you!!!

  • JMK

    And that was after the wifi address was blank under “general” settings which made me think the hardware had failed but this still worked.

  • miss miu

    This sounded so sketchy and my computer programmer husband strongly advised me against it. But I tried it anyway – and it worked, flawlessly! After all, what the heck use is an iPhone without wifi and bluetooth? needless to say, I won’t be upgrading my software anytime soon.

  • crzyboi


  • Nav

    my gal’s 4s was overheating after the phone fell. batt didnt last long. had the batt replaced by a local iphone and me didnt thoroughly check after batt replacement as the wifi button was greyed out. phone was still on IOS 6. I figure since it was a software issue, i might as well update it to IOS 7 and hope for the problem to be solved. But it didnt. looked around for solution but there wasnt any…then i came across this site/method. i didnt have a blow/hair dryer, i was in the office….so, i used the bathroom hand dryer instead…i heated the front and back for like few mins (until my hand was hot. didnt wait for the phone temp warning) & left the phone in the freezer for 10mins..took it out and it seemed hung. guess it was “frozen”. left it 5 mins in normal room temp and was able to navigate the phone…..i went into the wifi option and notice it was already working, it was able to pick up wlan networks….not quite sure if the wifi was already turned on via the drop down menu or not when i installed IOS 7…its been 30mins and wifi is still working.

    Hope this helps….

  • derrikb48

    I took my phone to apple yesterday to fix the wifi problem and was told my warenty had just expired two week prior to that. when in fact i should have another 3 months.

  • nick

    this is only a temporary fix, still facing wifi grey out problems

  • Billy

    Just performed and it worked perfectly, That so much for informing me on this scam. I’m on a mission to spread the word. It funny that at 1 month past warranty I lost Wifi. The support had me spend 2 hours resetting data and also gave me the number to call and get a replacment that I would have to pay for. Fuc#ers.

  • Mysteryguy990

    Man I got to say thank you! It worked. But mine was a bit different. I did use the hair dryer but the warning tempature didn’t pop up. I used a little hair dryer and was like busy for an hour than I was thinking, “man this is taking too long. I switch my iPhone off put it in the ziploc and then in the freezer after 15minutes took it out turned the iPhone on and it did seem kinda awkward it did start but suddenly I had to put in the charger. After that bam! I saw the wifi. :D….so here is another suggestion why not just putting it in the freezer about 15minutes and look what the outcome will be.

  • Ken

    Jan 4, 2013 : Thanks it worked for me. I have a 4s. It took about 3 tries but finally worked. I googled and watched a youtube video to find out where the wifi chip is so that I would only heat that area up. The youtube video shows that the chip can be removed and replaced. It needs heating up to remove the chip or to reseat it properly. It is underneath a foil shield so it will take quite alot of heat in order to fix it using a hairdryer. The wifi chip is near the top of phone by the rear camera.
    Attempt #1 : Instead of using a hair dryer I used my directional heater that I bought from costco, they can get really hot. I held the phone on a 45 degree angle and heated the back on the phone for a few minutes where the back was too hot to hold, with the phone still powered on. I did not get the overheating warning. I then put in the freezer for 5 mins FACE DOWN with the phone powered on. Result : I got the wifi to come on for 5 mins but they it greyed out again.
    Attempt #2. Using directional heater I heated up the phone with the power on for 5 mins at a 45 degree until it was too hot to hold. I then placed in in the freezer with Power Off, Face Up for 15 minutes. Result : Turned on phone and wifi was greyed out. I didn’t even get 5 mins of good wifi.
    Attempt #3. Using directional heater and with phone powered on, I heated up the phone’s top area front and back for about 5 mins hold it very close to the directional heater. I would switch heating the front and then the back and then also put the phone on mat/carpet and tapped it quite hard to try to re-seat the chip back into position. I continued to reheat until I got the “too hot to operate warning message”. I then powered the phone off and placed in freezer face up for 20 minutes. Result : GOOD, Wifi icon is normal and working fine for the last hour. Hopefully it is fixed for good though. Thanks everyone who provided instructions and who created this webpage and who contributed comments.

  • Mui

    I had similar problem with my iphone 4s for a few weeks, put in the fridge a couple of times, the wifi was back on but wouldn’t not pick up any signal. 2 days I put it in the freezer, promptly forgot about it and after about half hour, the battery was flat. On recharging, the Wifi was back on and working normally. My advice is be patience, don’t let the battery go flat and don’t turn the power off once the Wifi is working again and last but not least don’t rush into changing the phone especially if it’s not under warranty,

  • jayne

    thank you so much for posting this, i tried this just now, had to do it twice and it worked! big thank you again.

  • Anita Ramos

    It really works!!!!!! My phone is back on track!!!!! 🙂

  • John C

    Unbelievable! It WORKED!!!!! Thank you so much from Nashville TN! I wish I had found this sooner and saved myself so much time! I will share this on FB for sure!

  • William whyte

    Yes worked for me I had no wifi since the last update this is the second day and it is still going touch wood

  • Alan Matthewman

    Took me three attempts with the hairdryer method but it worked…thanks a lot

  • Paula

    It worked!

  • tony s

    THIS WORKED! for about 10 minutes. It actually took two tries, but it did work for a short while. Prior to this we tried the network reset steps from Apple, but no success. My friend went to the apple store, was told phone was out of warranty and that it was a hardware issue, and for $250 she could get a replacement. WTF!!! Like that is a good deal. This phone is only 18 months old. Anyways, I found this blog somehow and we are so thankful. This is crazy! Apple has to know about this. Makes me question upgrading to another apple device. I have a iPhone 4 and it is buggy slow since upgrading to iOS 7, but no wifi issues. I guess we will just put the phone in the oven in the mornings before going to work unless somebody else has another suggestion.

  • Voclu

    I don’t have an iPhone. I’m having the grayed out WiFi problem with my iTouch which is, of course, out of warranty. The WiFi issue only happened after the update last year. Will this work on my iTouch?

  • Misiak

    I can confirm this really WORKS! I was desperate as I bought the phone from second hand and from the very beginning i had problems with wifi and bluetooth. It either was dropping the signal or wifi has been greyed out and couldn’t be enabled. I would never thought that iPhones for so many bucks can have issues like this. First I’ve tried the freezer method, this obviously worked but only for couple of minutes until the phone heated up again. So this was not definitely a permanent solution. I’ve lost almost all of my hope and then I’ve discovered these overheating techniques. I was very skeptical but this was the last chance. I’ve used a slightly different method – I have taken a 50w halogen lamp and positioned it right above the back of the iPhone 4s. I was a bit concerned as the phone became very hot, I couldn’t even touch it. So I waited appx. 5 minutes until the phone displayed an overheating message. Then I’ve put it in a fridge for 10 minutes and prayed 🙂 I’ve took it back and noticed that the wifi was still greyed out. I was very disappointed at the first time but then I realized that maybe I need to turn the phone off. I did and hey! The wifi could be enabled again! I knew this does not mean much until the connection is steady so I have started to test wifi heavily and here I am – for two weeks of hard wifi usage the wifi and bluetooth works perfectly and I hope this is finally a permanent fix for me. I don’t have any logic explanation for this but damn, it really works! It is rally worth a try.

  • donnie

    IT WORKED! it took 2 times and restarting the network! havent had wifi for 3 months. went over data twice.. about to change services.. but it worked!

  • Antony Durocher

    Works for me too!

  • MortallicA

    Worked here too. I suppose Apple would feel pretty silly telling customers to get out there blow dryer.

  • Lawrence

    I tried it and worked fine for a day and a half. I assume I should not try it again and go to Apple to get a replacement.

  • Citro

    Just wanted to know it also worked for me. It’s sad these type of situations happen and the customer which has absolutely no fault at all, isn’t correctly advised and the provided solution is to get a new phone :/ But guess what… power to the people, let’s share this story to all our friends with iPhones.

  • TevisTank

    You are the true “Genius”, another 4S salvaged, thank you. Greyed out wi-fi and no bluetooth on my son’s phone after IOS7 update. Trip to the “genius bar” determined hardware failure and warranty expired two weeks prior. Have lost allot of respect for Apple.

  • Lucky

    Thank you sooooooo much!! Can’t believe my wifi is back!

  • Grateful

    I work for VZW….had this issue for months…nothing prior to this has fixed the problem! I did as you suggested and ironically corrected it! Thanks!

  • Martyn

    Just fixed my sons phone … It works! Thank you

  • Kylie

    After a few months of having greyed out wifi on my 4s I came across this page while searching for help to fix my phone! Having already saved money to buy a replacement I thought I’d give it a go. Having a bit of a laugh with my mum I heated my phone till it was very hot and shut off with the overheat message. Once it cooled down I turned it on and checked the wifi and the button was working! I’ve now been connected to the wifi at home for over a week! Thank you so much for posting this crazy method and saving me from giving Apple more of my hard earned cash!! ( :

  • JF

    Worked for me! That is pretty gosh darn cool! Thanks!

  • Tony

    it worked!!!!!! after 3 complete resets, a few network resets, I found this page and thought, it sounds stupid, but I have nothing to lose. Presto-changeo… it actually worked. The small caveat is, it took me 7 minutes of hair drying…

  • shlomi amrani

    Thank you dear man because of you saved me thousands of dollars buying a new iPhone!

  • alydor

    You’re amazing. Thank you so much.

  • Chuck

    WOW! First attempt worked! After viewing the the video, my wife’s wi-fi was back up in 20 minutes. Thanks for the great tip!

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    For how long has this been holding?

  • Aida Muji?

    It works! 🙂 Thank you!!!

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    Thank u thank u thank u I love u my phone now works :):):):):):):):):):):):)

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    thank, you for the tips, it’s seams like a joke, but it’s work 100%!

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    Worked for me too! Wow… Screw apple. Good thing I just ordered a motorola Moto G 2 days ago

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    Just fixed my phone!!!!! Thanks a million!!!!!!! 😀

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    Omg. It really worked! Your the bomb. Thank you so much!

  • Misiak

    I have bad news 🙁 Few weeks ago I wrote a message with full of joy how this solution works but unfortunately this is not a permanent fix as for me it worked perfectly for about two weeks. Now I have same symptoms which I had before. Wifi cannot connect to any network and if it does then it will disconnect within few seconds. Very disappointed. Seems it is really a serious HW problem and there is no way how to get it back into a permanent working solution 🙁 Maybe I will try another heating attempt but for how long this can work? I don’t want to make this every two weeks and eventually blow the phone up… :-/

  • fed up with APPLE

    Bluetooth and Wifi not working/grayed out and multiple other Iphone issues. I am really getting to the point of never buying an Apple product ever again if this isnt fixed ASAP. I am losing business because of this problem Apple created.

  • Kathryn

    Same thing happened with my iphone, was gonna have to fork out £145 for a replacement including giving them my phone! Last ditch attempt at trying to save my purse from that and found this! CANT BELIEVE IT WORKED! my brother who is a complete techi told me 100% not to try this method and it all sounded a bit dodgy… i tried it and tada good as new! After heating it up then shoving in the freezer for a while it still didnt turn on but then i did the network reset and i have my WIFI back! thank you to whoever discovered this, youve just saved a very poor student a chunk of money!

  • Kelsey

    I spent my entire day going to AT&T and other iphone repair places. THIS is the only thing that actually worked!! I AM SO HAPPY. lets hope it works for awhile

  • The Guy in Austin Texas

    I cannot believe it. After visiting Apple’s so-called GENIUS BAR and having them tell me that I need to buy a new phone, I went home and found this article. 10 minutes later, I had WiFi back. Thanks so so so so so so much!

  • Matt

    My girlfriend ‘s 4s has had the wi-fi greyed out issue ever since she downloaded 7.04 OS. Tried all fixes recommended by Apple with no success, and then found this fix. Figured it couldn ‘t hurt since it wasn ‘t working anyway, so followed instructions and hit it with yhe hairdryer until temp warning came up and then placed it in freezer for 10 mins to cool, and voila , long lost WI-FI is working again. Thanks to My fellow Canadian Trent and this forum for this fix to a long frustrating issue.


  • Burnleyn1l

    I am 64 years old and believe that the earth is flat! So why would anyone heat a phone with a hairdryer and a) expect it to work again and b) restore lost Wifi? But it really did work for me. Thank you so much.

  • Ken lau

    This problem happened to me 2 days ago and I did what Trent’s video suggest, at 1st I though I’m silly enough to try it, damn it apple and this trick do really work! I heat up the iPhone and put it into the fridge for 10 min and restart the phone!! Omg it’s work like wonder and it’s save me the cost for a new iPhone 5s.

    Thank you so much Trent and your lovely wife : )

  • Cdaddy

    Nope. I love my gadgets and tinker with a lot of issues involving PC, phones and such. So far.. It’s not working

  • Hemaraj Rampersad

    My daughters iphone is working!!!! YAY Thank you sooo much! Shame on you APPLE!

  • Elaine, IT Director in Oregon

    Well, tickle me pink and call me Happy! Figured it was worth a shot since the phone was pretty useless without WiFi, and by golly it worked. I may downgrade to a cooler IOS. But shame on Apple for not fessing up. If the fix doesn’t last, I do see a Droid in my future. For now I’m pleased as punch. Thanks a bunch!

  • Meg

    This is for real. I just did it. OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU THANK YOU

  • Danny Coronado

    Wow, my hat off to you Gary! This worked like a charm, my phone started acting up in the morning and tried it a few minutes ago with my Iphone and now its working just like you said. Thanks for your post, you just saved me allot of $$$$$$.

  • Glad we could help!

  • Nomak

    Bingo! It works… thank a ton 🙂 wi fi bars are missing though… neways who cares as far as it connects…

  • Nomak

    WI fi bars are back after restart…. you are Genius!

  • Gus

    tried this 3 times and it doesn’t work! I’m not denying that it hasn’t worked for other people, but I followed the instructions exactly and it hasn’t fixed my greyed out wifi issue. Any other suggestions?

  • lulu

    ok…this worked…but does it last? or do you have to do it again?

  • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

    here is one more soulution,
    though what i did was just keep the iphone auto lock off and brightness full with the charger connected and open the camera app, and click the filters waited till the iPhone got heated up 5-10 mins and reset network settings
    and voila 😮

  • Andrew

    Gary, this is amazing. Thanks so much, I can’t believe it worked. Shame on Apple.

  • Cheers!

  • jen

    Just worked for me too, Thanks so much. I have been searching for answers and messing with this phone the entire day, trying to fix this problem!

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    Thank you so much!! It really works like magic Thank God he created someone genius like you lol

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    Great Work…It was a magic to me…thanks alot

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    Hey..this really works..exactly as per the steps laid out….cheers n many thanks

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe this is for real

  • Rosemary

    You absolute genius of a man!!! I have had no wifi or Bluetooth for ages and after doing this it’s finally working again… And my phone is also out of warranty so you have saved me a bundle!! Thank you so much!!!

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  • itzballer

    Thank You! Overheating resolved the grayed out wifi on 4S! thanks for this great trick.

  • Joshua ascencio

    It worked for me but it is not permanent it works for quite a while but this is gonna be my 3rd time doing this trick. Next upgrade I’m going android.

  • Ian Jackson

    Steve Jobs would be flipping tables over this and firing everyone ever. This can’t be “Apple quality”. I’m seriously disappointed. My mom was having this issue and I thought it was hardware too, and she got a refurb, and it happened again. Now I’m fumed. We’re getting her money back.

  • see

    Wow…I decided to try this before using the hairdryer technique…it WORKS!!! 🙂 I did not connect to the laptop, I put the phone in airplane mode, then restarted (as described above), wala…I can now switch the wifi ON. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  • Erika Salvador

    OMG! it worked! Tho i still have to wait for few more minutes after i took out my phone from the fridge. but still yay I got my phone’s wifi back! thank you Gary!

  • happy user with a hair dryer

    thank you so much, been chatting with apple support for a wile and they insisted it was not an ios issue… wanted me to pay loads of £ to fix it… thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • dubgal


  • Chriscross

    Just goes to show that Apple know what the issue is, its a software not hardware issue, I paid for technical support and was told that its another £199.00 for a replacement, told them hell would freeze over before I paid another penny for an Apple product again as my family all have numerous products as we all fell for the apple marketing! Just did the hairdryer trick and all sorted! I’ve spent the last two days trying all the official resets and nothing. Ironically, whilst the 4s was cooling down in the fridge my 5c arrived as a free upgrade from my network provider! I’m in the UK. Thanks for all the advice.

  • Morteza Varanlou

    Worked magic… Why!!?? ????????

  • dfs

    I’ve been trying for the past 3 hours to get the wifi back on my phone. After nothing else worked, I tried this. Very cautiously because I didn’t want to damage my phone. But sure enough the temperature message came before any damage was done to my phone. I turned it off, let it cool down, and LIKE MAGIC my wi-fi works again. Next smartphone I buy is definitely going to be an android.

  • Brent H

    Worked great. So nice that I didn’t have to take anything apart. Or buy a different phone. Thank you very much!

  • Blake

    It actually worked! Literally struggled with Apple about spending 160 pounds on a new one. Thanks a ton!

  • beaker

    My son’s phone had the wifi problem and also the bluetooth didn’t work, and when I connected it to iTunes it said I had to turn on Find my iPhone in settings. I went to settings and Find my iPhone was on, but also greyed out. The heat trick worked! All are now working again. I tried all of the other tricks I could find including resetting network setting (multiple times) and turning the phone on and off in airplane mode. I was getting ready to try resetting everything on the phone and starting from scratch when I found this page. I, like the poster of the video and TrentBauer, believe this is not a hardware issue. I have repaired quite a few iphone 4s screens and I know my way around the inside of the 4s. I took the back off this phone to check the wifi antenna and the phone is pristine. Somehow the heating resets something in the OS and eliminates the error that is causing the problem.

  • Kaylaaa!

    What About If your IPhone ONLY Comes On With A Charger In It

  • Grateful

    This sounded so ridiculous to me, and I was so scared to try it, but I did and it worked beautifully!! After MONTHS of no Wifi, huge data bills, and after having Apple tell me I’d have to pay $200AUD to fix it! I did have to reset network settings after taking it out of the freezer though.
    Now I wonder how long this will last.
    Does anyone understand WHY this works?? I just don’t get it!

  • Shannon Secosky-Smith

    It worked for me. Has this lasted for anyone. I wondering how long it will last?

  • fredrik

    Amazing! This works!
    Detta fungerar faktiskt!( in swedish)

  • Jennifer Nadobny Gebhardt

    It WORKED! Don’t hold the blow drier too close. I started to get a “burn” mark on the display, which resolved after holding the blow drier a little further away.

  • Lyn Bay

    It worked for me too!! Thank you!

  • adam

    I tried the hair dryer thing, but honestly after thinking about it, its about the worse thing you can do since your heating the entire phone instead of just the wifi chip. I took the back off my iphone with a pocket knife i had and then took a compressed gas air can upside down and sprayed freezing cold directly on the wifi chip and instantly it started working for about 2 minutes **SURPRISE** lol……

    I then peeled the black plastic off the chip and i happened to have a mini flameless blow torch, i heated the chip for about 8 seconds till i noticed the plastic around the chip melt, i then blew cool air on it for a few seconds, and then turned on the phone, wifi has been good for a few days now…. shocking i know…. lol

  • adam

    I also went into apple store, tried to get a free exchange, but they wouldnt. them actually kind of pissed me off since all they tried was a reset on the phone and acted like complete idiots. all they push is the exchange and didnt even try and fix it and these guys are suppose to be the pros lol….

  • anonymous

    oh my god dude you are the best! it works and is phenominal!

  • 🙂

  • Jens

    WOW – I love the internet and I love this article – it works! Bought a 2-hand IPhone 4s for my daughter this Christmas, just to realize after 1 month that WIFI was gone. “Ok thats the risk I took by buying a used phone” – was my first thought. Until I found this article. Thanks a lot.
    Note: I had the issue before upgrade to IOS7, so apparently this issue was not only a version 7 issue. In other words if you have this issue on your 4S, try it out no matter of the software version.

  • Sal

    Just tried this method on my my iphone 4S and it Works!!!! I still can’t believe it but it works!!!

  • Lynz

    You rock!!!! Thanks so much after 2 months without Wi-fi my phone is finally working, thx so much for sharing you’ve saved me £110 amazing xx

  • Rajendra S Desai

    Thousands of 4s owners are presently being conned by Apple. They say pay 199 Dollars and they say they will give a new phone with only 90 day warranty. Apple has made millions of dollars by selling 4s and all tha is our money. There is something technically wrong otherwise thousands will not face same problem. Apple should be sued by some American law firm. I spent 199 dollars for a replacement. The govt of United States must have some department which should go into this problem and take steps in the interests of thousands of 4s buyers. They tell us it can’t be repaired. What nonsense. They are only forcibly hawking thei leftover models of 4s. Or I suspect that theses must be refurbished models. The frauds detection department must handle this as a genuine consumer grievance. Apple has billions of dollars and this latest con is adding to its ill gotten gains. The fellows who run ple must learn that consumer satisfaction will help them and not this current
    Con job. If people inflict genuine curses for losses of their hard earned money one day apple will go to the dogs because curses have in the past finished the high and might. I hope some sense dawns upon those who are making millions while running apple and they look into this problem and give free replacements and refunds to persons like me. Rajendra S Desai. Mumbai India

  • 4s No Wi-fi

    I tried the same but no luck. Wi-Fi is still greyed-out.

  • Sed

    I did once and it didn’t work for me

  • Sed

    beside the iPhone wifi is disable also when I touch an app or setting for the first time its responds like after 5 seconds then next time when I click it works fast I restored so many times I don’t know what is wrong with it

  • Sed

    last time I tried this for my brother in laws phone and it worked with heating but with this phone it didn’t

  • JJE

    Confirmed. Worked like a charm.

  • Kenzen

    IT WORKS!!!
    Listen to him, it sounds silly, BUT it worksss!!!
    Thank you!!

  • Rob

    This is great. I just wanted to add that it worked even though I didn’t keep heating it with a dryer until the “too hot” message came up. I was afraid it would damage my iphone so after about 5 minutes of blowing it with medium heat, I put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. It worked!

  • Matthew Crane

    Just literally tried this as I’ve had no Wifi for past couple days on my 4s and this was without the software update to 7.0.4, and it actually worked! Thank you so much Trent for your advice, so so happy!

  • Karen

    It worked for me! I did not leave it in the freezer for the full 10 min but I did turn on airplane mode and restarted it. Everything is back to normal:-)

  • Aizaz

    How did You start or begin your Wifi after a 2 months??
    plzzz suggest how you do it?
    plzzz tell it completely!!

  • Peyton Manning

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  • not_an_apple_lover

    Hello there !
    I just put the iPhone on the fridge for 10 minutes…. and …. Voilà !
    WIFI is back again.
    Thank you to everyone for your help and tips.

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    Omg it worked for me thanks from basingstoke uk

  • Gemma Stromdale

    Worked for me thanks

  • Vesper Lynch

    It worked! Fantastic. Thank you. Took 6 minutes of blow-dry heat.

  • Sanjay Ghimire

    I went apple store twice, each time they just told me hardware problem, we need to replace cost you $199. It is strange I also did something similar twice, without looking this thread, because my daughter told me spill the sprite, not necessarily it completely submerge. My six sense ask to me let’s dry it, and reached over heated and I put it DFU mode and successfully restored cell network and WIFI both worked. This is the third time my iphone 4s went sleep mode both network and WIFI and I found something similar, tried out, first attempt did not work for me, but second did. Looks perfect. Why not we post this video to news media. This is will be big hit.

    Try at your own risk, but it works. Thank you.

  • WebChimp

    Its working, thaaaanks, f*cking Apple!

  • Tia Fleming

    OMG IT WORKED!!! I’VE BEEN DYING OVER HAVING NO WIFI FOR MONTHS!!! I literally tried EVERYTHING.. its 3am in the morning and Ive been up uninstalling itunes and installing and backing up my phone and restoring it and blah blah! And I thought FOR SURE that theres no way this is going to work! BY GOD IT DID.. its only been 2 minutes but I hope it continues to work!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  • Charley

    Just updated my iphone 4s a couple of days back and it is true that the wifi stopped working. Called apple and got a temporary fix but wifi goes out again after an hour or maybe less. Tried thie blow dry method as after calling the 3 network, they only advised me for an early upgrade with a fee ofcourse and had told as well that bringing my mobile to apple will also cost me for the repair as its almost 2 yrs old . It maytake a while to heat up but after the messageshowed up i turn off the mobile and put it in a ziplock plastic bag wrapped in kitchen towel and placedin the fridge for between 5-10 mins and after turning it on …….wifi is back and working. I dont know how long will this last but it definitely it worked..hopefully permanently…:) just be aware that you are doing this for your own risk

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    omg it works!!!! THANK YOU

  • Brittany Jeffers

    I LOVE YOU!!!! Omg, it worked. I can’t believe it. I haven’t had wifi in months! <3!!

  • Finn

    Worked for me for a few minutes, i could turn wifi on, after a few minutes wifi was greyed out again!! So i did it again, and once more worked just for a few minutes…

  • Adam

    dweeb, glad i read your post. It did not work for me too… until I did what you said and did a network reset after (had tried that numerous times before the heat treatment and it did nothing). YAY it works now!!!

  • iopman

    TOTALY didn’t expect this to work…but it did!!! WOW! Thanks a million

  • Siobhan

    Yes working now, thank you sooo much. Have tried everything bar throw out my phone. Thank you again

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    It worked, but only for three days.

  • Matt in Oregon

    Worked like a charm. Not surprised this fix is not in the instruction book!

  • Vignes Chandran

    Dude, can’t thank u enough. Both my wifi n Bluetooth work perfectly now!

  • Fernanda Prisco

    God bless your existence! Thank you so much! This actually works! Though the Wi-Fi icon is not showing on the left corner of the screen, the internet is working just fine. Is it ok to be like this? You rock! 🙂

  • sanjeev

    I tried today and it WORKS , so any person who says it does not , I am one of the believers that it sure works, Thanks a ton !!! You saved my $200 , and 1.5 yrs working phone.

  • James Dumont

    Haha Wi-Fi Scandal.

    “First Watergate, now this.”
    —David Ireland

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    my iphone now works again thanks so much have been trying for a month and you solved it thanks again

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    WORKS!…Try it!..Big up from Jamaica TRENT

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    OMG it worked for me too…..I was 100% skeptical but desperate. Thank you!!!

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  • sanjeev

    it worked only for 2 days and it is back again ??? Is there any permanent solution ?

  • sanjeev

    it worked for only 2 days and it is back again , is there any permanent solution ?

  • kar wei

    I’ve tried all the resetting, restoring, updating, on/off, and stuffs, it doesn’t work, finally i gave this method a try, and it surprises me, it works! Thanks you so much, saved me a new phone 🙂

  • Aziz Nasution

    I just put my iP4s in the freezer and leave it there for about 5 mins, after that I reset the network and restart my phone. Wallaaaa, my phone finally can connect to Wifi again after two weeks.. no hair dryer, no hard reset nor jail-breaking done in this process..

  • Umar Farooq

    Thank you so so so so so so much ! The resetting trick by pressing the Home and Power button simultaneously has worked for me. Thank you very very much guys.

  • Bili Shergill

    Very much thanks! it really worked for me….
    now i started hating apple for that silly problems

  • Angela Glore

    What about with an Iphone 5s?

  • DiDi

    Thank you very much! You are a STAR. I tried it this morning and it WORKED. I’m a happy bunny.

  • Christiano Clementino

    My phone got heath up
    when I forgot it in my car here in Brazil… The candle screen appeared, but my
    Wi-Fi was still grey… I’m afraid of doing this and destroy my phone even
    more… Apple love doing products with high fragility. Recall now! We can’t pay
    a lot of money for that phone of sh1t!

  • Christiano Clementino


  • Dlexinator

    Wow thanks for this! I have been trying everything! Apple said hardware and buy another phone for $199, i knew they were full of crap.. I will try this tomorrow! i was just about to go back to Apple and pay the $199 for another phone. What fools, stealing money from us… How about a recall! I have gone for so long without wifi.

  • sbt

    The hair dryer worked like a champ! We’ll see if it lasts, but for now wifi is back. Thanks for this!

  • Unhappy 4S user

    It worked for me!!!!! I still can’t belive I’m using the wifi again


    OMG!!!! It woks… I was so freaking skeptical at first, iphone are expensive at is its…BUT it worked…I had to do the reset network settings after restart..


    WORKED!! dude thx a bunch!!

  • fraserxv

    I tried this this afternoon. The button can work but I still can not access to internet. After I reboot my phone, it changed to grey again.

    Your wifi still working well?

  • happy camper

    I just did this and it worked on my 4s

  • Patrick

    OMG, my wifi wasn’t working for the past 2 months and the blow-dryer trick didn’t work the 1st time I tried it. This method actually worked for me, hopefully it stays on 🙂

  • Natasha

    I decided to give this a go before using the blow dryer trick!
    It worked for me! Only I did not need to restart my phone. While in airplane mode it let me turn on WiFi once again and then I simply turned off airplane mode and now my WiFi is back to normal. Just hoping it stays this way.
    Thanks 🙂

  • kay

    my phone started having a big black dot on the screen.. went away when i removed heat I was too scared to continue

  • senbear718

    Worked for me! Hair dryer for about three minutes, mostly on top, and then fridge for about 5 minutes. Hadn’t had wifi for about three months. Thanks!

  • Jason Andsarah

    it only works until the phone has warmed up again

  • Alexi

    I tried this as well. Once in airplane mode and restarted the phone turned back on with wifi connected. Can’t believe this worked. Looks like a calculated tactic by Apple to screw their customers at around the same time their contracts are set to expire.

  • Pablo Spain

    Yes its worked for me, WiFi and Bluetooth working fine now after six months as a paper weight now I have my phone back.

  • Joyce Crisell

    thankyou i tried this as last resort and my iphone good as new now, i hope it lasts!!

  • Chris

    worked for me.

  • maria alejandra llerena pazos

    it worked , but it lasts only a few days, then i have to do that again and again and again…

  • Jackie

    I tried the freezer trick twice and it work momentarily and reverted back to greyed out. I tried the blow dryer and fridge trick it’s been working now!

    I can’t believe this worked I’m very thankful!


  • Patty Goa

    IT WORKED!!!!!!! I was scared at first! Im in Veneezuela and iphones here are sold out and very expensive!!!! OMG thank very much!!! I was scared! I used the blowdryer technique! I hope it last because …. Thank youuuu!

  • D’Andra

    It worked! Holy crap! THANKYOU! I reset my network setting before signing in and now it works!!!!!

  • Laura

    I had the same problem for a few months now, tried the freezer and fridge, the wifi came on for a few minutes.Finally today I tried the hairdryer trick, however the warning sign didn’t appear after 5 minutes, went ahead and put it in the freezer. As soon as I had the wifi working, I quickly updated the latest software, and the wifi is back, working normally for the last 6 hours.

  • Jo

    I have been desperate to get the greyed out wifi button fixed on my I-phone 4S, as I am going abroad in a couple of days and will need it to be able to use the hotel wifi and avoid the (massive) charges of my contract service provider. I had absolutely no help from them or from Apple when I took the issue to them – Apple insisted it was a hardware issue and that I would need to buy a new phone. Like others on this forum, my phone is just a few months past it’s warranty. This strategy of heating up using a hairdryer then putting in the fridge did not work for the me the first time I tried it, but I then tried it again later and put the phone in the freezer instead and it has worked. Thank you so much for sharing this. Much appreciated. I have also learned that in the future I need to avoid contracts with mobile phone companies like the plague and buy one instead and then insure it straight away. What a swizz!

  • Ben

    I would highly recommend taking your phone into an Apple store to check it out. I had this problem twice with my 4s and they replaced it then and there free of charge both times. Even once when it was out of warranty.

  • sjb

    Happy Dance!!!!!!! not for 1 minute did i expect this to work. Just hope it lasts..

  • smile

    This definitely works 🙂 Got a little scared when my phone screen started turning black from heating it, but once it cooled down it’s all back to normal with wifi running!

  • Ronald Gan

    I had mine working for 3days…
    Trying 2nd attempt now…

  • Greggo

    Tried it and WORKED! IOS 7.0.6……

  • Don

    I worked for about 4 to 5 days then went back to the frayed out look and 4G. Any other ideas? Can you over heat it again and again? Don

  • Jason Regis

    Today the 2nd of March 2014 I tried this method. The first time I didn’t do it correctly and was a bit apprehensive about putting my phone in the freezer. It didn’t work so I was like what the heck, I have nothing to lose anyway so I gave it a second shot. Ladies and gents I can safely say this WORKS, period. When I put my phone back on it connected to my wifi network immediately just like it used to prior to my iOS 7 upgrade. I’m still on 7.0.4 and have no reason to upgrade to 7.0.6. This works and thank you Gary as well as everyone else that stated that this method worked for them.

  • Diva85

    I lost my wifi after updating my ios to 7.0.6. The person at the apple store said its a hardware issue and it would cost me $199 to fix since my warranty was expired. I told her this was a software issue because everything was working fine before I updated my software. I was pissed when I walked out of the store.

    I tried the blow dryer technique and it worked! I’ll be back if this is only a temporary fix but regardless, I’m happy you saved my phone.

    Apple is a money hungry corporation that doesn’t give a crap about its customers. Screw you Apple!

  • eddie pierson

    your awsome dude thanks …….lifesaver it worked and nothing else did

  • Ahmed Eissa

    Thanks, it worked!

  • Franklin Cadao Tutor

    hello people, it’s work to my iphone 4s, its take 20 mins to heat.. no notice of over heat.. when i got the emergency call notice…i’ve put my unit to freezer to cool down..then…restart.. IT”S WORK>. a BIG THANKS to you (the author).. and a big BULLSHIT TO APPLE SUPPORT..hehehe

  • Laura

    My wifi is still working normally, 11 days after new software update!

  • Cherylslittlesoldier

    Didn’t work. I replaced my old phone that had the same issue, one that didn’t have updated software, and my new one just did the same thing.

  • Cherylslittlesoldier


  • Cherylslittlesoldier

    How did you stumble upon this fix?!?!?!?! 🙂 and THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

  • Jamiekmoore

    Worked for 2 minutes then shut off again.

  • Layne

    I just did this! my phone is working great now! thank you so much!

  • victorvalentee

    I tried that too, but no results. Did you get it fixed yet?

  • Victor Valente

    Same problem here. Did you get it fixed yet?

  • Victor Valente

    IT WORKED! I couldn’t use wi-fi nor bluetooth for months and tried everything.
    Used the hair dryer than cooled it on the fridge, wi-fi was still greyed out, but bluetooth was working so I knew something was going on.
    Reset network settings and baaaam, wi-fi working.

    Thank you so much.

  • Khalid Masuod

    did u hard shutdown or just turned the screen off and ho log did u keep in freezer

  • grey

    And now my wifi works. The good of reading, tried this out before the blow-dry trick and boom! its there. 🙂 Thanks mate!

  • Bill

    Worked for me. Amazing! How did anyone possibly figure this out?

  • Matt davis

    You are amazing…… It worked THANK YOU!!

  • Kimberly

    I just tried it!! We were pretty skeptical, but we were willing to try anything before paying stupid money for a “hardware issue”…according to Apple!! To both mine and my husbands surprise it WORKED!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    I seriously can’t believe this worked, but it did! Much love from Mississippi! 🙂

  • Glad it helped 🙂

  • KiE

    you are a legend, apple you sneaky MOFO’S great advice

  • Brian

    Sprint told me I had to call the insurance company. I figured have nothing to lose since the other things I tried didn’t work. Will say I got nervous it was taking awhile to get to the TEMP signal. BUT…..within 2-3 mins in the fridge BAM my wifi was back. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

  • danny

    Amazing worked!!!!!!!

  • zidge

    Why should it be a problem. The temperature warning is a safety feature. I experienced it a while back when I was working outside and my phone was in the sun. This comparison may not fly but IMO it is similar. When you are driving your car the temp gauge or warning light come on to tell you of a problem. If you stop right away let it fully cool down you can than drive it some more until it heats up again. I used this method in the past when my car radiator sprung a leak and I was 300 miles from home. Using the heat and cool method I was able to get home with NO damage to the engine whatsoever.

  • zidge

    BTW after My heat up in the sun my phone continued to work perfectly for another year and a half. At least until 7.1 🙁

  • It’s Pete

    Is this motor trend weekly?? I think your in the wrong blog. Were taking electronics, not mechanics. Ones made of steel and ones made of plastic, glass and small pieces of aluminum, not even in the same ball park. It takes about 5 minutes and 2 screwdrivers to remove the motherboard on an iPhone 4S. It is much safer to heat just the board. The rest of the parts are made of things like paper thin flex cables that can melt easily, plastic frames, plastic speaker and microphone housings, not to mention a Lithium ion battery which says on it “DO NOT HEAT” it can explode. Please have even a faint idea what you are talking about before you make a point of comparing apples to Oranges.

  • Karen Bright

    Thank you sooo much!!! This worked! 🙂 Took two tries..but now my wifi is working. I had been living with that problem for quite a few months and considered buying a new I can wait awhile to upgrade.

  • Cheers!

  • laura

    I turned off the power, wrap the phoen on cling film and put in the freezer for 15 minutes

  • Ives Pola

    The described method is incomplete and works for only a couple of days. To permanently fix the problem, after overheating with a hair dryer, you MUST turn it off and put it in fridge inside a plastic bag for a few minutes. After that, you can turn it on and it will permanently fix the wi-fi problem.

  • CM

    Just tried this method on an iPhone 4 on iOS 7.1. It worked. Heated with a blow dryer till the temp warning came on. Stuck it in 3 ziplock bags and put it in the freezer for 13 minutes. Wifi is working now for 1 hour. Hopefully it’s not just a temporary fix but it DOES work. Best of luck everyone.
    Also I did power it off after temp warning and after the freezer I let it sit at room temp for a couple minutes. Not that I think it mattered. Just sharing what worked for me using this great video as a guide.

  • Buttsfart

    Omg that’s makes sense because my wifi did the same thing when it had the heating ishew wifi turn off so this should reverse that

  • El Willy

    I’ll be a son of a gun! This worked!!! Thanks !

  • Helene

    Yes, that worked. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! It was a bit scary to “overheat” my iPhone. I had a Wifi button greyed out and very slow Iphone problem. Heated and cooled my iPhone and did a hard boot afterwards. Wifi did not come back on right after the heating and cooling, but after the hard boot. I had tried the hard boot several times before the heating and cooling, but it did not fix the problem then. Phone is also back to normal speed. Very happy!

  • dolores

    This is amazing . It just worked for me. I don’t believe it.Brilliant

  • Saurav Pradhan

    Pls dont put your phone to Fridge! It spoils the internal parts of the phone.
    I did it and my wi-fi worked for some time but when i actually opened the phone my phone was almost gone because of the moisture the phone got.
    Do a favor for yourself, just go to a local store and re-solder the wifii chip.

  • Jey

    It didnt work with me 🙁

  • nathalie

    thank you – this worked like magic!!

  • az-man

    This solution, by heating the phone then cooling it, worked for my phone. Thank you very much. Thank you for posting this fix.

  • Morgam

    Could I still do this if my iphone has a crack on the screen? or will it do damage?

  • Lala

    Just did this to my Grandma’s iPhone 4S and it worked!!!!! I was skeptical about it but definitely try this if your wifi isn’t working with iOS 7.1

  • GreytGuy

    It worked for me once I reset the network settings a few hours after I heated it up with a blowdryer and cooled it in the freezer!

  • Erik

    I can’t believe this worked. Thank you… dealing with apple is another hour of my life I will never get back…

  • BEENessaB

    My phone works now! YOU ARE AESOME! I wish I would have seen this before I replaced my phone. My son is now lucky to have a awesome play phone. Thank you!

  • Kharcoff

    Does not work for Ipads

  • RL

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! My iPhone 4S is really working now!!!!!!!!!! THANKS A LOT! (I hope this is a permanent solution. 🙂

  • Guest

    WOW!!! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!! Tried everything for 10 days. Finally found this and it worked! Very Grateful!

  • Cliff

    Have iPhone 4s running iOS 7.1.1, used the hair dryer trick and it worked as stated. I have studied this problem in more detail and I think it is a combination software/hardware problem unique to the 4s. That said, I don’t think the phone is broken (too many people are having the exact same problem), at least the hardware, such as it is in the 4s. I starting having the problem with the 7.1.1 upgrade, I remember Apple saying they played with battery issues could have changed the power parameters? Anyway, for me I can reproduce the WiFi problem if I use Google Maps as a GPS. When I do, the phone gets very HOT to the touch in the back but not to the point where I get the high temperature message. Later, when the phone cools down it acts very strange, screens lock up, WiFi shows none are available when I know they are, and then I get the famous grayed out WIFi! After that, I use the hair dryer trick, that seems to fix the problem until next time I use Google maps and then I have to use the hair dryer trick all over again. For me this problem is very reproducible, I think any app that gets the phone too hot causes problem. I will not use Google maps for a while and see if the problem goes away. My Verizon contract just ended, so I think now is the time to trade in the phone on the 5S given that Apple is doing the special promotion starting May 8 for a new phone.

  • nurul

    oh my god..its work

  • laura

    unfortunately it worked for about a week, tried again the hairdryer & freezer tricks several times, the Wifi came back on but very briefly, so frustrating, so finally I sent it for repair at a smartphone repair shop here in Germany 2 days ago which costed 50 Euros. I must admit it’s great to have the wifi again, worth the repair!

  • Rebecca Koopman

    OMG! This worked! I was afraid to try it but my warranty was expired on my iphone 4S and had nothing to lose.

  • Jeff

    My iPhone 4s is 2 months old(I just paid to have replaced as is off warranty and I’m not due for anipgrade) I went in to the store and they said they’ve sen this issue a lot but there is no fox for it. I tried your heating method and it worked like a charm!! Wifi came right back!! Thanks

  • Mixus

    Thought this was a practical joke but guess what, it worked for me too! Heat-freeze-hard reboot. Overjoyed. Let’s see how long it stays ok now.

  • Bigmomma Austin

    Totally worked! I’ve been on the computer all day trying to figure it out. I could never get my phone to give me the overheated signal but the phone was so hot, I finally put in freezer for 30 minutes. Bingo! Wow — impressive. Thanks

  • Roxanne Schultz

    The hairdyer techinique fixed my phone! I’m overjoyed! Many thanks for sharing.

  • Amjad

    Well Guys, Its good to see some of you get rid of this annoying situation, But what about this I can On/Off my wifi but Cant see the Icon on Top Bar and can,t connect to my Network as well. Further more i had tried each and every stupid funny and technical tricks like Dryer, Restore, Hard Restore, Airplane Mode Restart, Router Restart, Network Restart and so on…. But i think i am seriously screwed by Apple this time, What do you guys suggest now…..?

  • Cris Rinehart

    OMG this just worked like a charm for my step daughters phone. Thank you so much!!!!!

  • Kaylee

    I used the blow drier and waited for the temperature warning then put it in my fridge till it cooled down and it actually worked! My wifi button is now available!


    really! It didnt work for me but I’ll try this now thank you!








    What I did everyone when the hairdryer didnt work is i turned my phone COMPLEATLY off then but it in a plastic bag then ploped it in the freezer for 11 minutes… I took it out pluged it in the computer and poof! It works!


    now it’s not working!

  • Guest

    Is this Method Work Until Now? Help Please

  • WifiDoesn’tWork

    Is this Method Works Until now? Please Comment Back!

  • fluff dog

    Hey, thanks! This worked for me! At first, only the bluetooth came back, I had no wifi or bluetooth. So I plugged it into my computer/itunes and did a quick restore. When it came back the wifi was back. We’ll see how long it lasts.
    I took the phone into the apple store months back and they took it into the back room for a few minutes and returned with it working. (perhaps they keep a hair dryer back there!) anyhow, it only lasted for a week or so.

    Apple customers should make a stink about this, they lie to you and say it’s broken hardware, meanwhile it’s related to their software updates. Mine broke way back at IOS 6xx.
    Good luck!

  • fluff dog2


    The wifi and bluetooth stopped working about an hour later. Perhaps these methods fix the issue but it’s only temporary as it was when the Apple store fixed it. They said they updated firmware. Whatever.

    Still could be a hardware issue, I do believe it was caused by a software update as it happened right after the update to OS 6. but it could be something that damages the phone permanently.


  • Pmelt

    Holy crap! I seriously did not expect this to work, but I did it anyway because I felt like living dangerously. And it worked! Unbelievable. Thank you! (I did not have to do the airplane mode part – just the dryer to fridge method. And voila!)

  • sauce

    so far the overheat and fridge method did not work!!!

  • sauce

    airplane mode didn’t work eather


    Disappointed that Apple isn’t recognizing this as a problem with their phones. Might be time to get a lawyer!

  • Sammie

    this worked for me i used the hairdryer till the message came up saying phone was too hot to use then stuck it in freezer for 10 mins, when my phone turned back on the wifi still wasnt working i reset network settings then when it turned back on my wifi was working so i updated my ios and my wifi hasnt turned off yet. Its the longest it has lasted, i just hope it stays on and doesnt go back off heres to hoping. Thank you for this idea im so happy to have my internet back on my phone ^_^

  • Jeremy99

    Incredible how this actually works

  • warmweatherwoman

    IT WORKS!! I’ve been trying all day and I get home…tryi the blow dryer method..and IT WORKED!! that is just CRAZY!! Im still changing to an android when my upgrade is due! Apple plays to many games!

  • Elissa

    It worked, even it’s a temp fix I’m excited! THANK YOU!

  • stan

    I have Rogers phone and having the same issue. Where is your shop? I can bring it in.

  • AppleSucks

    You know, this is so frustrating that users have to go through this. I had this issue this morning and started by calling Telus thinking it was an internet issue. When she said no it’s Apple, she transferred me to Apple. Of course, Apple told me it’s a hardware issue and I’m of course no longer under warranty, so I would have to completely replace my phone. I Googled and came across this video and others that say the phone IS in fact fixable without having to buy a new one. Well, I tried this technique, and sure enough, it worked. The only difference is I only blowdryed for a minute or so– I panicked and didn’t want my battery to explode from overheating (yes, I’m a girl, I know). And so I put it in the freezer after for only about 5 minutes, took it out, and sure enough, it worked. So if you are having this issue and it does not come up with the Temperature warning screen, don’t worry. Still put it in your freezer for a few and it should work. Thanks again and boo on Apple!

  • You’re welcome. Nice work! I think anybody would fear an explosion from overheating with a dryer too 😉

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    Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you.
    Sincere regards!


  • faytastic

    Worked for me! Thanks stranger 🙂

  • Gabie

    For those of you that tried the resetting in airplane mode method and it didn’t work: It didn’t work for me the first time but I figured out why! After I reset it, I went straight to the settings and tried to turn on the wi-fi, which was unfortunately still grayed out. However, I thought about it and tried it again, this time just unlocking my phone and swiping up to see the quick settings thing. I tapped the wifi icon and it worked! I then went to my settings to connect to my network. Try this if you went straight to the settings first!!!!

  • Mati

    i tried and it worked, for like 5 minutes, then the greyed out wifi reappeared:s and then i retried but same thing D:

  • Nick Tahoe

    Just did half the job and it worked. Turned phone off, put in bag in freezer for 20 mins or so, turned back on and voila! Let’s see how long it lasts…

  • UK Mark.

    *I cannot believe* this hairdryer method actually worked for me. Who tried it out for the first time?? What was their train of thought? – “My WIFI is broken – let’s try cooking the phone with a hairdryer”. I’ve been without WIFI for over 7 months now. Initially it started dropping out just a little and then more and more until totally gone and then “enable slider” greyed out. I kept intending to go to an apple shop / ‘genius bar’ but never got around to it. Multiple restarts and various levels of resets etc resulted in either nothing or WIFI working for a few seconds and then back to the enable slider being greyed out. I took the plunge tonight and stood like a fool with the hair dryer and ‘torched’ my phone for about 5 minutes before I got the ‘too hot’ message. (It got too hot to pick up for more than a few secs – quite scary to do that to something so expensive). It then cooled off in about 5 min (still powered on) and WIFI enable slider was still greyed out. I restarted it and – I still can’t believe it, got a stable list of local routers. Just tonight I’ve downloaded over 1031 meg of updated apps etc with my mobile data turned firmly off. Hope it stays this way but it’s looking extremely promising so far after my 7 month outage.

    Contrary to the original poster’s comments, I think it still could be either a hardware/software problem. That amount of heat causes physical effects on a circuit board and even electronic components and it expands and contracts connections / solder joints etc. (I’m not an out and out expert at this level of cutting edge micro, but I am an electronic & software engineer by trade). It could well indeed be a software ‘switch’ of sorts but it could also very equally be a common manufacturing defect in the hardware/assembly/materials that the heat/expansion affects. The fact that this fix doesn’t work for everyone doesn’t help to either dismiss or clarify anything – there might even be more than one problem that exhibits similar symptoms.

    Incidentally (and possibly quite importantly given the original poster’s commentary regarding IOS7) my WIFI problems didn’t start until I’d been using IOS7 for well over a month. So it could be a problem with IOS7, or it could be a problem with hardware, or it could be a problem with some new way that IOS7 thrashes the hardware that exacerbates an underlying hardware problem previously within tolerance in IOS6. The exposed hardware problems may be immediate for some and delayed for others. And if it is software problem, – it could even be fixed in the latest update from Apple without them admitting it. – In my humble opinion – it could be one of a million things. But at least for tonight I’m very happy. Happy enough to have written this little mini essay!

    Thanks to the original poster for the fix & video regardless of whatever the “why” / “how” is.

  • Kay

    Holy crap it worked! Phone has been working fine now for almost 2 months. Sad part? I took it to the “Genius Bar” and there fix was to sell me a new phone or at the very least sell me a new battery”. All I needed was a hair dryer!

  • Alex

    It did worked for me too. I’ve tried this method several times with no result, but this time it did work. Heat it up, wrapped it in clear film (the kitchen stuff) and left it in the fridge not the freezer for 10 mins. Wifi came back, could not connect to it properly but the button was not greyed out anymore. I’ve done a network settings reset and everything is back to normal. I was just getting ready to shovel $550 for a new phone. We’ll see how long it lasts and also i’m curious if iOS 8 will make a difference. Cheers man.

  • Adrian

    Thank you very much!!!

  • Mia


  • Arven

    i knew this was the case,i left my phone in the car a month ago and suddenly the wifi works. few minutes ago the wifi greyed once again,i found this web,overheated the phone,and voila… i can use my wifi for another month lol

  • Anne Coleman

    One bad apple…….. Doubt I will buy a replacement ….Anne I

  • jigar7

    Once again Apple screws 4S users with iOS 8… just like how they f***** it up for the iPhone 4 users when iOS 7 released. Very disappointing. I don’t get it… why the f*** can’t Apple leave 3 year old phones alone! Or at least give downgrade options!
    I’m surprised why no one has yet filed a class action lawsuit against Apple. iOS 7/7.1 and iOS 8 are in no way “upgrades” for the 4 & 4S devices
    A very bad strategy to force people to get newer iPhones

  • Pamela


  • imad

    It worked for me iphone 4s ios 8.1.2 i heated it for 4 minute until he message showed up ,i turn it off and put it in the frezzer for 7 minutes and the wifi is back ( i trieed befoore heating method the frezzer and il lasts for 2 days (temporaliy) i hope heatting wiill last more 🙂

  • Ela

    It’s amazing! I was very skeptic at first, but now I can’t believe it works! Thank you so much!

  • Cody Smith French

    me too but mine only works for five minutes and if i turn off my iphone it dont work anymore is there anything i can do about it??


    no way!!!!! I have my Wi-Fi back, I hope its a permanent solution-:))))))

  • Iphone4s

    I tried the freezer and it worked for only a few minutes and then stoped working again. I did the freezer over and over again and it still only works for a bit what should I do?

  • DaveA

    I fixed an iPod touch that had both Bluetooth and WiFi greyed out-reset and restorations failed totally. 20 minutes in freezer wrapped in pladtic then 15 with a dryer worked (plastic removed of course) Not recommending this method just relating my experience. I suppose there is some interesting science to explain but its above my pay grade 🙂

  • Marco

    Mine to its just that your blow dryer was too close to the phone

  • Metal Mickey

    Tried the hair drier thingy it did not work 1st time but did 2nd time then today after switching phone off then on it lost we fi again so tried this method while my iphone was connected to my laptop I restarted it (holding the sleep and home button simultaneously) , while in airplane mode and when it came back on my wifi was working.Greattttttttttttt I will never buy a apple phone again as earlier in week took to Apple shop boffins (NOT) and they did there thing with there little tablet and said it would cost 3175 + to fix as was a hardware thing, seems funny that my phone worked great until I updated with the IOS8?????

  • mullet

    i did the heating method and it worked for me for about 2 months and then, it just did not want to work anymore, i read alot of ways to try and fix it but nothing really worked.

    then i read that you need to switch the reduce motion on:
    Changed to ON for Reduce Motion: Setting/General/Accessibility/Reduce Motion

    then i turned my phone off and on again and the WiFi was back on, has not turned off yet.
    hope this helps someone else to.

  • Jinna

    Blow dryer/freezer trick didn’t work for me but the airplane mode one did…..omg thanks for the info!

  • JK

    This worked! I cannot believe it, but it did. Just tried it last night so I don’t know how long it will last, but THANK YOU for sharing. When it cooled down, the bluetooth started working right away. Before I just had the spinning thing. The wifi stayed grey/black until I restarted it. The button on top is broken (Quality!) so I needed to wait to power down, and I restarted by plugging it in. But IT WORKED! Thank you.

  • You’re welcome!