How To Install Classic iOS ’86 Theme On Your iPhone & iPod Touch [Tutorial]


A Macintosh Plus inspired retro-concept winter board theme for iPhone and iPod touch called iOS ’86 is now available for download through Cydia (via FSM). The theme comes complete with retro icons for stock apps, dock, folders and notification badges. Originally designed by Anton form Russia, the theme has been replicated by guys at iTheme who have now put it up on their Cydia repo for public download. See below for instructions on how you can get it for free.

** To apply this theme, you will need winterboard on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. So if you haven’t already, please make sure you install it first.

Step 1:

Open up Cydia. Go to Manage > Sources > Edit.

Step 2:

Now Add the following repo:

Step 3:

Once done, tap the Search tab and look up iOS 86 theme.

Step 4:

Now install the theme apply it via winterboard.

Step 5:

Download this blank ( white ) wallpaper and set it on your home screen.

That’s it. Enjoy!


  • Victor

    very nice! you should post more of your favourite theme packages, theres just so many mediocre ones out there

  • This is pretty awesome. Unfortunately, if you have ANY non-stock apps (or even folders) on your home page, it completely ruins the effect.

  • Okay, how can I change back my dock?

  • Deepdepp

    its cool, i realllllyyyy lovit!
    btw, why the camera roll icon doesnt change?
    and the lock screen, do i have to apply another theme or sth to change the lock screen?