How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S with Absinthe [Tutorial]


Today the world finally received the iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak thanks to @pod2g and the ‘Dream Team’. GreenPois0n Absinthe was released first by the Chronic Dev Team. Want to jailbreak your iPhone 4S? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to jailbreak it with GreenPois0n Absinthe.

Absinthe iPhone 4S Jailbreak Prep:
– Ensure you are on iOS 5.0.1; backup your data
– Download the latest version of Absinthe v0.3:

– Turn off your device Passcode Lock; remove any PIN locks
– Delete existing VPN clients

Warning: Proceed only at your own risk, we are not responsible should anything go wrong with your iPhone 4S!

Step 1: Plug in your iPhone 4S to your computer and launch Absinthe. It will detect your iPhone 4S (or iPad 2). Click ‘Jailbreak’.

It will definitely take a while so be PATIENT. Just wait, and keep your iPhone 4S plugged into your computer.

Step 2: Your iPhone screen will show ‘Restore in Progress’ and jailbreak data will be uploaded to your device.

Step 4: Your iPhone will reboot, and the Absinthe icon will be on your Homescreen. It most likely will be on the last page. Launch it and you’ll see a white screen and the jailbreak process will begin. Be patient and do not exit this screen or close the app.

Step 4A: If you run into the “Error establishing a database connection”, or if the screen stays white, go to General–>Settings–>Network–VPN–and toggle the jailbreak VPN to ON. An error will occur–just wait–and your iPhone will reboot.

Step 5: Your iPhone will reboot, you will now notice the Absinthe icon will be replaced by Cydia. Voila!

Miscellaneous Troubleshooting Notes (via @planetbeing)

– If your Camera Roll is missing, it is because you have an incomplete jailbreak. Re-run the Absinthe OS X app to fix it, then again to re-jailbreak
– If Absinthe crashes, reboot your iPhone 4S and try again
– Toggle the VPN only after the Absinthe OS X app says it’s done.
– Running Absinthe from Terminal seems to fix issues for some people: cd to where the app is and ./
– Redo the jailbreak if all else fails; it will detect an incomplete jailbreak and repair the situation; just re-jailbreak

Let us know how this brief guide works for you. Be patient and persistent!


  • Kakarot

    Each time I add my 4S or iPad 2, the program shuts down,/errors…. I never get to the jailbreak part, it just says unexpected failure, if I hit reopen, same error?!?! Come on pc version

  • Andre

    Ok found the solution for no detect iphone…let your iphone 4s plugin into the mac
    restart your mac the normal way” apple icon restart”
    when you hear the sound press the shift key on your keyboard.. when the grey apple logo appear release the shift after 2 sec… your mac boots in safe mode… after the boot, start and the jailbreak button will be available… no more grey..start jailbreaking 

  • Djelimon17

    I get how to remove pass code but how do you remove PIN locks?

  • Nick

    I’ve successfully jailbroken my 4S and iPad2, but there were a couple of weird behaviours:
    -On my iPhone every once and a while different icons turn white, and after a respiring are back to normal.   First it was the camera icon, then it was messages, someone else said they had it happen to game centre.  The apps still function normally though.  
    -On my iPad many but not all apps from the appstore disappeared, but were restored through a sync with iTunes and I didn’t even lose any of the in app data, but I had backed up right before the jailbreak.   I think it also restored apps that I had deleted…

    On both devices I had to do the VPN trick, but I didn’t have to go to the normal VPN settings location, there was a new VPN toggle right at the top of the main page of settings.

    Also, if you’ve used FolderEnhancer before on a previous jailbreak, wait to install it until you’ve installed your other other cydia apps (and restored any lost apps).   When you install FolderEnhancer it will restore the icon sorting you had in your last jailbreak! 

  • Anonymous

    hey there, no issues with iPad 2 (wifi only) ill let you know if i encounter any. 

  • Djelimon17

    Never mind.

    Worked great on 0.2, could open photo album. Shared pics on Facebook, installed iFile.

  • K_tanady

    really need help, after opening cydia right aftr jail breaking my iPad 2, most icons just disappear)including cydia) and when i tried to restore firmware, i get the error 21 and error 1600

  • starshockey17

    am i the only person who can’t open absinthe? every time i try it immediately crashes. i’ve tried v0.3 and v0.2 but both do the same thing

  • Hotdrifter_05

    Hi i accidentally uninstalled my cydia.. What shall i do?

  • Re-jailbreak

  • Jaris96

    anyone gets a random turn off on the iphone 4s? i have cydia and it works good thus far…but if i let it sit there and screen turns off ..i try to turn it back and the phone itself is physically turned off… it does it randomly and i tried to rejailbreak it and same effect… the phone just turns it self off randomly…hmm any other person out there have this issue?