How To Mod Your iPhone 4S For Built-In Wireless Charging [VIDEO TUTORIAL]


An aftermarket modification technique discovered by Tanveer, a part time modder who also happens to be a doctor (like me), adds built-in wireless charging capability to your iPhone 4S (via Ubergizmo). The process requires a wireless charger pad and case, eliminating the need of a case for wirelessly charging an iPhone 4s. To start off the process, he solders the wires from the charging port to the USB points on the Powermat receiver. The rest of the details are covered in the video given at the end.

**Before you try this yourself, keep in mind that this will most definitely void your warranty and you should be very familiar with assembling and dissembling your device.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A spare charger port assembly
  • A very thin gauge wire
  • A wireless charger (Tanveer used Powermat)
  • A back for your iPhone 4S

Watch the video for step-by-step instructions on how to make your iPhone 4S wirelessly charge without a case:


  • ThatGuy

    I was all for it, until you said it would add an extra mm to the thickness. That’s not happening. Lol also could this not be done on the iPhone 4? Or 3GS for that matter? Why is the 4S only mentioned?

  • BillDo

    It is only an extra mm to the internal thickness. That is why you have to modify he back cover to compinsate. The final thickness once complete is still the same

  • What’s the point? Just use the cable. I do not understand the appeal of “wireless” charging because it is still not really charging at a long distance so what do you really get over a cable? Nothing.