Jailbreak Apple TV 2 4.4.4 Untethered with Seas0nPass [Tutorial]


The folks at Firecore have released an untethered jailbreak for the latest 4.4.4 firmware (iOS 5.0.1 – 9A406a) on Apple TV2, as announced on their blog.

What is the point of jail breaking your Apple TV? Well, for starters you will get access to a plethora of third party plugins, such as XBMC (to stream .AVI files to your ATV2).

Which plugins are supported on 4.4.4?

Couch Surfer (works) (works)
Media Player (works)
NitoTV (works)
Overflow (works)
Remote HD (works)
Rowmote (works)
RSS Feeds (works)
Weather (works)
XBMC (works)
Plex (not working)

How to Jailbreak your Apple TV2 with Seas0npass – Brief Tutorial

Seas0nPass will jailbreak your Apple TV2 by creating a custom firmware file, which you will then use to restore your unit with via iTunes.

Seas0nPass for Mac [10.6 or later]
Seas0nPass for Windows [XP or later]
microUSB cable
The latest version of iTunes (IMPORTANT)

1. Open Seas0nPass.
2. Select ‘Create IPSW’. The latest Apple TV firmware file will download and the custom firmware will be created.

3. Prepare for ‘DFU mode’ and follow the onscreen instructions to connect your Apple TV to your computer via the microUSB cable.

Once the light on the front of the AppleTV begins to flash rapidly, point the remote at the AppleTV and hold both the MENU and PLAY/PAUSE buttons for 7 seven seconds.

4. iTunes will open and then begin the restore process. After it’s completed if you see the temporary Firecore logo in the bottom right, you’ve done it all correctly.

That’s it! Let us know how this brief tutorial works for you. Thanks to the Firecore team for the update and to pod2g for the untether.


  • Guest

    Keep getting pop up ‘An unknown error occured (1602) Anyone else having this problem?

  • Were you able to get into DFU mode properly? I’d try it again…

  • Anonymous

    I’m having lotsss of problems like what you said, troubles getting Into dfu mode etc, ugh!

  • Philip

    I’m having the same problem.

  • Steve

    I got the 1602 but rebooted the device and when it came back up the FireCore logo was there.

  • Philip

    I banged my head against the wall when I figured this out…..You have to update iTunes -.-

  • That means success!

  • Derka

    make sure you have the latest itunes

  • Derka

    how do you install nitotv after you jailbreak??

  • Guest

    Can I watch NBA or NHL games after the jailbreak of an Apple TV or do I have to subscribe to NBA League Pass to watch these through Apple TV?

  • Jduckets11

    Guys just jail breaking isn’t anything. You need to add atv flah, enable all the various addons such as nito tv, then zipfile all the addons like icefilms, sport devil, Canadian on demand, etc into xmbc, install the zip files into xmbc and enable all zipfiles. If you figure all this out you can do like me and cancel your cable because you will have over 77000 movies and tv shows in just one addon ;). Good luck

  • Petty cool !

  • Guest

    read some reports that sportsdevil isn’t working too well these days…can this be confirmed?

  • Lenwe76

    still waiting for dfu mode, no blinking light on the ATV2, look on some site it says the press down arrow + menu 7 sec the n when it’s blinking press menu et play/pause. but dosent work either!!!!!!!!!
    what could be the problem, i got the latest itunes version????????? if i open itunes i can see my ATV2 on the left side bar !!!!!!! please help it’s been a month im trying to break it!!!!!!!

  • Jduckets11

    Well I just streamed UFC for free last night from Sports Devil with no issues. Watched Brock take a whopping and never paid a penny for that disappointing fight 😉

  • Givmedew

    these tutorials are horrible the tutorial doesn’t mention anything about the power cable and the computer sees the atv without it.

    turns out you need to plug in usb then plug in power wait till light is flashing then push n hold menu+pause then magic

  • Kjdesign4u

    It’s free until January 8, 2012. Frontrow – NBA

  • Kjdesign4u

    NBA League pass is free until January 8, 2012

  • Soulafonda

    This is what I’m scouring the Internet to find! Can you give me a useful link on how to add all the add ones and perhaps suggest which ones to use or work in Canada? Ty!

  • Fuc


    I unplugged the power cable after DFU, then I did not get 1602.

  • Vwbug2007

    oh well jailbreaking a appletv2   4.4.4(3330) dosnt work on restoring itunes it says error 3194 after extracting file hmmm…. maybe the apple had found a way to silently patched the update?
    its driving me nut!  jailbreaking was fine going from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4 got a fc red icon before and i had to restore it because nitotv installing some programs messed up appletv from loading

  • gfegan89

    same thing with me i updateed to 4.4.4 but my build number in (3330) instead of the 9A406a build. So now I cant JB with seas0n pass. IS THERE ANY SOLUTION?

  • Vwbug2007

    i solved the problem was restore to lower version such as 4.4.2 stock ipsw and ran a good program that cleared up the 1601 is called ireb4 then restored it and used seasonpass to jailbreak it then rejailbreak again to 4.4.3 it works like charm  fyi in window itunes restore button ,use shift and not alt and choose the seasonpass ipsw file
    the 4.4.2 requires tethered boot thats ok i can up the version to untethered 4.4.3

  • Mluna1277

    I have done the itunes update on windows and mac but it still can restore software when seasonpass is done and itunes is doing it thing.

  • Mulletman

    ***For anybody having trouble getting into DFU mode while jailbreaking the Apple TV 2 make sure you are NOT using a USB 1.0 port. I fought with this for a while but then as soon as I switched to a USB 2.0 port I had no problems.

  • Oneoffs

    Sportsdevil is no longer working and the creator has said he has too many other things going on to create a fix at this moment, its going to be a long wait for an update

  • ChicoRico

    PEOPLE make sure ur ATV is connected to a POWER SOURCE, my MBP didn’t have enough power to turn the ATV on.

  • Blackandbluepanda

    Hey man…I had someone local jailbreak for me…but everything is all fubar now (he sent me a text with information on updating for XBMC) and it’s pretty much useless to me now.
    You seem to know what you are talking about…any way I could arrange to pick your brain while I start from scratch and re-do the jailbreak and put everything back on it fresh?  Thanks!

  • Lenwe76

    I finnaly did it !!!! and install ATV2 BLACK ! but when i go to XBMC i can find no 77000 films, nor tv show , only al jazera, food network, funnie or die and you tube?????????? where are those add on (icefilms, sport devil, Canadian on demand, etc into xmbc)

  • Anis

    I did all this but now my Apple Tv does not switch on.  The apple logo comes for a few second but then nothing happens.  Please help

  • derp

    Make sure the power cable is unplugged, that was my drawback lol

  • Oz_the wiz

    when i try to ssh and do “apt-get update” i get this “E: Type ‘deb’ is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/weasel.list”

  • Rodsonnow

    how long should this take   itune seems like iy keeps going through a restore verify and restore over and over     then comes up with an error 1602

  • Ajwilson511

    When it is not free anymore is it possible to get for free on apple tv?

  • Ajwilson511

    When it is not free anymore are you able to get nba league pass for free?

  • Ed

    you must set up the apple tv connected to the tv before putting it into dfu mode. (select english,  connect to the wireless.