How to Update from iOS 10 GM to the Official Public Release Easily


There’s nothing cooler than getting your hands early on Apple’s iOS betas, such as iOS 10. Apple released the final GM build last week to developers and public beta testers, after a summer of releasing numerous beta builds.

For developers and public beta testers on iOS 10 beta, last week’s GM release is the same as today’s official build, 14A403. So this means they are the exact same.

How to start getting official iOS updates and remove yourself from beta—without restoring? Easy. All you have to do is delete the iOS Beta Software Profile on your device.

Go to Settings > General > Profile. Tap on the “iOS Beta Software Profile”, then go to “Delete Profile”.

IMG 0270 IMG 0269

Enter in your passcode, agree to delete the profile, then reboot after.

IMG 0268 IMG 0271

You have now moved from the developer/public beta tester GM iOS 10 build, to the official release, without having to restore. You’ll start getting official iOS 10 updates now.

Thanks @swotam


  • jabohn

    Just being picky here, but the headline suggests there’s a difference between the GM build and the public release which the article then goes on to contradict.

    As a beta tester I can confirm that the GM and the public release are exactly the same as the article states. Also the iPhone 7’s have 10.0 and the public release is 10.0.1 so the new models will have an update available.

    But the instructions here only explain how to get out of future beta updates, not “update to the public release”.

  • I agree with jabohn… the article title should be more like “how to remove your iPhone from the public beta”.
    Because it’s good to stay on the public bets, since we get to have the 10.1 etc updates before too… the public beta is not good for the big 10 release.

  • swotam

    I agree with the other posters. Removing the profile only terminates your participation in the public beta program and restricts you from getting early access to future iOS 10 releases. It won’t “change” anything about your current iOS 10 GM install.

    That said, since there’s no difference between the iOS 10 GM release and the version of iOS 10 released today, there’s really nothing for public testers to worry about. You’re already running the release code, so if you want to leave the beta program you should remove the profile, otherwise do nothing and remain in the program.