iOS 8.4 Limits Home Sharing, Music Streaming for Apple TV Only


Alongside iOS 8.4, which brought the highly anticipated music streaming service, Apple has also tweaked the operating system: if you are running the latest version of iOS and iTunes, you cannot access the music stored on your home computer via Home Sharing (via AppleInsider).


The feature was neat because you were able to access all the songs stored on your computer from any device on the same network. With iOS 8.4 and Music, that’s also present in some way: you may choose the family plan for Apple Music, then upload your library to iCloud, and only then can you start streaming on other devices.

Also, an important change: the Family plan costs $14.99, but why pay that amount to stream the songs you own?

Apple’s Home Sharing support page was updated the day iOS 8.4 was pushed out, and now it appears that Home Sharing, as we knew it, is only available for videos.

Furious users have already started searching for third-party alternatives, but anybody angry about the removal of Home Sharing can make his or her voice heard and ask Apple to reinstate it in future releases by sending feedback through Apple’s website (link), opening a support ticket here (link), and tweeting to Eddy Cue, Tim Cook, or Apple Music, as suggested by one user.


  • Chrome262

    only ever used it for videos anyway, that way movies on my computer end up on the apply tv. No need to play music on my TV.

  • Not sure if it’s the same or not, but I can confirm it still works ok Kodi / xbmc. I streamed music from my phone to my TV running Kodi without issues.