This iMessage Prank Will Drive your Friends Crazy


imessage prank

Earlier today I was having a conversation with Gary when I received a reply from him via iMessage. I opened up the message, but all I could see was a typing indicator. Okay, he is typing a message, I say. So I waited. And waited. And waited for a couple minutes thinking that Gary has a long story to share with me. I was even thinking about visiting the Apple system status page, to check the status of iMessage.

In the end I realized that the typing indicator is a gif image, but I have to admit it took me a while. But you know what? Although it’s a silly way to have some fun, here is how you can drive your friends crazy: visit miscelllanousmischief and save this image to your Camera roll. Next, text this image to your friend with an iPhone and you can start laughing… That’s it.

Have fun!

[via iDB]


  • Tom

    Hit the home button three times; watch them lose their minds.

  • Chrome262


  • Erik Kappel

    Haha, I used this on two on my friends. Giggles were had (they thought it was funny too). Thanks for sharing!

  • 🙂

  • Blaze

    i dont get it? how are you supposed to make the image that small that they would get confused? i cropped it and it doesnt look anything close to the size of the usual “currently texting” icon

  • Nigleet

    Saw this on gizmodo, drove my friends off the wall haha.

  • K

    What are you talking about?

  • D

    That it’s time to use your smartphone less and maybe read a book??