First iPhone 4S Hands-On With Siri Hits the Web [VIDEO]


Some people in Germany have already received their iPhone 4S shipments from Apple, and now the first full length video review of the iPhone 4S and Siri’s capabilities have been posted by iPhone Ticker (via MacRumors).

Check out the video below as it will show you a preview of what to expect when you receive your iPhone 4S this week or early next. Siri appears to work pretty well based on this quick demo:


  • Tyler Hojberg

    That video review was painful to watch. Although I’m glad I saw this video demo of all the new futures of the iPhone 4S. 

  • Fraser

    Pretty stupid you can’t hear the actual dialogue. Just stupid music. That video is worthless. Who knows how well it works when you can’t even hear the person and the phone interact. That guy should have his face slapped.

  • Tim

    ?? music ?? i did not hear any just the guy talking with a german accent and siri seems to understand him just fine

  • Tim

    ?? music ?? i did not hear any just the guy talking with a german accent and siri seems to understand him just fine

  • Marc-Antoine Cossette

    guys, i just watched this on my iphone and now on my mac, the guy doesn’t talk and there is shitty music?

  • Marc-Antoine Cossette


  • Tim

    works fine for me on my mac

  • Flaxx

    How strange.. the video sometimes plays the regular audio and then other times it plays disco music. If you hear music, just reload it.

  • Not sure if you watched the correct video, because the one above is pretty clear.

  • bird

    This guy is the worlds most boring person….wow….

  • Marsdust

    German accent?  He sounds American!  That’s not a German accent.

  • cilias

    I don’t think that was a legitimate test. He speaks to Siri like a robot. I want to see a test with someone speaking in their natural rhythms as if they were speaking to a friend. Plus the questions he asks are very basic. At one point he even uses old protocol “Google search iphone”.

    Then I want to see the ultimate test: a heavy Irish accent. 🙂

  • Tim

    I was using heading phones when i watched it if you listen to how he pronounces his l, w, and r’s you can hear it.  and listen when he say’s “where is new york”    = )

  • Clint

    That would be a French accent from France, not to mention the Youtube channel is all in french 😉

  • Clint

    Nevemind I am stupid, defs a German accent! 

  • Cameronvford

    In 240p it is only music.  The other resolutions seem to work fine.

  • Cameron

    Never mind.  That was just the first time.  It seems to be random.

  • Guest

    Im a little bit pissed that people from Germany got theirs early and we haven’t yet because its due Friday. Far as I can remember the very first release is on Friday for Germany, UK, US and Canada.

  • Tradix3

    Thanks very much you have helped a lot. I do have one question though, I heard that Siri has no Canadian mapping system yet, is this true?