How Much Data Does Siri Use in a Month?


How much data does Siri use in a month? Well, that depends on how many instances you use Siri per day, according to tests by Arstechnica. They performed a variety of tasks for Siri that required local tasks and those that needed lookups online.

In the end, they determined Siri isn’t that much of a data hog, based on moderate usage:

If you use Siri 2-3 times per day at an average of 63KB per instance, you might expect to use 126KB to 189KB per day, or 3.7 to 5.5MB per month. For 4-6 times a day, that might come out to 252KB to 378KB per day, or 7.4 to 11MB per month. If you use it 10-15 times per day, you might end up using 630KB to 945KB per day, or 18.5 to 27.7MB per month.

For those with 6GB data plans from either Rogers, Telus, or Bell, using Siri multiple times a day shouldn’t be a problem. How many times do you use Siri in a day?


  • Tjmcd1

    i use siri like 20-30 times a day but i have 6gb of data so I’m not worried lol

  • Jdutch101

    For the rest of us who didn’t get the 6Gig deal, and are stuck with 30$/1GB/1 month, thats a lot like asking how much many lines of “white gold” do we snort per month… lol

  • Bozz

    I probably use it maybe 10-20 days… I really love Siri…. Can’t wait til it’s fully supported in Canada and comes out of Beta.

  • lol at the rate i use it i’m going to hit 1G

  • George

    I never use it. And I have Fido’s old unlimited data plan.

  • Anonymous

    Unlimited data with fido?

  • Dust

    10-20 days?

  • Artist_writer

    I spoke to Rogers about this yesterday & they said on average, even the lowest data plan of 500 MG of data a month works fine, as long as ur not loading videos & website surfing a ton. Especially since FB & Twitter are already unlimited. 🙂

  • I probably average less than 10 times a week. Just replying to texts while I’m driving. Sometimes to set timers while I’m grilling. If we had location services for Siri available, I’d maybe use it more.

  • Pete

    I use Siri <12 times a day. Mostly for setting alarms, reminders, phone calls.

    I'll use much more when it is localized for Canada.

  • Curtis Tomasek

    It’s still available on Rogers

  • Anonymous

    I have ‘unlimited’ GPRS data plan that was introduced back in early 2002. It doesn’t matter if I move my SIM card into a Rocket Stick, PC card, iPhone, Android phone, tablet…. I will have access to the unlimited data with no cap. When I use the iPhone Fido app, the data usage always says N/A.

    I believe this is what George has. Even though my statement says unlimited GPRS, the speed I get is based on the hardware. I went from GPRS, 2G, 3G, and now 3.5G. It won’t get LTE speed because it uses a different SIM card.

  • Rob

    I would love to use Siri but the Biotch does not work in Canada!!!!

  • I don’t use it at all because I have an iPhone 4 =(

  • Anonymous

    I am not too worried how much data it uses cause my $57 business plan with Telus includes 6GB of data.

  • Kraken

    What if you used it constantly, 24/7?  LOL

  • Usuaricriticon

    Not using Siri since it does not seem to like my Spanish accent and it is always making up words for me 🙁 Apparently Siri even has issues with some English natives (e.g. Scottish, Aussies, etc)

  • Acw_johnnyg

    I use it 0 times caz it dont work in canada fail apple