Infrared Microscope Reveals iPhone 4S Camera Made by Sony


Back in April, Walt Mossberg had a chat with Sony’s CEO that revealed the company’s sensors were being made for Apple. Following the teardown tutorial by iFixit (which revealed 512MB of RAM), Chipworks has discovered the iPhone 4S camera is indeed made by Sony, by using an infrared microscope:

In order to get our readers the device manufacturer as soon as possible, rather than going through a fuming sulfuric acid chip deprocessing we chose to use our infrared microscope to look through the structure of this image sensor. What you see are the die markings on the base layer of the image sensor. The image isn’t beautiful, but it’s enough to tell us that Sony is in our particular iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4S camera has been upgraded to 8MP, and can shoot video in 1080p. You can now tell your friends your iPhone 4S has a bit of Sony inside. How are you liking the iPhone 4S camera?

[iFixit via Chipworks]


  • Omactile

    Amazing to compare the 4 to 4s, a huge difference, 4s so much brighter and vivid, you can tell form the screen shot and the actual pics, love the 4s so far!

  • Omactile

    Also Gary, wasn’t sure if you noticed but the mute button is not in the exact same spot on the 4s so my otter box no longer fits perfect, might wrk with a minor mod

  • Omactile

    Newmarket ON must not of had much more then 500 phOnes, I was less than 200 back and just got the ph

  • Anonymous

    They used the CDMA style layout from the iPhone 4 so the switch was moved slightly. All cases which have a precut hole for that switch won’t fit the 4S. If you need a case then you will have to look for a case that fits the CDMA iPhone 4 (aka Verizon iPhone 4)

    Sucks but it had to be done because of the antenna style change…

  • KudosPhoneman

    There is an improvement, but it’s not out of this world compared to the last model.  You’re probably rationalizing your purchase decision more than anything.