Bell Locations Begin Receiving iPhone 5 Stock [PHOTO]


A report from MobileSyrup just moments ago verifies that iPhone 5 stock is arriving at Bell locations three days ahead of the official release. Those who had the chance to pre-order their handsets in-store probably love to hear this because it’s some extra re-assurance that delays shouldn’t be a problem.

The anonymous tipster tagged a photo to the report without citing a specific location for security purposes. It appears that the box is the same as the one on the iPhone 5 pre-order page.

If you still have pre-ordered the iPhone yet, chances are you will have to wait until Friday to pick one up at the Apple store. We have posted a full launch roundup post with all information on the iPhone’s release. As of now, all Canadian carriers are ‘sold-out’ of the iPhone 5 pre-orders.

The iPhone 5 comes equipped with the new A6 processor, which doubles the speed of the iPhone 4S. Other features include a larger display, lightning dock connector, and LTE internet. Click here to learn the full details.

Where did you pre-order your iPhone from?


  • Farids

    Fido iphones must be coming too. My original place on the line was 602nd. Now it’s 34th.

  • RyanStOnge

    Wow, that’s a lot of iPhones. Hope you get one on time, atleast we know stock shortages are becoming less of a problem.

  • inotel54

    i was 96th on friday morning now it says “in process” since saturday night.. rogers 32gb whitea$$

  • I went from 204th to some lower number to “In Progress” 2 days ago

  • Hounster

    Just got a text from rogers that my phone has shipped!

  • inotel54

    FU 😛 what was your number and which i5 did you get ?

  • Cassy

    I went from 217th to 184th today on the 32g black and slate unit I ordered on Fido. I wonder what it means…

  • NoOneCares

    Odd. I started at 631 on Friday morning, got down to 617 by Saturday afternoon and flipped to “In Progress” Saturday night with no number. On Rogers.

  • Mike

    Got a call from my local bell store that they have received mine and I can pick it up after 8am Friday

  • thisisme19

    I also just got a text and e-mail from rogers saying my phone was shipped, and a tracking number. Was 650 in line for a 16gb black iphone.

  • Amsterdave

    I got a text message from Rogers as well, saying my iPhone is in transit! FWIW, I was #21 on Friday morning, haven’t checked since, because that seemed like a pretty safe number! 😉

  • Hounster

    I was #61 for a 16GB white

  • David

    I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 32GB black from Future Shop! Can’t wait to have it in my hands on Friday!!!

  • Cassy

    My fido acount now says “in process” on my order. What does that mean??

  • Gabe

    I spoke to Rogers 2 days ago and I was telling the rep that I was around 1,400 in line, and he said “you are lucky, some people are around 20,000” That made me feel good. ‘In Progress’ now.

  • Glen

    I received my tracking number from Rogers saying both my phones are in Concord Ontario and will arrive before end of day on the 20th in London

  • gweed123

    I started out at 1,126, then yesterday I checked and I was 217, and then today it says “In Progress”. What do you think the odds are that I’ll be able to pick up my phone on Friday? I’m with Rogers.

  • Ryan

    Phone being shipped out now and says should arrive in the store tomorrow evening =D

  • I was

  • I was #65 for Rogers, checked the status of the shipment of my iPhone and it was delivered an hour ago!