Calgary Added to 3D Maps in iOS 6 to Go Alongside Toronto and Montreal


Back in early August, Apple added Toronto and Montreal to its list of cities with 3D map capabilities. Now, it appears Calgary has been quietly added with 3D maps too. Check out the image below:

Here’s Toronto and Montreal if you haven’t seen them already:


Under Apple’s iOS 6 Feature Availability page, Canada isn’t listed under 3D Buildings, but as you can see we have three cities already added, with most likely more to come.

Apple acquired Sweden-based C3 Technologies last October and has implemented their technology into the latest iOS Maps app, ditching Google Maps, although many feel the latter still provides an edge in maps.

iOS 6 will be released for download this Wednesday, September 19th.

If you spot any new 3D cities in Canada, send us an email or tweet!


  • Nicolas

    We need Quebec city 🙂

  • Cshudson

    We need a street view . 3d flyovers are a gimmick and not useful for anything but marketing .

  • Acer12345

    Yup. I’ll just end up hiding the Apple maps app and instead downloading and using the Google Maps standalone app.

  • gweed123

    What I want to know is how much data the turn-by-turn navigation will actually use. I’m currently using the TomTom App, which has all of the maps preloaded and as a result uses no data at all. Especially useful for travelling outside of Canada, where roaming data rates are obscene.

    If the data consumption is relatively low (maybe 50MB for a trip from Ottawa to Toronto), and the timing is pretty accurate (Google Maps timing is always way off), I may consider using it. If not, I’ll be sticking with TomTom.

  • What about Vancouver?

  • einsteinbqat

    Montreal was already there back in June at the WWDC Conference when Scott Forstall presented iOS 6. Toronto came later on.

  • In Canada, Turn-by-Turn uses TomTom. 🙂

  • gweed123

    Hmm, that’s interesting. But the road data isn’t preloaded into the app like TomTom though, I would guess. I mean, the TomTom app is over 1GB because of all of the pre-loaded map data. It’s like that so that all of the info is on-board, and the data connection isn’t needed.

    So unless they’re going to have a monster of a Maps app, the data will need to be downloaded as needed onto the phone. Especially when you factor in all of the bells and whistles that the Apple app will have (3D buildings, live traffic, etc) compared to the TomTom app.

    I’m just worried that driving through a city like Toronto, there will be so much that will need to be loaded that it’ll become a pretty big data hog. Hopefully I’m wrong though and Apple has found some way to streamline it to make it more data-efficient.

  • Roy

    What about ottawa?

  • sully54

    calgary but not vancouver? wtf?

  • QRM

    Ottawa is only two-dimensional, anyway…no need for 3D map…

  • I work near the Vancouver airport and there’s been red planes marked “surveillance” that keep flying overhead in the past month. Could that be Apple?

  • jjjj

    or the american government

  • kyuusei

    I find it hilarious that Calgary was added before Vancouver.

  • NoPST

    I agree… Apple isn’t worried that Vancouverians might start a riot?

  • Nope.

  • Not yet.

  • Sheerluck

    Download the Waze app…its free, has low data usage and updates road travel speeds/times as they happen

  • crosseyed_mofo



  • The new Apple maps uses vectors instead of bitmap tiles which is why it loads smoothly and fast. It’s also very light on data. If you were ok with GoogleMaps’ data usage, then Apple maps will be significantly lighter.

  • CjmQuinones

    On my gf’s iPad mini Vancouver can be in 3d flyover mode, but my iPad mini doesn’t, weird