Consensus Is Apple Will Announce One iPhone Instead of Two?


With today’s early morning announcement of Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ media event taking place next Tuesday (AllThingsD was correct), the big question of the day is whether Apple will introduce one or two iPhones.

Once again, the blogosphere has continued to decipher any possible cryptic messages in the invite’s graphic, seen below:

The obvious message by looking at each icon would allude to the following, as Philip Elmer-Dewitt from Apple 2.0 writes:

Apple is holding an event at 10 a.m. Oct. 4 at its corporate headquarters, and if you’re driving from San Francisco, 280 is the route to take.

As for the phone icon, there is one notification badge that you can either interpret as ‘one iPhone’ being announced. It appears Piper Jafray’s Gene Munster also agrees:

We Do Not Expect a Low-End iPhone. Some investors are looking for Apple to announce a low-end iPhone that Apple could sell to carriers for less than $300 vs. the current carrier cost of over $600. This would enable carriers to offer affordable, unsubsidized iPhones and further penetrate more price-sensitive markets. However, we do not expect Apple to announce such a device on 10/4. Rather, we expect Apple to continue with a lead device (iPhone 5) that carriers sell subsidized for $199/ $299 along with a previous generation device (iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S) for $99.

John Gruber from Daring Fireball, always close to sources within Apple also hints at one phone, rather than two:

Something tells me there’s only one new iPhone.

Earlier it was noted the iPhone 5 tapered-design as seen in leaked cases could have occurred via a lost prototype from the Foxconn factory. Rumours of a smaller, cheaper iPhone were reported by Bloomberg back in February, and word from Digitimes the iPhone 5 would include a 4″ screen and the dual core A5 chip used in the iPad 2.

The last time Apple images were ‘picked apart’ dates back to The Beatles hitting iTunes last November, when the phrases ‘Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.’ appeared on the Apple website.

The reality is nobody really knows what will announced, unless some last minute leaks occur (which always makes the week leading up the announcements fun times). Up until this point in time Apple has kept us pretty much in the dark (aside from stories of lost prototypes in bars again), but iOS 5 GM being announced is a guarantee since it’s officially Fall.

It will come down to the alleged ‘iPhone 4S’ or ‘iPhone 5’. Which camp are you in?


  • Tjriley_1978

    If the OS is going to be 5, it makes sense that the new iPhone will be an iPhone 5, not a 4GS

  • William

    If they release a 4S im going to windows phone.

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t think that Apple will have a cheap new iPhone just to penetrate to that type of market. But with the crazy high priced plans that the US and Canada have. if you can pay those monthly prices you should be able to afford the full iPhone experience and not a handicap one.

    And I still can’t figure out what the 1 notification on the Phone app means… That’s a tricky one.

  • Aside from meaning there’s a missed call, there are 6 letters in ‘missed’ and 4 letters in ‘call’, adds up to 10. 1+0 = 1; therefore, there’s only one iPhone being announced.

    It’s simple math. ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    10 letters in ‘missed call’ plus the ‘1’ from the badge equals 11 … 11 new iPhones! Hahaha

  • Anonymous

    They still make those? I thought it went the way of the dodo bird or the zune …

  • pure4

    hahaha that’s a good one.. yeah I’m sure you are.. ¬†ūüėÄ

  • pure4

    On a side note what the hell happened to the forums.. i miss them 

  • Well, you forgot to take into consideration the lunar cycle and the way the planets will align on October 4th, so I’m pretty sure my theory is still correct!

  • They are under maintenance. Will be back soon!

  • Alan

    ¬†how does that make sense? when apple released iphone 3G, they released iOS 2.0…
    ps. please dont tell u think u iphone 4 is called iphone 4g…

  • Anonymous

    I think what is being overlooked is that there will be 1 phone — the iPhone 5. But that there will also be a new iPod Touch — which people are referring now to as the ¬†iPhone 4S. Instead it will be a modified Touch with a 3G component. Just speculating…

  • Anonymous

    You are a genius Gary

  • pure4

    Thanks for clearing that up!

  • Cshupe2

    @Gary with bat part saying tomorrow will be anyother day is their an announcement tomorrow?

  • No, that is referring to the previous launch of The Beatles on iTunes. The announcement is on Tuesday for the iPhone.

  • ssm

    with the new WP 7.5 Mango update, it has far supprassed iOS in functionality, onlive services integration & UI attractiveness.  one thing Apple has going for it is that their hardware is very good Рbetter than the competition.

  • Nilsej

    I think they are not ready yet and not announcing anything, even if they will announce small upgrade. I hope I am wrong, just keeping finger cross…

  • Mikef2007

    The map icon is of 1 Infinite Loop. Apple Campus

  • Mikef2007

    The map icon is of 1 Infinite Loop. Apple Campus

  • If Apple releases a spec update to the iPhone 4, I will be terribly disappointed. ¬†Although the 4 is a very good and attractive device, I’m leaning towards a bigger screen for my day to day personal use for a phone. I think Apple’s UI and eco-system is the best, I’m just not happy with the current screen size. ¬†I think 4 inches is the sweet spot and come on, 1 year and almost 4 months for a spec bump iPhone? ¬†I doubt that. ¬†There will be a 5 with a 4 inch screen. ¬†Apple will not disappoint.