Future Shop and Best Buy Taking iPhone 5 Pre-Orders In-Store [Update]


We predicted this was coming because it was available in the past–Future Shop and Best Buy are taking iPhone 5 pre-orders for all the official carriers. All you have to do is pay a $50 deposit and head down to the store on the September 21st launch day to pick up your iPhone 5.

The Future Shop location we spoke to noted they usually make courtesy calls to setup appointments prior to the launch day to help expedite the process. Stores are set to open at 8AM we’re told. Best Buy said their pre-orders are guaranteed and stores as of now are set to open at 10AM.

If you’ve had trouble pre-ordering online from the ‘Big 3’, try visiting your local Future Shop or Best Buy to secure an iPhone 5. Or, maybe try Apple Stores on launch day–lines should be reduced as unlocked iPhone 5 units won’t be available in stores.

Update (Sept. 20, 4:15pm): Future Shop and Best Buy have started calling people to come get their iPhone 5 units tomorrow. We’re told that some Best Buy stores won’t have 16GB White iPhone 5s available, and for the inconvenience those that ordered will get a $50 Best Buy gift card or choose a different model in stock.

Looks like Future Shop also has shortages of White models in 32GB/64GB. $50 gift cards being offered.


  • jer

    Unlocked iPhone 5’s will be available at the Apple Store locations in Canada on the 21st.

  • Omac

    Where your info coming from? I hope your right

  • silverjunkie

    Agreed. It’s on their website saying iPhone 5 is available Sept 21st.

  • Anthony

    Will Futureshop and Bestbuy preorder for existing Bell customers? We cannot preorder 16 gig Iphone at Bell store.

  • Yes they should.

  • swotam

    It is available on the 21st. However, that doesn’t mean unlocked phones will be available in stores if the other post is correct (which I assume it is).

  • J0sh

    I went to future shop at 3:45 eastern and I preordered 6th on the list for that store and they said it was guaranteed for launch day. Also ordered online with Rogers that morning and was 295 so probably cancel that one

  • nk

    I might be day-dreaming a bit but they wouldn’t take into account our FIDO dollars for a FIdo contracted phone would they?

  • nk

    Funny, at BB, they only have the 16GB version for FIDO…

  • KL

    yes they do!

  • Huh. I was going to cancel my iPhones I purchases for resale. Now, now I’m not. I’ll be one of a few sources to get your unlocked phone without having to wait weeks if you missed out.

    Anyone in the Vancouver area need a 16 or 32gb black? 😉

  • Atif

    will future shop or best buy refund $50 after u get an iphone 5? and my contract is over from fido and i am definitely elegible for upgrade so do i have to pay up front at best buy or future shop for an iphone upgrade fees or is it gonna be on my bill

  • Vinny

    How many phone will each fs or bb get??

  • Fab

    Reserved at future shop 32gb black rep said they guarantee the phone not alot ppl reserved he said as it was not really publicized

  • Omac

    Just reserved black 32 and 64 gb phones for the 21st, I hope everything goes without issue, the girl said unlike Rogers they know how many phones they can presell and what models they will have

  • I just walked into Futureshop and preordered a 32GB Black iPhone 5. The guy guaranteed it day of launch. Saved me a ton of aggravation, as the Fido preorder system is an absolute nightmare failure of epic proportions and is currently “down for maintenance”.

  • Omac

    Yes they will refund you

  • Omac

    Also I noticed for people on fido that want larger iPhones bob and FD were preselling 32 and 64gb phones for fido
    @ atif they will add cost of phone to your bill

  • Atif

    And how abt do i have to pay for the phone upfront or it will be in the fido bill?

  • Dannicus

    BB said they would be open at 8am on the 21st for preorders. Or at least thats what the clerk at the BB in my city said to my Mother.
    She also asked what size was wanted (any of them) and that Fido dollars were useable towards the purchase

  • Went to BestBuy to reserve a 32GB black with Fido but they said only 16GB was available with Fido. So I went to Future Shop and turns out they do reserve a 32GB black with Fido. The Future shop rep said I can come pick it up anytime on September 21st.

  • GadgetFreak

    Preordered 64gb black from Apple store-2 week. Ordered 64 and 32gb from Rogers. Was 2008 on 64 and now Sunday shows 1379. 32 was 1408 ad now 379. Went to Futureshop yesterday, Saturday. Guy said have lots and no line ups. Preordered 64 and 32gb in black. Paid $100 and was told repeatly, GUARANTEED pickup on Sep 21st! FS open at 8:00 am. on Sept 21st. Excited!

  • Apple

    Preordered a 64 black iPhone 5 @ FS yesterday. $50.00 deposit required, which is refunded on pickup. Guaranteed pickup 8 A.M. Friday 21st Sept. FS guy told me that they know exaclty how many of, and which models/colours are coming in, so they presell till those are all spoken for.

    Same exact routine as the 4s launch at FS last year. Went perfect then when I got my 4s-64-white iPhone, so I don’t see it being any different this year. Love FS – 21st can’t come fast enough!!!

  • Vietjr

    Just order mine at FutureShop but dont have 16gb version,32 and 64 left only.
    But the ref promised to give me it on the launch day.So exited

  • Dev

    Anyone know if Future Shop or Bet buy will be able to sell just the nano sim for Rogers?

  • Gunfus

    So I pre-order my iPhone 5 from FS and they called me last night telling me to come in at night because it will be crazy in the morning and they don’t know what will happen. I will have my iphone reserved on the side no matter what time I come so they won’t sell it out. (of course I am still in fear that they are just going to sell it out) You would think they would have two lines up. I reservered my iPhone and pre-ordered it.. Why not have two line ups?

  • Ih8mndays

    Best Buy just called me and said there were no White iPhone 5 models available. Offered the $50 gift card. I was the second pre-order at the store. Walked over to The Source just now, plunked down $50 and got my choice of white or black in all 3 sizes. Who in their right mind would stand in line for days when you can’t even get an unlocked one? Seriously people, call around, there are still pre-orders available.

  • I agree. Lots more options out there

    Sent from my iPad

  • Ih8mndays

    Unless of course, they’re paying full price cause they don’t have the full upgrade credits?

  • JimBrown

    Got a call from Future Shop. I ordered a black 32GB and he said that they might not have any in stock tomorrow. They will offer a $50 gift card if they can’t fill my preorder. Starting to wonder if they went ahead and placed preorders for more phones than they knew they were going to get. We will see what happens tomorrow.

  • Just got called. $50 offered by future shop and no eta on if/when they’ll get in more product. What to do, what to do.

  • JimBrown

    They also told me that they knew exactly how many they were going to receive but I got a call tonight warning me that they might not have my phone tomorrow because of phone shortages. Hopefully lots of phones show up tomorrow!

  • Suz

    No update here? Futureshop could not fulfill my white 64gb on the 21st, so I’m waiting it out… anyone else in the same boat? I’m consoled by the gift card but tempted to look elsewhere..

  • Lisa

    I have been waiting for over 2 weeks! I am waiting due to the 50$ gift card personally. Apple in my city has been getting them but sell out every morning. Hoping futureshop FINALLY gets their shipment because I am first on the list to get the iphone!