Here’s How All Apps Will Benefit On A 4-Inch iPhone Screen


There is a fantastic post over at OverDriveDesign that details how apps will benefit on a 4-inch iPhone display. The post is really neat because it’s all comparison photos showing the current 3.5-inch iPhone screen against a 4-inch iPhone screen.

The author took screenshots of a bunch of different apps and contrasted the photos with the current and rumored screen sizes to see the benefits of a 4-inch display.

Left: Rumored 4-inch display; Right: Current 3.5-inch display
Left: Rumored 4-inch display; Right: Current 3.5-inch display

While the initial benefit is not immediately seen, what you do see is more of every app. For example, in the Mail and Maps apps seen above, users will be able to see more messages and more of the current map view than ever before.

Overall such benefits could translate into less scrolling and tapping, and into more content viewing. Check it out!

[via OverDriveDesign]


  • Henry Kwan

    Additional screen real-estate assumes that the same pixel density will be kept, which is unlikely.

    When Apple first introduced the Retina Display, it was a fantastic evolution in screen quality.  More importantly, it was an easy transition from a development standpoint as pixel counts were simply doubled in both directions.  This allowed developers to more easily support both resolutions using two sets of images that were scaled versions of one another.

    If Apple changed the resolution with a 4″ screen, developers would have to work with a third resolution for images, which would not be as simple as quadrupling each pixel.  This of course assumes that the iPhone 3GS remains in the product lifecycle when iOS 6 is released.

    We will have to wait and see what Apple holds for us when ‘the new iPhone’ comes out.  If they make a change in the screen resolution, it seems likely that they will drop support for the iPhone 3GS with iOS 6.  However, given Apple’s loyal following, developers may be forced to triple-time it and maintain a third set of images despite the extra overhead.

  • RyleyLamarsh

    resolution changes are a fact of life on iOS. Developers will just have to conform. 

    One thing I dislike about the illustration above is the home button. If it were to be that small and awkward to use, I’d hate it.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    Omg so stupid. You are now Zite banned!

  • Anon

    I wish they’d get rid of that stupid home button altogether, and relocate it to the sides.

  • Nicholasjamessewell

    Is it just me or this whole larger display just a solution in search of a problem?

  • Ryan

    Well, this hardly shows how “all” apps will benefit from a 4″ screen, although it does do a great job illustrating how SOME apps will benefit. For apps with fixed layouts, I assume they’d just float in the middle of that space, which would work just fine, but would not be a benefit.

    It still raises the question of adding a third resolution to the mix and whether developers would have to design for a third screen option; or perhaps Apple would simplify things by saying that fixed resolution designs would all float, and the only way to take advantage of the extra pixels is to use a fluid layout.

  • what the…

    So bigger screen means we’ll see more. I’m so stupid for not knowing that.

  • Grisha_russki1

    I’ll kill you