Here’s Jimmy Kimmel’s iPhone 5 Prank You Have to See [VIDEO]


The iPhone 5 was announced yesterday and its news is taking the world by storm. Jimmy Kimmel played a pretty hilarious prank yesterday–he showed members of the public an iPhone 4S, but told them it was an iPhone 5.

Watch the reactions below, and tell me what you think:

Thanks everyone for sending this in!


  • They didn’t even show them the 4S. That was an iPhone 4. You can see the antenna band at the top. Even you guys can’t tell the difference…

  • Wow, I didn’t even notice that on first watch, but you’re right! That’s even funnier! Makes me wonder if it’s staged or something, because I can’t imagine someone who owned a 4S would say the 4 is “noticeably faster.” Then again, it’s amazing what people will believe when you suggest something to them.

  • Of course it’s staged. No way on this planed does meth ravaged hulk hogan own an iPhone.

    “it’s got video on the front and back! Cool, mine don’t do that!”