How To Check If Your iPhone 5 Has Shipped From Apple Yet


After having such a busy, event and pre-order filled week, iPhone 5’s have already started shipping out to few customers. Many reports have shown estimated arrival dates of September 21st, while a 9To5Mac writer is expecting his device today, according to the Fedex estimate.

Now below is what the UPS tracking page looks like. This iPhone is being shipped from ZhengZhou, China for a delivery this Friday.

While many Canadians likely bought their iPhone 5’s directly from a carrier such as Bell and Telus, Apple strictly sold only unlocked phones to Canada residents. If you happened to buy the iPhone from Apple, here is how you can check its shipping status:

Step One: Click here to head on over to Apple’s “account home” webpage interface.

Step Two: Under the ‘orders’ subtitle, select the ‘track a shipment’ web-link. Now just login with the account you used to purchase the iPhone 5.

Step Three: You should now be able to locate information on your iPhone 5’s whereabouts.

If you still are having issues with tracking your iPhone 5, there is another way around. Fedex and UPS offer ways to track a shipment without actually having a tracking number. You can track by reference, this means you enter information such as your phone number, shipping address, and etc.

Click here to view the Fedex reference tracking page or here for the UPS reference tracking page. Last year, we told you how to get your tracking number from UPS for the iPhone 4S–that should be able to work again this year.

Has your iPhone shipped yet? Let us know.

[via CHRON]


  • I got my order in about 12:35 PDT Friday, in Region 1 for delivery on the 21st, but still says processing for me.

  • MGSayah

    Same here, I preordered at 12:12 PDT Friday and I’m also in Region 1 for delivery on the 21st, but still says processing for me too… I can’t wait to receive this jewel!

  • RyanStOnge

    Did you try the Fedex/UPS reference method? Sometimes Apple can put a delay on their website shipping-tracker

  • djepsilon

    Any idea what you are supposed to type in when it asks for a shipment reference?

  • djepsilon

    Ordered at 12:03 PDT (in region 1) and it has still yet to ship. Getting nervous…

  • RyanStOnge

    Anything that was provided to apple in the purchase, such as your phone number.

  • Nothing. Tried my order number as shipment reference, put in postal code, couldn’t pick ship date so just left today, and didn’t know shipper account.

  • Jer

    I ordered mine at 12:02am in Victoria through the apple store app on my iphone 4 and my order for mine now says preparing for shipment as of saturday and still no update for shipping.

  • Think thats bad I ordered two iPhone’s a white one and black one at 12:14pdt and the white one is showing preparingfor shipping and the black says still processing…

  • Jayp

    I dont think any canadian order has shipped yet

  • Scratch

    I am amazed you have it being shipped already. I am still stuck on processing for shipment.
    But then again my iPad shipped a day before launch and got to me in time. So no worries here.

  • Hosein

    Mine says “Preparing for Shipment”.

  • Comon guys of course it’s going to be USA orders first out then Canada …

  • noah

    My order went through at exactly 12:00am and i’m still processing. I’m thinking there are a few reasons for this.
    1. They are leaving from one of the US stockpiles most likely in Illinois.
    2. No point in giving out tracking info yet, it will just cause Fedex a headache in calls and emails.

    I’m confident it will arrive on friday (in Vancouver) the same thing happened with my 4s last year. I got it at 10:00am on the Friday.

  • noah

    oops I meant
    “Preparing for Shipment”

  • Kirk

    Not necessarily. I am from Toronto and my order says preparing for shipment!

  • Kirk

    Preparing for shipment! Ordered 12 something PDT sept 14th from T.O

  • Amer

    I ordered at 12:05pst and since sunday the order still says Preparing for shipment!

  • goopy

    Lucky you. I placed my order like 10mins after EST 3am and yet the estimate is 3 OCT.