iOS 6 is Now Available for Download Over the Air and iTunes


Earlier today we noted the times for the release of iOS 6, and now it is available as a download over the air or within iTunes. On your iOS device, go to Settings–>General–>Software Update. The update is 599MB and contains over 200 new features. I suggest doing a full backup before you update.

Oh, and Apple still needs to update its iOS page on the website. It still says iOS 6 is ‘coming soon’. Let us know how your update goes!



  • Gabe

    Still a no go in Edmonton

  • Nothing for me yet (Toronto).

  • swotam

    Keep in mind that they tend to stagger the rollout, so not everyone will see it as being available right away. Just keep trying from time to time (it may take a few hours) and eventually it will appear.

    Update: It just showed up on my 4th Gen iPod Touch, 580 MB

  • MrXax

    JUST went live for iPad 3 in Toronto.

    EDIT: iTunes is failing to download it.

  • Downloading now! This will have to keep me happy until my iPhone 5 arrives (over 6500 people ahead of me in Rogers queue).

  • Aha, there we go! πŸ™‚

  • HA! I’m number 39915 as of today, I’ll tell you how it feels like in my hands when I get it πŸ˜‰

    Oh wait…

  • jin

    iphone4s and it is showing as 912.8mb

  • MikeJenkinson

    I tried upgrading to iOS5 late in the day of its release date, and it took 90 minutes and was a near disaster. I upgraded my family’s iOS devices the day after, and had 3 of them done in no time. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow.

  • Peter

    downloding through itunes…..less risk….
    my iphone 4s crashed last time with ios 5

  • Can’t update OTA since I’m on the latest beta before GM. Doesn’t help that I’m on holidays in Europe right now either.

  • Did my update through iTunes and it is now complete in Edmonton!

  • iTunes picks it up, but not OTA. Rogers in Montreal.

  • how to upgrade from ios 6 beta to this full version ios 6???everybody updating but i am stuck here

  • momo

    im about 9 minutes remaining here in montreal ahahahaha

  • chris jones

    8-hours left to download for me. BLAH!

  • Status : preparing to update haha

  • chris jones

    Just in time for iphone 6.

  • nancy

    im downloading now the ios 6

  • OTA just got it now.

  • chris jones

    Sorry my mistake, it’s now 17 hours. I’ll have my iphone 5 before it’s done.

  • Quidity

    Yikes! Glad I snagged #33 πŸ™‚

  • Full update dude, from scratch. Make a backup first.

  • swotam

    Update from beta to GM has to be done as a restore, or you’d need to restore to 5.1.1 and then upgrade OTA.

  • swotam

    Download the GM release from wherever you’re getting your beta releases, backup/sync then do a restore. You can’t update OTA from beta to GM.

  • apple logo with progressive bar on !!!!!!! yeah

  • iPad 3 and iPhone 3GS both updated without issues (3GS pretty slow, though!) in Vancouver

  • Guest

    I’d like to, but I’m on a bus tour of Central Europe right now and there aren’t any Apple Stores close by, plus I have all my music synced to my iPhone for this trip. Oh well, the beta expires September 30th at 8pm….I’ll have just gotten home from the airport by then!

  • I am not able to download GM version coz my UDID was only added to developers account , I am not in developers account my self so I am still with Beta. I am still searching solution but haven’t got any solution to update full ios 6.

  • rhodz_99

    All my apple gadget been updated to ios6 with no issues. Start around 11:07am- done around 12:15pm (edmonton time)

  • Bart

    Is it necessary to install last version of iOS 5 (5.1.1) before updating to iOS 6?

  • no

  • Installed io6 on my iphone4s. Panorama photos and full Siri support is cool. I can now ask Siri in Chinese where a nearby restaurant is. Be aware ios6 forcefully removes the original youtube and google maps app. Apple maps is good that it speaks out directions like a GPS, but transit and walking directions are not supported.

  • Yea, weird, shows the iOS 5.1.1 update for me in iTunes :S

  • Hmm, maybe it is required?

  • GDG

    Downloaded and installed iOS 6 OTA on my iPhone 4S at 11am in Vancouver using my office’s Telus wifi connection. Approximate time from download to install to restart: 1 hour. I haven’t backed up my phone in two months and it seemed to have saved everything. So far, so good.

    Tested Siri to see if it has been localized to Canada. I searched for the nearest typical Vancouver locations, such as, vegetarian restaurants, yoga studios and pubs, all with success. It even provided directions on the new Apple Maps App, which in itself is much better and faster than Google’s. It even provided me phone numbers to local businesses, movie showtimes and the latest Whitecaps score (who lost to Dallas Last weekend).


  • Nilay Maheta

    3d map is almost useless. extremely missing Google map streetview, almost immposible to live without it and youtube app for ipad which is most used for my 3 year old daughter. Not sure how long will need to wait for google’s own app.

  • Yep. The Canadian Siri update is awesome.

  • Installed it, checked out the new maps. The app itself is much better – quick, clean, easy to use. The maps are a disaster. I’m in Dawson Creek, in northeastern B.C. The relatively new roads in town – about 4 years old – are not on the map. The entire town of Rolla – 100 years old, population of 1,000 – is not included by name. Lots of road names replaced by route numbers that no one uses. The town of Tumbler Ridge, BC – a major coal-mining town – is identified as having no roads going to it – because it’s located on the map 80 kilometres from the ACTUAL town of Tumbler Ridge. Dense cloud cover over half of Dawson Creek in satellite view, and less crisp satellite overall. You can say that it’s only because we’re more rural, but that’s partly the point: Google Maps was incredibly thorough, even in rural areas. At this point the new maps app is almost worthless to me; I’m going to have to use the Google Maps web app, despite its slowness.

  • GDG

    Give Apple Maps some time to catch up to the standards that Google has set. I’m sure it’ll be just as good.

    On a related note, I’m glad they did away with StreetView. I found it too creepy that people can see what the front of my house looked like. I like my privacy, thankyouverymuch.

  • Seems like it shouldn’t be. I’m pretty sure I’ve skipped versions in the past. I’m betting it’s just not available to me yet (why though? :S) so I’ll wait (impatiently) and see if it pops up!

  • Uh jeez. Sorry for the multiple messages. Here’s something weird: Just checked on my iPhone under settings and iOS6 pops up, but in iTunes, still showing iOS 5.1.1. I definitely don’t want to update OTA when I can update it (at faster speeds) through iTunes! Just sayin’!

  • Hah, go figure I’m having the contrary problem!

  • Google does have a youtube ios app

  • I clicked “Update” out of curiosity, and saw this (used Skitch to make this, thanks to your recommendation!)

  • JustinC

    Is passbook not available to Canadians? I keep opening the app then hitting the button to go to the App Store but I get the message cannot connect to iTunes Store but when I hit featured everything loads.

  • I’m pretty sure you can skip. Just make sure you do a backup and then update (and yes, Skitch ROCKS).

  • kyuusei

    How’s it running for people with a 3GS? I’m afraid to make my phone even slower than it is.

  • Yimmer

    Full iOS6 update in 35mins(DL+Install), using the WiFi @ A&W in Port Kells. Looks great, no problems. Oh and the Teen Burger combo I had while waiting was pretty delicious.

  • Teen burger combo FTW! Did you have a root beer? Love how they don’t use ice at A&W for drinks.

  • Yup confirmed, it worked, and I’m enjoying iOS6 as we speak, er… write πŸ˜›

  • They serve something other than Root Beer? Root Beer + Frosted Mug = Pure liquid bliss.

  • Correction: Root beer float + frosted mug = teh winz.

  • wuju

    Installed iOS 6 over the air on my new iPad (iPad 3) and now the Wifi signal keeps dropping off. What’s going on????

    This is BAD! Anyone is experiencing this? Any solution??

  • Matt

    This is probably too late for most ppl but do not download ios6. I no longer have wifi connectivity on my iPhone 4S.

  • wuju

    Did Network reset, still disconnect wifi signal after sign on for 5 secs or so πŸ™

  • Matt

    Their is a bug. I went to date and time settings – switched off the auto option – changed the date a few years later – went back to update section of appstore and received the following error message “cannot establish a secure connection – check date and time settings – went back to date and time settings and checked the auto option back to on – checked again the appstore updates and problem was solved.

  • I didn’t experience this problem, WiFi still works as it should. Maybe just a problem with the install? Try re-installing iOS6. I would restore from a pre iOS6 back up tho.

  • Nilay Maheta

    Its just for iphone only not ipad yet

  • xxxJDxxx

    The satellite imagery for my town is all in black and white! what the hell?

  • Not 100% certain but it seems like iOS6 has mucked up my iPad 3’s LTE/3G connection. I didn’t try it last night after applying the update. Today – despite the Rogers LTE and 3G appearing with adequate signal strength in the top bar – I cannot actually connect to the internet via either connection type. Not having any network issue with the iPhone in the same service area.