iPhone 5 Accounts for 12.8% of All iPhone Web Traffic in Canada and the US

Since the launch of the iPhone 5, there has been huge demand for the latest high-end smartphone was, and Apple has hardly managed to balance supply with the demand. But how well did the iPhone 5 perform in terms of consumer adoption? Chitika has decided to do its own investigation.

iPhone 5 share

Ten weeks have passed since the iPhone 5 hit the stores with an adoption rate of 2.5% of all iPhone Web traffic recorded in Canada and the US during the first few days of availability, according to Chitika Insights.

iPhone 5 share

After examining millions of mobile ad impressions over the Chitika ad network from November 8 to November 27, the results speak for themselves, as you can see from the above chart: iPhone 5 Web traffic spiked at nearly 14% of all iPhone Web traffic during the Black Friday weekend. Now Apple’s latest-generation iPhone generates 12.8% of all iPhone Web traffic across the Chitika network. That’s a more than 10% rise in just ten weeks, and we can expect this percentage to rise over the holiday season.

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