iPhone 5 Owners Now Reporting ‘Light Leak’ Issues


Apple can’t seem to catch a break these days. It has gone from the iOS 6 Maps issues, to scuffgate, and now what is called a ‘light leakage’ issue. This problem isn’t anywhere as huge as the others, but involves light leaking from between the glass display and aluminium antenna. The photo above highlights the area of concern.

This was first discovered by MacRumors forum member ‘Leotono,’ and BGR later confirmed the problem on a device of their own. It seems the light leakage only occurs under the power button based from the photos available.

Whether this is a widespread issue, or strictly limited to specific models is unknown. In the BGR photo showcased above the iPhone 5 is a 64 GB white/silver model. Many forum posters were able to return their iPhone 5 without an issue due to this problem.

In the comments below let us know if you’re having a light leak issue with your iPhone. If you are, make sure to tag along if you own a black or white model, and whether you have a 16/32/ or 64 GB storage option.


  • kyuusei

    64 GB, black, and I couldn’t find any light leak after like a minute in a completely dark room.

  • same

  • Shawn

    I couldn’t either. Same model and all

  • General Inquiry

    hmmm…. measuring tolerances in “microns”, eh?
    (my little jab at the iPhone 5 promo video that discusses how tightly the case fits together)

  • Zudeo

    Same. 32GB Black. Rogers, Ontario Canada.

  • RyanStOnge

    Thanks for the report guys. Sounds like a manufacturing issue on very few devices.

  • f1ght3r

    No light leak on my mine, but the battery life still sucks 😐

  • redflame

    Make sure the screen brightness is turned to the maximum level. If not there is no light leak, however on models with the defect if the brightness is on maximum a small sliver will appear under the power button.

    16gb White – has leakage

  • Guest

    I’ve got white 32GB iPhone 5

    no light leakage when the display is on
    there is a leakage when turning on the camera’s flash

    try to turn on your camera’s flash

  • Husein S.

    32GB Black, no light issue that I can notice.

  • GamingSV

    “Many forum posters were able to return their iPhone 5 without an issue due to this problem.”

    Why would there be an issue to begin with? You can return the product within 14 days anyways.

  • Apple_Tech

    Does anyone have scratch issue? Both mine and my brother’s iPhone 5 have this problem!

  • xxxJDxxx

    Don’t notice any leak on my white 64gb

  • I can faintly see the light leak on mine, but honestly I never would have noticed if it wasn’t for this article. Personally, I don’t care too much about the leak, it’s impossible to notice if you’re not looking for it.

  • djepsilon

    64GB white… mine looks exactly like the picture. Slight light leak. Mine also came with a slight groove where the screen meets edge under the home button. Debating about going to Apple to swap for a new one (not sure if they would even do this or not).

  • Vince Turnone

    32 gig black. No light leak here.

  • Cheers

    32 GB white. Light leak (tried it with brightness @ max, very easy to spot) & 2 scuffs right out of the box. Le big sigh.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    For gawd’s sake…….first scuffgate now this! I’m seriously considering just saying “screw the iphone 5” and either wait awhile until quality control is fixed or…….sigh………just get a SGIII. My 3GS has run it’s life and I just don’t want the bloody hassle with this debacle!

  • Cheers

    Make that light leak, 2 scuffs and a dead pixel. *sobbing*

  • Grover

    64GB White. No issues at all.

  • Mindfield

    64GB black, no light leak issues here, either.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yep, picked up my white 64GB iPhone 5 on the 28th, activated it on the 29th and BAM light leak! Fido store where I picked it up from wouldn’t do a damn thing for me and told me to go to Apple as it’s covered under a one year warranty! Fuckin’ Fido……..if you won’t/don’t support the products you sell then why sell them in the first place? It was a bloody nuisance/inconvenience to have to drive to an Apple store when the damn Fido store was 1/2 a block away! At least Apple takes care of it’s customers. The only problem is they didn’t have it in stock so I now have to take MORE time out of another day to drive back to the Apple store again once it arrives (and even then it might have the same issue). Man am I PISSED!

  • 1His_Nibs1

    This happens in both scenarios as I’ve tried both. If screen is on low then yes you can see light leak from camera flash. If you have the screen brightness cranked to full (with camera flash off) you see the leak again.