Samsung Files Lawsuit Against the iPhone 5, As Expected


As noted by FOSS Patents, Samsung has filed a lawsuit against the iPhone 5 by adding it to list of devices alleged to infringe on 8 Samsung patents, part of an existing claim against Apple being held in the San Jose federal court:

Samsung seeks an order granting it leave to amend its infringement contentions pursuant to Patent L.R. [Local Rules] 3-6 to allege infringement by the iPhone 5.

Numerous reports leading up to the launch of the iPhone 5 noted Samsung was ready to immediately target Apple’s latest iPhone. FOSS Patents reports the Suwon, South Korea based company informed the court of its intent in a separate filing on September 20th, the even of the iPhone 5 launch.

From today’s filing:

“as soon as [the] iPhone 5 was available for purchase, Samsung began its investigation of the product and within a week “determined that the iPhone 5 practiced its patented technologies”


Samsung says that “[t]he iPhone 5 has the same accused functionality as the previously accused versions of the iPhone, so the proof of infringement of the patents-in-suit by the iPhone 5 is the same as for other Apple devices already accused of infringement in this litigation”.

Reuters reports Samsung has released the following statement:

“…we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights.”

One of the patents in question are related to LTE networking, which Samsung earlier warned they would sue over if the iPhone 5 supported the faster networking. The iPhone 5 launched with LTE networking. Apple acquired 318 LTE patents earlier this year and holds 4.9% of total LTE patents compared to the top 10 patent holders.

What do you think? Are you ready for another epic courtroom battle?


  • FragilityG4

    Yawn … Samsung is now acting like a little kid who got in trouble with mommy and has sunk to the lowest common denominator … Sulking.

  • Prailor

    agreed… YAWN… this back and forth thing is so old, they need each other

  • sudzer

    That is ridiculous. Obviously you don’t understand law. The child in this is Apple. Samsung has no choice but to reply or risk it’s entire business. Apple is just making both sides spend millions on lawyers… and that cost is being passed on to us through higher prices.

    In the end consumers lose in this

  • Guest


  • Lh2Play

    You kind of person creates a word “iTard”

  • Adam

    Agree. Apple really is being the child in this whole back and forth. Both companies can sue all they want for patents they have. Its the law. I really have no opinion on this as these companies don’t give me anything for their loyalty. Apple and I aren’t buddies. Unfortunately either are Samsung and I. At the end of the day I just want solid products from both companies.

  • FragilityG4

    Sure … Samsungs entire business is all footed on LTE … An industry standard …

  • FragilityG4

    Yawn … if I create the word “iTard” than iDon’tCare … The only ones who do are fAndriods Hahaha

  • gtasscarlo

    This is as stupid as if ford sued gm for putting tires on there cars as well.

  • Meena

    so LTE is an industry standard, while having a square/round samsung phones caused them over a billion dollar.. “Make total sense”

  • FragilityG4

    I wish the trolling fAndriods would stop hanging their hats on one aspect of that case, being the square phone with rounded corners. For a moment look at the rest of the facts which included a 132 page internal outline on how to make Samsung phones closer resemble the iPhones look and feel … This went way beyond square phones with rounded corners … From icons shading, to how to dismiss unwanted calls.
    Samsungs new lawsuit is just sulking … We lost now let’s try and recover … Besides wasn’t it Samsung them self who said ‘companies should choose to innovate not litigate? … What happened with that philosophy?