Unlocked iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Shipped, UPS Tracking Number Available [Update]


Just when everybody was freaking out, the inevitable has happened–factory unlocked iPhone 5 orders have received their UPS tracking numbers, and have ‘shipped.’

Our order status for iPhone 5 orders placed at midnight last Friday have shipped, and a UPS tracking number has been provided (shipping method notes: UPS Express Saver). There is no breakdown of where the package is yet; according to the tracking page:

A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.

Interestingly enough, the label notes it was created on Sept. 17th and my order page shows the shipped date as Sept. 16th. As to why there has been such a late delay in status updates, it’s all about Apple’s plan to under promise and over deliver. These iPhone 5 deliveries are probably closer than we think they are.

New iPhone 5 orders off Apple’s websiteΒ now show a 3-4 week delivery estimate.

This afternoon we spoke with Apple Support on the phone–they noted our package was set to arrive on Sept. 25th. Let’s hope that isn’t true.

Earlier, we had noted an Apple iPhone 5 pre-order that had also shipped, it appears that tracking must have leaked through. We verified that order independently and according to UPS, that package is set to arrive on Friday.

Did you receive your UPS tracking number?

Update: Commenter Devon notes to enter your UPS tracking number into here to find out exactly where it is:Β; My iPhone 5 is in Burlington, Ontario.

Update 2 (Sept. 20th, 12:07PM PDT): Updated UPS tracking now shows a delivery date by the end of tomorrow. My package is in Concord, Ontario:


  • They told me the same thing today as well. I just got a notification too, but it says that it shipped on the 18th. Here’s hoping Friday. Don’t disappoint Apple!

  • AbsolutReh

    Got mine. No date yet or where it’s coming from.

  • yvrgal

    Yes I did! Now the wait begins.

  • mgfiedz

    Mine has shipped! says it shipped on the 16th, im in vancouver. hopefully its here friday

  • xxxJDxxx

    Now its just a matter of getting a nano sim card!

  • Freeze

    Mine also shipped out. UPS Express Saver – next business day deliver by 12:00 noon to most metropolitan areas. I am in Vancouver and hope it’s there on Fri.

  • Now Koodo have to get their shit together and give us nano SIM cards and announce LTE, otherwise I’m going to one of the big three thieves.

  • Guy Brown

    Got my # last night. S/B at Rogers store Fri/Sat

  • adantium

    They told me the same thing today as well. I just got a notification too, but it says that it shipped on the 18th. Here’s hoping Friday.

  • MeadorsMusings

    The method of shipment is interesting. As I understand having shipped UPS in Canada, you can only use this within Canada.
    And in the description of shipping it says UPS Express Saver is Service Area Destinations and Origins:
    Throughout Canada
    So that sort of leads me to believe they may be in Canada already. Which makes sense as carriers have receives shipments as have Apple Stores.
    Still hopeful of a Friday delivery.

  • Well it’s about time lets hope it’s here for everyone tomorrow .

  • Ex

    Ordered: Sept. 14 12:02am
    Shipped: Sept. 17
    Thus far the item has been “processed” with UPS on Sept. 18.

    Interesting however that the shipping method guarantees next day service. Mine was shipped Sept 17 and now it’s the 20th.

  • MeadorsMusings

    Yes, but remeber, it is just the label that’s been created – “technically” it hasn’t been scanned. So It’ll likely get scanned today, thus next day delivery is Friday. At least this is what I’m hoping.

  • Kels.

    as of 2:02AM (Sept. 20) mine is noted as “Out for Delivery”, having been processed last night. I’m confident that it’ll be in store tomorrow.

  • kels.

    actually, the scheduled delivery is noted as Friday, “by end of day.”

  • Meh

    Just got a shipment notification email from Apple. Says Left apple : 16 Sep 2012, Receive it: 25 Sep 2012. If its true, I’m pretty disappointed. -_-

  • Cassy

    Got the “shipped” notice last night with a same day label, this morning it shows in transit from Concord. Says it should get to my Fido store by late Friday.

  • wuju

    mine is shipped as well. still waiting for UPS tracking to show where is the iPhone 5.

  • same here!!!

  • John

    Mine says: “Order Processed: Ready for UPS”. I have a very hard time believing UPS can ship the iPhone to my door from China in 24 hours from now. I called Apple last night and they told me I would get it on the 25th. I believe the USA was prioritized and that’s why we will get ours on the 25th.

    On another note, I checked “UPS Express Saver” and it said “Saturday delivery by 1:30 p.m. available to specific destinations”. I wonder if that is available in my area.

    – John

  • Mine doesn’t say a delivery date .. Checked both the ups mobile site and regual site .. Here’s to hoping its here tmw morning .. I didn’t even get an email saying it had shipped either .

  • Kirk

    Same: ordered sept 14: shipped sept 16th, arrival 25th? Oh gosh I am calling UPS. Hope this is wrong. >_<.

  • Kirk

    Well just like the rest of you guys I call UPS and they don’t have much information but they do say that the delivery method is one business day express saver. Here is to hoping it goes in the system today for that one day delivery….

  • Glassbase

    I have not got an email from Apple stating it was shipped. I read this article and refreshed my order status and it shows shipped. UPS says ready for UPS and shipped / billed on 18th. Apple has already told me mine ships from PA depot.

  • John

    I accidentally posted a picture of my screen saying my iphone was shipped on twitter. It included my Apple order number, would anyone be able to do anything to my shipment with that? Instantly, I got 50 people that started following me. Weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me.

  • Chris

    So like everyone I needed a brief time out to collect myself when I saw the “arrival 25th” on the Apple-generated email. But I’m optimistic that we will see shipments scanned this morning and delivered tomorrow from Concord ON.

    Lesson for Apple (and Rogers re:nano sims): any news is good news.

  • JF

    Mine says the 25th too, I’m gonna be so sad (read angry) if it doesn’t come tomorrow

  • John

    Just got an email saying I am going to receive it on the 25th, hopefully that’s just a worst case scenario.

  • Lloyd P

    Ordered the 64gb white from Rogers at 3am last Friday and still I’m process; launch day arrival #fail

  • Farids

    Good morning Gary. Knowing Apple, and having worked with them as an independent contractor, I think you’ll receive your package by Wednesday. πŸ™‚

  • Farids

    I see a lot of people say here their package is “out for delivery”. That means it’s in the truck and should be delivered today. It’s possible the dealers have been instructed to call customers no earlier than the 21st, the release day, even if the phone arrives earlier .

  • poochi

    Ordered 2 phone, only one came with confirmation e-mail with a delivery date of Sept 25th…Hope it is just a standard e-mail and the phone will come tomorrow.

  • yvrgal

    Well, this SUCKS! I’m getting my iPhone on the 25th. Oh well……

  • Glassbase

    Is anyone seeing tracking info besides “ready for UPS”? (for unlocked phones from Apple)

  • Glassbase

    And I got an email from Apple now. Says left Apple – 16th, receive it – 25th.
    Hopefully that is wrong!!!

  • Poochi

    I think that makes everyone…

  • Mark

    Email received from Apple just now with Sep 25th delivery date. Shipped Sep 16th. Nine data for express delivery is way too long. Still hoping for tomorrow. Perhaps once UPS updates it status online. Always seems to be a day behind.

  • Nightfly

    Call Apple customer service late yesterday afternoon, could not get a better answer them what was on the website. Final got my tracking number this morning, they are promising a Sept 25 delivery date. I praying they do a little better on the delivery date.

  • Hosein

    They just emailed me! The asshole Apple now say it will be delivered to you on 25th!!! WTF?!!

  • JF

    Well with UPS Express Saver its supposed to be there next business day so lets hope these puppies ship today!… and are shipping from Canada because otherwise the earliest arrival from the USA is the 24th…

  • JF

    Did anyone else check out this map when they got their order confirmation?

  • Cassy

    The phone reached the Lachine UPS depot at 7 this morning, So I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to get it at my Laval store tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • crosseyed_mofo

    25th for me, ups is often wrong with its delivery times though

  • Jim

    Left apple sept 16, scheduled for sept 25. So much for being in delivery zone 1 and that map. Total b.s

  • jaggy

    This is similar to the New Ipad delivery scheme. I remember that they shipped from a warehouse in Ontario somewhere (missisauga maybe?). They have all the shipping labels prepped in advance, the afternoon before the launch date, the warehouse releases the packages to the shipper who overnights them to customers.

  • Glassbase

    Has anyone called UPS yet to see what they are saying?

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Holy Crap! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get over it people! Life is full of disappointments. You’ll all live even if it arrives late lol. I actually HOPE my iPhone is late. Then Fido has to cough up a $50.00 credit to my account.

  • FutureMedia

    I’m in California. Is there anyone up there who woul be willing to buy me a black 64GB Unlocked GSM iPhone 5 for a $100 premium? My email is . Down here we don’t know how long it will be before Apple begins selling unlocked iPhone 5. Thanks.

  • ASUN

    I got the email too. Left Apple 17 Sep 2012, Delivery 25 Sep 2012.

  • Glassbase

    I called UPS and I asked the guy why there is no info other than “ready for UPS”. He said it hasn’t been picked up yet (no duh). Then I asked him where the origin of the package is and he kept saying call the shipper. I reiterated to him that you have a package scheduled for pickup and you don’t know the origin.. then he finally told me Burlington, ON. I am just north of Toronto. Burlington to me is easily a one day transit – here’s to hoping!
    I had called Apple Tuesday and they said my package was coming out of a PA depot, so it must have been a bulk shipment from PA to Burlington and distribute from there.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    yeah the description says next day

  • themacbear

    Okay, so we all got the Apple email that says we’ll get it on the 25th. Most likely, Apple is covering its ass, and giving themselves breathing room. Some people, in some areas, will probably have to wait until the 25th. For most of us in major urban areas, I’m betting that we’ll still get it tomorrow. It’s not coincidence that we only got the delivery email today, even though labels have been created since the 17th. Apple plans to hand the shipments over to UPS today. UPS Express Saver shipping guarantees delivery to most urban areas by the next day at noon. Take a deep breath. Most of us will still get our unlocked phones tomorrow. (God, I hope I’m right).

  • Hosein

    I hope so!
    I just bought a nano LTE sim from Fido store at Yonge-Eglinton and am waiting for the UPS driver to knock on my door tomorrow!

  • Brad

    I got my shipping info this morning. So far, everything is like it was last year. Super Saver Express shipping (which Apple uses for shipping to Canada) is suppose to arrive the following business day before noon. I guess only time will tell!

  • Hilton Routley

    Mine says that too but I spoke with an Apple representative yesterday and he said I would receive it on launch

  • keener

    Woke up to the pleasant surprise of a text message and email from Apple telling me that my iPhone5 was on its way with UPS Express Saver. I looked that up and that’s UPS’ guaranteed Next Day delivery πŸ˜€ Oh yeah baby, come to papa!

  • Jim


  • I called them just now and got the same thing. They are using the 21st – 25th delivery expectation even if you live in a large metropolitan area and are due to receive on the 21st. I will be checking UPS tomorrow for updates.

  • I think everyone complaining about the 25th delivery date should relax because I’ll see your September 25th delivery date and raise you an order date of September the 14th at 6am with an arrival of October 9th!!!!!! 25 days!!!
    Apparently Apple tells me they “sold out” within 1 hour.

  • Agent Bluetooth

    Still waiting for TELUS to send a shipping tracking number e-mail, launch is tomorrow. I did my web pre-order at 12:15 Friday morning. Hope we actually see a phone for pre-ordering. I still think lining up early is the best way to get a iPhone if you absolutely cant live without it on launch day πŸ™‚ Anybody else pre-order TELUS and get shipping details yet?

  • Just picked up two free telus nano sims at Apple store Waterloo.


  • That is awesome, thanks. My precious iPhone 5 is in Burlington! GO GO GO

  • Farids

    Sorry Garry. I should’ve explained more. If its being shipped from overseas like some iPhone shipping slips show, probably by next Wednesday. If its being shipped from North America, as early as tomorrow.

  • My package is apparently in Burlington, ON.

  • Farids

    Keep my fingers crossed you’ll have it in your hands tomorrow πŸ™‚

  • keener

    cool, did you just walk in and say, “hey, hook me up with some nano-sim beeotches!” ???

  • djepsilon

    Me too! Thanks for the tip Devon!

  • Opus

    Lucky…the Eaton Centre Apple Store won’t give them to me until tomorrow πŸ™

  • Mine is sitting in Burlington as well .. I work 5 mins away from the Burlington ups depot .

  • ottoes

    Mine’s in Burlington as well. Makes me nervous about getting it tomorrow being in Vancouver and all.

  • Kirk

    Well if it is true mine’s in Burlington as well.

  • Koreograffiti

    Same here. I was #48 for the same thing and Processing. Thought for sure it would have shipped like everyone with the 32GB.

  • John

    Mine is in burlington too, is this data reliable ?

  • I live in Hamilton so I have a feeling there won’t be any updates till very early in the morning when it goes out for delivery .. At least that’s my hoping ..

  • Mine’s in Burlington too. But it looks like it’s in the Lake!

  • James K

    Everyone ups is updated!!
    go look now! mine says 21st, by end of the day!!

  • wuju

    mine to is in Burlington. Horray. thanks Devon!

  • LukeDiMarco

    Just so everyone is aware, Wireless Wave is selling ALL carriers nano-sims today. I’d go and pick one up if I were you!

  • Freeze

    Mine is in Burlington.

  • BOOM! Same.

  • Peter

    still “Ready for UPS” for me πŸ™

  • Minie is at Concord, Ontario. Delivery friday by the end of the day!!! : )

  • Surfdot

    Package is now i Concord Ontario with a delivery date of Sept 21st, said Sept 25th. This is good news. Don’t screw up now UPS. YOu will either make or break my weekend.

  • DaveMcG

    Scheduled Delivery:Friday, 09/21/2012, by 12:00
    Last Location:Concord, ON, Canada, Thursday, 09/20/2012
    Woop! Also snagged a nano sim today from a wireless wave so I’m a happy camper!

  • Luke DiMarco

    Mine just scanned in at Concord, ON delivery warehouse with a guaranteed delivery tomorrow by noon.

  • Should have set an alarm and woke up at midnight… will be well worth it when I have my precious tomorrow!!!

  • xxxJDxxx

    Mine hasn’t updated yet πŸ™

  • Vic Kukulak

    So I’m in Niagara Falls, just called UPS and my phone is in Burlington waiting pick-up, it will be home tomorrow, I hope. I think, Apple must have fiddle with their shipping information not to disclose origin for the item.

  • Kirk

    same as me! tomorrow by 12, snagged a nano from wireless wave! πŸ˜€

  • Kirk

    yay!! mine too! and I got a nano from wireless wave! πŸ˜€

  • themacbear

    Damn! Mine is still showing as ready for pick-up. Hasn’t been scanned in Concord. Is everyone seeing progress to their UPS status, or are others still in the same boat as me?

  • No scan for mine just yet wonder if mine is indeed coming from Burlington ? …

  • Glassbase

    Seeing “ready for UPS” still. Damn!

  • Rogerssux

    My status said same thing receive it on 25th from Apple but now that it has a tracking number on UPS, it will be delivered on 21st. I’m sure you would get it tomorrow

  • Glassbase

    My local one isn’t.

  • Rogerssux

    Thanks for info, I called a few Wireless Wave in Vancouver, some don’t have it yet, some wont sell it till tomorrow and I finally got one that will sell it today.

  • Rogerssux

    Yeah, you are correct for most cases in urban areas. My status said shipped on 16th, receive it on 25th. Current tracking from UPS states delivery 21st. Now, I need to get a nano sim after work.

  • Rogerssux

    Now that everyone is happy shipment will arrive on 21st and got their nano sim from Wireless Wave, what is the procedure to activate the sim from home? Pls share your wisdom

  • Josh Lee

    I had two orders. Both coming in to Toronto. I order in which i ordered only 1 phone my UPS is now showing delivery data. The second order (the one i actually ordered first) with 2 phones has been updated and is still showing Ready for UPS.

    Note all phones are 32gb Unlocked. ETA is tomorrow by noon.

  • Do you happen to live close to Burlington ?

  • yes, just got the confirmation I’ll get it tmr by 12, i guess same to most ppl?

  • pic

  • themacbear

    Fairly close. Kitchener.

  • Glassbase

    If you’re on Rogers, login to My Account and there is an option to Change SIM.

  • Just got the scan that its indeed in concord and will be in my hands by noon tmw .. Now off to wireless wave to get a micro sim πŸ™‚ OHH HAPPY DAYS ….

  • Just keep checking, it appears everyones is coming from Concord ..

  • Abdulla

    Woooo just called Conestoga Mall Apple store in Waterloo and they have free nano sims ready for pickup today!

  • Peter

    I’m in Montreal and still have the status as label being created only…
    Any Montrealers in the same situation?

  • Andrew

    I have pre-ordered mine @ 12:17AM PDT.
    I’m in Vancouver and still have the status as label being created only… what’s going on???

  • patrick

    Same situation for me…I picked up a nano sim from one of the Bell store at Centre Eaton today. Some store wouldn’t sell it until tomorrow…and Wave rep was arguing with me that I wouldn’t receive my phone until 3-4 weeks even if everything points out to a delivery tomorrow….

  • Nick

    Same here!

  • ottoes

    Mine changed to by noon tomorrow as well! Now to get a SIM card.

  • Guest

    Finally my iPhone is on its way

  • muzanji

    Shipping just updated to “In Transit” from Concord. Scheduled for Sept 21 delivery by 12pm in Calgary !

  • Kevkev


  • Scott

    No movement on mine….. πŸ™

  • Freeze

    Same here.

  • Kegoneill

    They are not giving sim cards out tonight. I just called them too

  • wuju

    UPS update – Friday, 09/21/2012, By End of Day. πŸ™‚

  • yvrgal

    I got my confirmation! πŸ™‚ My iPhone 5 is coming from Ontario. It will be here before noon tomorrow. Yeaaaaah!!

  • AbsolutReh

    Same here

  • The good news my phone is Concord Ontario and should arrive tomorrow on the 21st. The problem may be find a nano SIM card. Rogers my provider only have enough to cover their iPhones no extra. Contact Wireless wave in Barrie Ontario, they will not sell than early and may only have enough to cover the phone they have. The Apple Store in New Market has extra, but you to wait in line with the people buying the phone. Best Buy in Barrie has nano SIM cards but will not give a straight answer on how to get one. My question maybe how do I get a nano SIM card on the 21st of September?

  • I went to wireless wave tonight and asked for one he sold me one only after checking to make sure he had enough to go with the phones he had in the back .

  • jaggy

    Yup! As I said earlier today, they did the same thing as the New Ipad. They’re all shipping overnight from toronto. I went and picked up a micro sim card today, so I’m all ready! πŸ˜€ w00t.

  • patrick

    And at the Montreal Apple Store, they told me they would only give nano sim with the carrier locked phones…so I went to Bell store and found one rep who agreed to sell me one for $5 ahead of time…

  • patrick

    About 30 minutes after I wrote this, UPS website now showing it’s been picked up with delivery by noon tomorrow!!!

  • Chris

    Wireless Wave on Granville is no longer selling the nano sims in advance.

  • Concord, delivery by end of day Friday. Had to argue with Apple store today for two nano sims. Didn’t want to sell them until tomorrow but I persisted and wound up with two free Telus SIM cards. πŸ™‚

  • Hilton Routley

    just to let you know micro sims won’t be any good in the new iPhone they use nano-sims

  • raids

    did you get a nano sim today?

  • Marc2710

    Mine is in mount hope Ontario

  • Dougy pete

    You people are scary. It’s just a smart phone, like the dozen other smart phones out this year that have the same or better specs and capabilities. I imagine you all got “monkey washing a dog” crazy when the Wii reared it’s underwhelming chasis in 2006 too. I will pray for you all as you refresh the UPS tracking page every 3.2 seconds.

  • Will

    Mine changed from by 12:00 to by end of day. Anyone got the same?

  • same here πŸ™

  • ottoes


  • Vikram662

    I had mine ordered around 12:15 but I’m getting it on the 25th according to my tracking number. It’s actually good for me because my case will arrive then to!

  • Opus

    Mine is out for delivery since 5:30 this morning. hopemImgetnit soon! Nano sim here I come.

  • Joshua Kern

    Yep, same.

  • iGadget90

    Wow, just received my iPhone 5 at 8:00am in Kitchener, a lot earlier than I thought.

  • themacbear

    Mine still just shows the departure scan from Concord, Ontario last night. No updates this morning for a Kitchener delivery. Anyone else seeing no updates? Was hoping to see the “on truck for delivery” status.

  • Muzanji

    Looks like mine has arrived in Calgary and on the delivery truck this morning. However, I tried to source out a nano sim yesterday with no luck. One Rogers store said they only had enough for their phones and one store said to go $&@# yourself. I tried my local apple store and the guy there said I would have to wait in the phone line with everyone else. Wait, say what!?!? What a gong show, as usual, LOL. At this point I am just going to dremel my micro SIM card down.

  • Jim

    Phone delivery went from before noon to end of day sept 21.

  • Bruno

    Requested the shipment to my business address, got it before our business open this morning …from Winnipeg.

  • greg

    Mine doesn’t even show a departure scan from Concord (still showing origin scan since 17:12 Thursday). Yet, the scheduled deliver information at the top of UPS website still shows “Scheduled Delivery: Friday, 09/21/2012, By End of Day”. Personally, I think it is still in Concord, way-at-the-back of the warehouse (see Ryan’s picture). I’ve rarely had a good experience with UPS deliveries. Grrrrrrrr.

  • Opus

    I just got mine…so happy the wait is OVER!

  • Vincent

    waiting still

  • Guest

    Mine have arrived at 9.47 UPS never showed the ‘Out for delivery’ message on their website.

  • Mine had arrived at 9.47 UPS never showed the ‘Out for delivery’ message on their website.

  • Devon

    Same πŸ™

  • Glassbase

    130pm and mine isn’t delivered yet. UPS says by end of day.

  • James K

    Just got mine!
    and it still says that it is in transit in concord… it said deliverd by end of the day, and its 3:22 where i am now πŸ™‚

  • ottoes

    Mine just arrived. I had about 10 people in my office demanding I open it. They were all freaking out more than me. Of course most of them were haters yesterday.

  • IphoneinVancouver

    UPS originally stated Sept. 21st by NOON, then today it changed to end of day (7pm). I took morning off and now had to take rest of day off (no one available to receive package other than myself at my address) to wait around. I called UPS and their excuse is that’s it’s APPLE that creates this problem. Way to pass the buck. It was shipped on UPS Express Saver from Concord, ON. That service is by Noon next Bus. day Guaranteed. Apparently not! Wish they shipped Fed Ex, never had problems with them, ALWAYS with UPS

  • K33N3R

    UPS guy just dropped my phone off. Plus, my local Apple store is now freely giving out nano SIMs. The system seems to have come together for me today.