Vote Here: Are You Buying Apple’s iPhone 5? [POLL]

You’ve seen the new iPhone 5 and what it’s all about. Pre-orders start on Friday and availability is next week on September 21st in Canada. Let’s make this quick and simple–are you buying the iPhone 5? Vote in our poll below (if you’re reading this via RSS, you’ll need to visit the site to vote):

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  • CMfly

    I wanted to but there just wasn’t that new feature to get me to want it.. I think NFC would have done it for me (if it worked in Canada).. For now I will stick with my iPhone4 since it works with my tomtom car mount and my wahoo fitness bike mount. It would cost way too much to replace those for what I personally feel isn’t enough of an upgrade.

  • Tom

    Why is there so many lack lustre reviews for the iPhone 5? They’re all calling it meh.

  • Dave

    I am on the fence, the change of connector and the cost of the adapter turn me off, I think at least one adapter should have been “in the box” may be time to try something else, and I am an Apple fanboy

  • Yep, I’m off contract a definitely want LTE, so iPhone5 here I come!

  • roadcarver

    Not buying it right now, the iPhone 4 (non S) still works for me πŸ™‚

  • swotam

    Reviewers call every new device “meh” because they’re always expecting something earth shattering which never appears. Regardless, it will sell like crazy because it’s a really good upgrade depending on where you’re coming from.

  • swotam

    I was seriously considering it but the cost to upgrade from my 4S is too high. I normally buy the 32GB model, so that’s $902 with Ontario tax. Even if I got $425 for my 4S (average asking price on CL for a carrier locked 32) I’d still be paying over $475 with tax to get the new device, and that’s 11 months after paying $269 + tax for the 4S. So no, not this time around.

    Maybe next year….

  • swotam

    Yeah, this was one of the things that made me think twice. I have a bunch of accessories, some fairly new (and some Kickstarter stuff that’s still pending) that use the dock connector. I’m not too enthusiastic about paying $35 per adapter just to keep using them in addition to the cost of the unlocked phone.

  • MrDisco3

    I’m off contract and still have a 3GS and yet I’m still undecided if I want the 5 or flip to whatever the hottest Android phone is (GS3?). The tide of ‘meh’ is making me pause on this one.

  • LockedorUnlockedQuestion

    Can someone please explain to me why they’d spend hundreds of $$ to buy an unlocked phone only to replace it when the next model is released in a year when they can buy one from a service provider (eg Rogers, Telus, Bell, etc) for $200? Do you get thrills out of camping out in a mall outside the Apple store for 2-7 days every 12 months? I’m just curious.

  • MleB1

    There’s absolutely nothing compelling there – a marginally larger screen in a thin case and, for the most part, my 4 will be able to handle the upgraded iOS. Apple is coasting and appears to be hoping that a combination of their Macoyltes (that buy anything they produce, regardless) and lawsuits will keep customers from asking “Where’s the insanely great?”

    I’ll continue with my 4 for the duration of my contract (another year and a half) and see where we are by then. It works as expected – what more is required?

  • Martin

    I have an iphone 3gs(contract), ipod touch(son), ipad 3, and I’m seriously considering the Galaxy s3.
    I’m tired of the special cable, can’t change the battery and I want the bigger screen.
    I bought an android tablet a few years back and sold it due to poor app selection. That is no longer the case.

  • I’m sticking with my 4, since I don’t want the cost of upgrading before Telus gives me the full discount.

  • magnummd

    anyone know how much it will sell for on a renewed contract with Rogers? I will only get the 5 if i get a good deal on my iPhone 4.

  • swotam

    Every new iPhone is met with a “tide of meh” but it’s typically unwarranted. I don’t see anything meh about the 5, especially if you’re upgrading from a 3GS.

    Thinner, lighter, larger screen, LTE, improved WiFi, solid battery life, upgraded camera, faster CPU & GPU, build quality second to none and that’s not including all the new stuff that the 3GS didn’t have like Retina, etc.Looks like a solid upgrade to me, especially in your case.

  • swotam

    The quickest answer is that you can only get a fully subsidized phone once every three years and some people want or need a new phone sooner than that. Some people just want the latest and greatest and are willing to pay for it. Some people travel a lot to foreign countries and want a phone they can use with multiple carriers without messing around with Jailbreaking and unlock hacks. Some people may have lost their phone or had it stolen and need another one but can’t get any discount from their carrier, etc.

  • swotam

    Just curious what would be compelling?

  • swotam

    Fully subsidized pricing should be something like $199/$299/$399, so if you are renewing for another 3 years and your current contract is up (or almost up) then you should get this pricing. What you do with your iPhone 4 would be up to you.

  • kameko

    because some people actually travel for work/pleasure and don’t want to pay the ridiculous overseas rogers/bell fees? duh.

  • Guest

    Everyone who thinks this phone is meh is missing the big picture. It’s an LTE iPhone…that alone should be worth the price of upgrading. Add in the faster processor and I’m sold. The dock change was bound to happen, I’m surprised apple held off this long. Most phones went from Mini USB to Micro USB…technolofy is a cold hard b*tch…get used to it.

  • Aleks

    According to the Apple website the iPhone 5 will have less standby time than my iPhone 4 (225 hrs vs. 300 hrs) and it will no longer provide Transit directions in Maps. I don’t have a car so this is much more useful to me than “flyby” I was going to buy 2 iPhone 5s for me and my wife – now I will just pick up another iPhone 4 to upgrade her 3GS or maybe buy a couple of Galaxy Nexuses – just $350 each unlocked and no contract

  • MleB1

    Good question. But then, isn’t that part of the Jobs / Apple legacy – giving us a product we need before we knew we need / wanted it? Closest thing to that they’ve produced recently has been the Air. But the iPhone is essentially an iPod Touch with phone capabilities, while the Touch was essentially an oversexed Palm TX – and that was released in 2005.
    Incremental improvements are not inspiring and if not for 3rd Party apps (recalling that Jobs didn’t want them initially), the iPhone would have been dead in the water.
    They can afford to coast because of the premium they attach to their products, their traditional fan base and the history they have with Support. but eventually, someone’s going to notice The Emperor Has No Clothes.

  • Guest

    At the end its another phone. All other companies had what this is having a while ago. I will never be an apple user. The company wants to monopolies everything. Can’t watch streams,flash and even tube i have to get an app. All android has all that built in. Upgrade cam iti doesn’t have functionlisties oh sorry final panoramic. It hads 1 g of ram while others have more. Other phones are better and specially s3. I might agree on the aluminum look other than that its another waist of option and money for me.

  • bringer666

    I have an iPhone 4 and I don’t see anything compelling in this new iPhone to make it worth upgrading especially since there is no LTE in Chilliwack where I live and work. I will wait until there is a deal on the 4S and sign up for another 3 years and then give my 4 to my wife. She is tired of my old 3G especially since I can’t upgrade it to iOS5.

  • northernpenguin

    I’ve got to wait another year for my contract to come down. TELUS still wants to club me like a baby seal for upgrading in my third year. If I upgrade both our iPhone 4’s in the household I’ll end up paying the equivalent of another iPhone 5 64GB with their upgrade fees.

  • northernpenguin

    Your 4 isn’t going to provide transit directions in Maps either after Wednesday’s iOS6 release.

  • djepsilon

    Yeah and the iPad is just a giant iPod touch. Man, that thing was such a dud.

  • djepsilon

    Dude couldn’t even give you one thing that would make the iPhone 5 compelling to him. Just wants to rip on Apple all day long like so many other haters…

  • Aleks

    Yes it still will have transit directions because I’m not going to install iOS6 until a) there is a jailbreak that lets me reinstall Google Maps onto iOS 6 or b) Google releases Maps as a downloadable App as they did with YouTube the other day.

  • northernpenguin

    Or you could just install one of the Transit directions apps from the App store on your 5, as Apple suggested back at WWDC.

  • Sly

    Yes I will but only if someone gives me the link for the iPhone buyback program. Gary???

  • Carl

    US only.

  • Sly

    Or download the google map app and have the same public transit features as before but also have an awesome LTE iPhone… Just saying… Standby? When have you ever left your iphone untouched for 300 hours? What a meaningless spec…

  • Carl

    I’ve got to wait two years for my contract.

  • Carl

    The only thing may be to wait for LTE contract prices to come down, or just not buy LTE plans for now.

  • Sly

    I’ll give you a good price on a 6 month old 4s, you pay the shipping from Montreal to Chilliwack. πŸ™‚

  • While I think it’s a great upgrade, there’s nothing new that I need here. I suppose that’s true with every new phone, but this one especially so. The 4S serves me just fine, and since I can’t get the 5 subsidized, it doesn’t make financial sense to upgrade, especially when I’d have to buy new cables and adapters. I’ll just wait for the 5S. πŸ™‚

  • swotam

    Incremental updates may not be inspiring to you, but Apple is running a business and in general, incremental updates do very well for the bottom line and share price, especially in markets like the US where customers can get a new subsidized device every 24 months.

    The Jobs legacy is not that every product version iteration should inspire awe, it’s the fact that he oversaw the launch of market defining devices like the iPhone and iPad that should be what people remember about the past few years.

    Every now and then, Apple releases something that makes everyone go “wow”. Afterwards, that product is incrementally upgraded year over year. Some will find this appealing, some won’t. Apple in the meantime should be working on “the next wow product” rather than trying to wow people with every iteration of existing products.

    If you’ve been using a 3GS for the past 36 months and look at the 5, it’s a damn solid upgrade. If on the other hand you’ve been using a 4S for the past 11 months and have 25 months left on your contract, the appeal is obviously less after you take away the “oooh ahhh” factor that immediately follows any Apple keynote.

    At the end of the day the 5 is a solid product with solid features. Some will agree with this assessment, some won’t. Life goes on.

  • …but LTE is only a factor if you live in an area with LTE coverage. For a large number of people in Canada, LTE becomes a ‘meh’ feature because they simply wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it.

    I agree with you though, I think this is a pretty substantial upgrade. Pretty much every aspect of the phone was upgraded. That being said, my 4S still meets my needs just fine. The taller screen would be nice, but is not worth the upgrade cost.

  • I agree the tech specs makes mine look really outdated, but when I look at what I use my phone for (TuneIn Radio, Gmail, Twitter, and surfing 1 or 2 forums) I’m just not sure the 5 is worth it. For a newly revised model it just seems like Apple is playing catchup with the competition instead of redefining the market like they normally do.

  • Sly

    Really? I could have sworn I saw it on this blog. But that would explain why google was no help…

  • swotam

    I think you might be referring to eBay Instant Sale. Hit up the eBay Canada home page, there’s a link right there.

    Or just go to

  • Dennis Couto

    sorry but no NFC….NoFuckingChance, I am tired of Apple playing catch up.

  • Rickyscv

    I’ve waited years for the ‘right’ iPhone to come out and I think that finally now I will give up my very old blue Motorola flip phone that I’ve made do with for too many years. The iPhone 5 has everything I would like except that waterproofing process for the electronics of the phone. So I’ll wait for a month or two, read all the reviews and user reports, and if there are no major problems, I’ll order an unlocked one from Apple. In the meantime, I’ll be checking out which carriers have the best plans/deals…

  • My three year prison sentence with Rogers is up in December, I’m very much looking forward to upgrading my 3GS!

  • Apple wants to monopolize everything? Really? I’m not saying they don’t, but here’s a quick scorecard:

    GMail – #1 email provider
    Google Search – #1 search engine
    Google Chrome – #1 browser
    Google Android – #1 mobile operating system
    Samsung – #1 Smart Phone and Android Vendor
    Microsoft – #1 Desktop Operating System (over 90% marketshare worldwide)
    Amazon – #1 Online Store for physical goods and ebooks

    I keep hearing people talk about Apple being a monopoly. I assure you that Microsoft, Amazon, and Google would love to continue to monopolize their respective industries, and they will continue to grow and takeover new ones.

    The only thing Apple is truly #1 in is music sales, app sales, and overall profits. That’s it folks.

  • Aleks

    I will if I can find an app as good as Google Maps. Believe me, I really really want to buy the new iPhone and I’m off contract so it would be relatively inexpensive to pick up a couple. But so I have not not found anything as useful and fast as Google Maps. Not Bing Maps. Not Smart Ride. Not anything I’ve tried. Google Maps is the killer app for me. It’s hard for small app companies to compete with a multi-billion dollar company like Google sometimes. Google, like Apple, tend to attract really talented people and their apps end up being pretty great. I RELY on transit and so this is a deal breaker for me. It might not be for you, but it is for me.

  • Aleks

    If Apple allows Google Maps into the App Store, I’ll be the first one to buy an iPhone 5 and download it. But Apple might just deem it “Duplicating existing services” and not allow it in the App Store. They’ve done this many times. Or perhaps Google will decide to not release it as a way to differentiate Android. If they do, it just might work on people like me. Google Maps is a killer app for people that have to rely on buses and subways.

  • northernpenguin

    Yet, you can already use Google Maps on an iOS6 device by going to in Safari. Transit directions and all. Really, based on Gmail, Google+, Youtube the app is just gonna be another HTML5 wrapper anyway.

  • swotam

    And you’d use NFC for what at this point in time? Just curious.

  • thraxisp

    I’ll have to wait until next summer. Rogers upgrade policy will cost me $150 extra unless I wait until the three year month point. At that point, I’m off contract and can pick any other carrier. Odd that the carriers care more about new activations than existing customers. Of course, that is what the stock market rewards them for. That is, new activations are a number that they post with their results, and they don’t post lost customers.

  • couturem

    Or you could install Navigon apps

  • couturem

    Planning staying with Roger ? You probably able to upgrade now.

  • northernpenguin

    Yup, that’s what I use on my 4, and will keep using for a couple reasons (even if I get a 5). One, Apple’s not blessing the 4 with the turn-by-turn navigation feature … and we know it’s not a technical reason.
    Two, I typically need maps more when I’m travelling … as in roaming … and my 6GB data plan doesn’t follow me when I leave Canada, so I want on board maps not over the air maps.

  • True, I could upgrade now with their early upgrade fee, but I’m not in a hurry, I think I’m going to wait and see what plans everyone else is offering and then make my decision.