AirPlay Support Removed For iPhone 3G?


With the release of the GM seed of iOS 4.2, some features have been working great while others have been failing. The most notable feature that is not working for many is AirPrint, as detailed earlier this week.

Now, the next major iOS 4.2 feature to not work seems to be AirPlay but only for the iPhone 3G. If true, this will be a shame for iPhone 3G owners.

iPhone 3G users have been hit with a string of unfortunate issues recently from slow device performance on the iOS 4.x releases and even feature cuts such as Game Center. And now AirPlay gets cut too?!

9to5Mac: Top - iPhone 3G; Bottom - iPhone 4

Amazingly, 9to5Mac did some research and found that the iPhone 3G did have AirPlay support in earlier iOS 4.2 beta builds. In other words, AirPlay was working fine until the iOS 4.2 GM release. The issue becomes even bigger when on Apple’s website, it states that AirPlay will work on all iOS 4 devices. So what gives?

It is a mystery as to why AirPlay seems to have been removed from the iPhone 3G, but going back a bit, Apple did remove Game Center due to “performance issues”. However, considering the claim about AirPlay on Apple’s website, that excuse can’t be used.

The other possibility is that the iOS 4.2 GM seed is buggy and causing the problem. Like the recent AirPrint issues, this could simply be a problem with the GM seed that may be corrected with the full public iOS 4.2 release.

Then again, maybe Apple is just trying to get iPhone 3G users to upgrade their device?



  • Riceboy

    Once again the 3G owners get shafted again…

  • Anonymous

    No surprise…..

    And you might want to change the caption in the pic to say 3G and not 3GS 😉

  • Anonymous

    This is why one california women is doing a class action lawsuit against apple, for making her iPhone into a brick slow, after 4.0 install and says she’s forced to upgrade

  • JfromK(BeingATrollLOL)

    You are correct you are…

  • Zeke2d

    It’s almost not worth upgrading for iPhone 3G users, they miss many of the main features of OS4