Apple Begins Approving iOS 4.3 AirPlay Apps


As reported by AppAdvice, Apple’s App Store seems to have started to approve apps that take advantage of AirPlay video found in iOS 4.3.

These app approvals have already started with iOS 4.3 yet to be publicly available. So while an app may have been updated, the majority of users will be unable to take advantage of iOS 4.3 features.

An example of this is StreamToMe, a newly-approved AirPlay-compatible app that allows users to stream content from Macs and PCs to iOS devices via WiFi or 3G.

The changes in version 3.5 of StreamToMe are seen below:

What’s New in Version 3.5
– Auto detect subtitle encodings
– Preliminary support for WTV files
– Support for AirPlay video (requires iOS 4.3)
– Fixed a crash bug for large or slow folders

Two weeks ago, Apple released the first beta of iOS 4.3. This was followed a week later with the second beta. In keeping with the iOS 4.3 release cycle, tomorrow Apple should release the third beta, if there is a third beta.

With iOS 4.3 apps already being approved, we may see the final iOS 4.3 release very soon.



  • I could see the release of 4.3 coinciding with the release of the Verizon iPhone. That way all iPhone owners get all the same features from the beginning like they’re always talking about “giving their users the same experience”.
    So that’d be February 10th, in 2 weeks.

  • Noahattic


    Feb 10th sounds very reasonable since the verizon iphone will be released on Feb.09. I hope by that time, we can see the perfectly working untethered jailbreak coming along with it.

  • Anonymous

    Does this means I will be able to airplay the avis on apps like AirVideo and CineXplayer to Apple TV??

    I will go buy an apple TV right away.

  • No because it is simply forwarding the stream to ATV and AVI is not compatible with the device.

  • Anonymous


  • I wouldn’t hold your breath on that (at least not in the near future) but airplay will be just as good in my book.