iOS 4.2: Improved iPhone 3G Performance


When iPhone 3G users installed iOS 4.0, the result was an extreme slow down in performance. Simple tasks such as typing or just flicking through home screens caused major lags and a horrible user experience.

Upon release of iOS 4.1, iPhone 3G performance was improved but it was still not close to the pre-iOS 4.0 days.

With the impending launch of iOS 4.2 this month, TiPB decided to install the iOS 4.2 GM seed onto an iPhone 3G to see if performance had improved.

As seen in the associated video, iPhone 3G performance with iOS 4.2 seems to be dramatically improved! Apple has done all that they can to make the slower iPhone 3G really shine with iOS 4.2.

Almost all tasks run faster on iOS 4.2 such as scrolling, typing, and flicking through lists or home screens. For users with an iPhone 3G, iOS 4.2 is the firmware you’ve been waiting for!



  • Cshupe

    Is 4.2 released?

  • it’s out today

  • glacasse

    This is great news!
    iOS 4.2 will be out SOON.

  • Justin

    No update as of now

  • It’s coming soon. 4.2 GM was released to developers earlier in the week.

  • Don’t forget Gary ^_~. nov.17 lol
    All chips are on the table 😛

  • I’ve noted it in my calendar. Are we putting the deeds to the house/car too
    up for grabs? 😉

  • Steve Jobs

    Yea it only took apple 6 months to fix what they’ve broken. They don’t give a shit about the consumer. They think they can just tell us what we want and need. Anyways, I digress.

  • hmmm… perhaps enslaving eachother for yard work for a week lol.

  • Ex

    Gary already does my yard work.
    I make him wear a Rice Hat.

  • ward09

    I believe Apple could have fixed the 3G issues right away, but had no incentive to waste their time while iPhone 4s were selling like hotcakes. I think this fix is motivated by the class action suit.