iOS 4.3 Beta Bug Resets Home Screen Layout


Canadian iPhone users who are looking to install the beta of iOS 4.3 need to be aware of a bug that resets your Home Screen.

9To5Mac reports that when users go to update their apps through the App Store (when on iOS 4.3) and are promoted to input their password to confirm the download, tapping on “cancel” seems to reset the Home Screen layout, including deleting of Folders!

This is pretty critical, especially for those users with hundreds of apps and various Folders! Beware!



  • Eric Trepanier

    I don’t think that bug is exclusive to iOS 4.3. I’m running iOS 4.2.1 on my iPhone 4 and I had the exact same problem happen once, although I don’t exactly remember what I did to cause it to happen. But basically, without intentionally wanting to, I got all my apps reset in their original location (all Apple apps on the first page) and all custom-created folders had been erased. Major PITA…

  • Yup, I have that problem on iOS 4.1 too, was a major pain to get my folders back the way I liked it. Good thing I took a screenshot a few days before though to show off on Facebook haha 🙂

  • Actually that is what happens if you make the mistake of running your update to ANY release of iOS with the Apps tab open in iTunes. As long as you run your updates with the Summary tab showing, your apps and folders should all stay in place just fine. Been there; done that.