iOS Fonts Details List Of Available Fonts In iOS 4.2

Font website iOS Fonts has put together a growing list of fonts available in iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad.

According to the list, there are 40 font families available for the iPhone and 57 font families available for the iPad. There is no mention of the iPod touch, but the available font families in the iPhone probably match the iPod touch.

The list is rather interesting in that there is a difference of font families between the iPhone and iPad on the same iOS. In any case, the list of fonts is a great resource for iOS developers and designers alike.

At this time, these fonts do not seem to be available to general users of iOS and are instead used for development of apps, for example.

Check it out!

[iOS Fonts]

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  • Hmm what a shame. I would love the ability to change my fonts with emails n such while doing my emails.
    I don’t know how much I would actually use them, but options are always nice

  • Anonymous

    Well it hasn’t been reviewed here but there’s a JB app in Cydia called BytaFont which has replaced the pretty much obsolete FontSwap ( I believe the author/developer quit supporting it due to all the iOS updates). The developer/author is named iPhoneRuler and it has been a godsend not having to use that boring & plain iOS font! Slowly but surely new fonts are being added/updated so it looks like there’s ongoing updates/support for the time being. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    That sux. I thought like new fonts I hadn’t noticed like the notepads new fonts. We got 3-4 new ones and they all suk!